I FINALLY DID IT. 2GH mine in my tiny condo with only 100amp breaker AND can still use 1 appliance. Now i rest happy!

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Quick facts
Mostly 1070s but a few 1060 6gbs and 1 rx shitmix rig.
Ive mined since ethereum came out and have pretty much experienced every type of problem possible so ask whatever you'd like.
When i started i maxed out at about 800mh with older power hungry rx cards (280s and 290s) and actually blew the 100 amp main line breaker which was a huge problem.
Yes my power is included in my condo fee ($250/m). I think in general power is very cheap where i live so they dont care. Never had a complaint/suspicion.

Total power draw is about 8000watts continuous. I am able to use ONE big appliance item at once which is a huge feat for me. Example microwave or 1 stove top element or dishwasher or washer or dryer. Never two at once. Yes i had to have an electrician come in and gave me 2 additional 20amp outlets and 2 additional 15 amp outlets. If i take anymore power i will (and have) blown the entire 100amp breaker which will require an emergency call and about $600 and a hell of a story (to prevent inspection) to get that re flipped.

The exhaust fan is an airking from amazon (about $250). I have those annoying tilt windows so i mounted it with a table and duct tape and it is sealed and great airflow. Temps stay in the room between 30 and 40 celsius.
Earn about a half ether per day. Been stable at this capacity for 2 weeks now. But have had about 1gh for over a year.
Thanks for all the help on this forum and bitcointalk. I learned everything from these resources so thankyou.
More pics of fan and electrician job. http://imgur.com/a/7A0U0

I posted this on reddit and got some great feedback so I thought id share it here too.

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That's an awesome story; even better that your power is super cheap! I have a much smaller rig with just two cards, but little by little I'm accumulating.


Cheers man. I started with 2 cards myself!

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Awesome, I congratulate you, much noise?
Did you account for how much was the total investment?