Phoneum for Smart Mobile Devices: Mining v2.0 - The Pioneering of a New Cryptocurrency Niche

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Phoneum for Smart Mobile Devices: Mining v2.0 - The Pioneering of a New Cryptocurrency Niche

Phoneum (PHM) is the first mobile-only #cryptocurrency and #mining solution.

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$PHM is a decentralized and ERC20 compliant loyalty token to reward miners for positive network contribution and an acceptable payment or currency for participating merchants.

Let your smart mobile devices do the mining for you!


Already there are 70,000+ #free downloads of Phoneum's Android and iOS #DApp.


The Phoneum #ICO will occur between 30th July - 30th September 2018.

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The #Softcap has already been exceeded...In fact, it was blitzed!
Upon launch, an independent 'Investment Fund' made an outright purchase of $2,000,000 worth of #Tokens. Now, how's that for exceptional support and belief by an outside backer?

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Phoneum's #Bounty Campaign is live...and the #rewards are generous.
Total allocation of 10,000,000 #PHM tokens for translation, article writing, video creation and signature tasks.

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If you are like me, then you don't have a big mining rig to be able to mine the major Cryptos. And if you do, then do you get left in the dust of the big guys and their farms?
Are you sick of paying websites with all their finicky rules to mine on your behalf, for a far-off and relatively small return (of course, after they have extracted their sizeable slice!)? How frustrating is it when they simply just disappear overnight with all your deposits and unrealised profits?

Wouldn't you love a more level playing field?


Well then, #Phoneum is likely to suit you:
All you will need is a #mobile device, such as a computer #tablet or #smartphone. That way, everyone mines at about the same rate. Now that's a level playing field!

And guess what?
We can use multiple devices at the same time in the same account.
Phoneum even held a 'Creative Mining' competition, and the dude who won used one of those digital photo displays for mining. You can use almost anything that connects to the internet (e.g., a TV, a fridge, etc.).

Something even better...
You don't even have to stay at the Phoneum website to continue mining.
Your device can mine away in the background whilst you are surfing in another tab or making phone calls.

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But we aren't permitted to use a Laptop, a PC, or a mining rig.
Nonetheless, Phoneum has inbuilt safeguards to detect and limit such questionable activities, thereby maintaining the level playing field.
I'm not giving away any blackhat methods here but, as you well know, people can get quite sneaky: Indeed it is quite possible to use an emulator on a PC/Laptop and mine Phoneum via that; or potentially set-up a number of hard-drive partitions each with an emulator. But why would they bother?
Surely, those levels of processing power could be better utilised elsewhere.



Phoneum #rewards users according to a hybrid of 2 functions: Proof-of-Work (PoW) & Proof-of-Time (PoT). And there is an extremely healthy logic underpinning this structure:

  • Phoneum has #inbuilt system features that monitor device temperature AND battery usage. If it detects any potential for overheating or battery damage, then mining with that device will be instantly suspended. Thus your equipment is protected and preserved.
  • Let's just set your #smart phone to mine whilst you sleep for 9hrs and the Phoneum platform detects a potential issue and suspends the mining after only 1hr. Of course you're going to be unhappy about the 8hrs of expected #mining and #earning that was missed out on. You may even blame it on Phoneum's #safeguards being too sensitive, and such. Should only a PoW mechanism be applied, then you would only receive earnings based on 1hrs work. But Phoneum has anticipated these justifiable dissatisfactions. Because your device has been connected into their system for 9hrs, under the PoT protocol you will be rewarded for the full 9hrs. Hoorah for the hybrid rewards policy.
  • Phoneum's founder has also stated that the #platform actually performs better the more devices that are simultaneously connected into it around the world. Apparently it stabilises it and allows it to operate more smoothly. Hence, another #benefit for only halting your device from mining but not disconnecting it from the #system, should a potential issue be detected. Now that's a fair deal.

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Now consider this:

  • Only about a third (33%) of people in the world have a laptop, desktop PC or bigger;
  • And about the same number (33%) have no mobile phone at all;
  • That leaves SEVERAL BILLION people (33%) with only a smartphone, Tablet and/or smart device.

    What do you suppose is going to happen when word about Phoneum's rewards starts to spread within the mobile-only group? They are gonna go crazy for this project and be all over it in a heartbeat.


The #Phoneum cryptocurrency and mining project is the first of it's kind -- exclusively for mobile cum smart devices. A whole new niche will be opened up...and you know what that means: #Bitcoin was the first mover...JOIN THE DOTS!

Get in now whilst the coins are only 1 cent...YES...only $0.01 (and while purchase bonuses still apply.)

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