Asus Mining Cards COMING in JULY, Will you be mining?

3년 전

Best news I've heard on the mining front in a long time...

Asus is releasing 2 video cards dedicated to mining,

We have the RX470-G (available world wide) in July


and the P106-6G (Europe and Asia) in July


If you want to read up on the specs, check them out @ ASUS for more details.

RX470 -
P106 -

I'll be purchasing a dozen thank you. Do you are someone you know currently mine? If so what are you thoughts on this latest news from Asus?

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That's great !!! let the mining begin :D:D thanks for sharing !!! will follow :)

Dam thats a powerful thingy. Upvoted!

Is mining still economical?
If so I might invest into it.
I've seen loads of different solar powered rigs which look interesting.


Is mining still profitable? That's a great question @arckrai. The answer depends on what you intend on mining and what your goal is with mining...Many people jumped back into mining this year because the entire cryptocurrency market value 8x since the beginning of 2017. If you want to get a good idea of what you could earn at the current market value, I suggest checking out Give you a great breakdown of what you can earn based on what you want to mine. Hopefully this gives you some clarity on your decision moving forward. ~Peace

PS I'd love to see what you've come across for solar powered mining rigs. Do share!