Dashpay Magazine: Baikal Announces New Multi-Algorithm Miner

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In a very dynamic battle for supremacy in the X11 ASICs battle, Chinese based ASICs manufacturer Baikal has stepped up its game with a new multi-algorithm miner. The new miner is an upgrade of its first generation Baikal mini 150M Miner and Baikal Quadruple Miner which were launched earlier this year.

Baikal Mini 150M Miner and Baikal Quadruple Miner with Multi-algorithm Support

The second generation of Baikal’s first line of ASICs comes with support for 6 different algorithms, X11, X12, X13, X14, X15, Quark and Qubit, making the miner capable of mining over 30 cryptocurrencies. Specification of the new miners do not differ much from the old, the main difference between the old builds and the new Baikal mini 150M Miner and Baikal Quadruple Miner with multi-algorithm support is power and power efficiency.
Each algorithm has different power and power efficiency specifications, the X11 algorithm maintains its specification from the previous build while new additions X13, X12, X14, x15, Quark and Qubit come with 46W/ 0.31J/MH, 47W/ 0.32J/MH, 48W/ 0.32J/MH, 25W/ 0.17J/MH and 28W/ 0.19J/MH power and power efficiency respectively.

dashpay-magazine-baikal-multi-algorithm-150M-miner-x11-x12-x13-quark-x15-qubit-specification150 Miner specs
dashpay-magazine-baikal-multi-algorithm-quadruple-minerQuadruple Miner Specs

Other specifications include an ethernet interface and an operation temperature between 0 to 40 ℃ for both builds. The mini 150M Miner weighs 475g with a dimension of 140mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 95mm (H) while the Quadruple Miner has a dimension of 140mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 355mm (H) and weighs 1720g.

Despite inclusion of new algorithms, the price of these new builds remain the same at 56 Dash and can be ordered online or via contacting customer service. The miner package comes with the bare machine excluding DC 12V 5A Power Adapter with Ø2.5 DC Plug (recommended power supply).

The third ASIC manufacturer is set to release more miners onto the market in the coming months. With its current line of products, Baikal has worked its way on top of the X11 ASIC makers list. What are your thoughts on this announcement? we would like to hear from you, leave your comments in the section below.

Written by Elisha Owusu in Mining | http://dashpaymagazine.com/index.php/2016/07/25/baikal-announces-new-multi-algorithm-miner/

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i bought some of those http://www.dualminer.com/iBeLink-DM384M-Dash-and-X11-Miner_p_36.html and right after the diffrate goes way up! at the begining i had some unbelivable 160$ a day, now its 6$ ! So it doesnt make any sence to buy these X11 miners now. X13 or X15 maybe....

If it is true gpu´s are dead for mining


Not so fast, we have the other algorithms, thanks to all the dev out here :-) and first of all to Vitalik

GPU mining profitability


good point

Just one question mister, as i am not a miner just curious about the equipment.
Is it more powerful than the new antminer s9? If its not then whats the point of it? the more powerful it is the more you mine right?

I would like to have this tool for collection
nice post thank you @dashpaymag

It would definitely be a good setup to have and would pay for itself in the long run hopefully.

It doesn't come with a power supply? No deal!

[Mistake - Edited]

I would like to receive this as a gift ... :)