When the Mining Began


It was a cold day in July of 2012. Instead of buying a space heater, I opted for a heater of a different kind.

I walked into a high end components store and asked for the super gamer delux mother board, the one with lots of PCI slots (for video cards).


Then I asked for the cheapest processor and one gig of RAM to go with it. They looked at me as if I were crazy!

"That is going to be useless for gaming!"

There were people out there doing something called Mining and I wanted in. Little did I know that this obsession would lead to bigger and bigger power supplies, take over and entire room, and blow out my breaker panel, frying all the wiring down 5 floors to the street.


And so it began. I had asked a friend to bring me 3 video cards from the USA. The government where I live charges 50% or more on contraband, which is defined as anything that anybody wants to import, ei: computer parts, phones, cameras, etc.


I was in a big hurry to get it working because bitcoin had just risen over $7.00 each and I did not want to miss a single fraction of a coin.

I had been reading about this digital money for some time and had dedicated the eight cores of my CPU to mining over night every night. I had been spending a lot of time on bitcoin faucets which paid 0.1 bitcoins per visit. But I wanted more. I wanted a dedicated machine.

What you see in the cover photo is the motherboard sitting on a kitchen towel with a 600w power supply behind it. There is one AMD 6880 video card plugged in and Ubuntu Linux running from an SD card reader (a makeshift pendrive). This eventually grew into three machines all laid out on a long table with elaborate fan systems to keep them cool as two air conditioners struggled to counter the heat.

I monitored these systems for many years day and night. Now I mine Steem which doesn't heat up the house so much, and I have not fried any wiring in the house because of Steemit. The question is...

Will Steem Reach $20,000?

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There is much to do out there!

It's just a matter of knowing how to recognize opportunities and risk something!

Today the value of steem is far from its highest values. It is a matter of continuing and being there, because surely at some point its value will increase again.



Hoping for a rise in steem prices!


You have to be patient and keep working for when prices rise again!

Meanwhile there is nothing left but to work hard.

Many people tend to run away when prices fall and from my point of view it is at that moment that we must make our best effort!

This happened with bitcoin, it happens with other cryptos and the same thing will happen with the steem.

Big hug friend

Hello friend @sponge-bob I suppose your user is that because you like the program.
In this month that was anniversary I think. My children this weekend invited me to see a special, I really had never looked closely, but is a serious case that sponge ha ha.

"Instead of buying a space heater, I opted for a different kind of heater.
When we decide to make an investment we have two alternatives, whether it will go well or not. But you did well, chevere for that part. If we don't risk we never know.

<I supervised these systems for many years, day and night. Now I look at Steem, which doesn't heat the house so much, and I haven't fried any wiring in the house because of Steemit. "
Good thing no cable was fried, but you imagine the problem, your children, homeless wife. I congratulate you for your good hunch on that investment...

And if I hope the steem goes up to what you say 20,000, it would help many of us to solve part of the problems we are going through in Venezuela. At least my house has a lot of leaks, it seems to rain inside as well as outside.


If it goes to 20,000 then I am sure the government would be trying to shut down the steemit network.


That is the other fear because it would not support that its citizens have to feed us but that we continue depending on them, who are truly miserable, do not want their country to progress prospers.

But all with God.

You had a vision of what the BTC would be. I instead bought BTC in August 2016 at 800usd and sold them just one month later. I still cry for that decision.


Yes. Bitcoin fluctuates a lot. When something fluctuates up and down, any investment is a good one.

The problem is that bitcoin became slow and useless for nearly two years. Imagine if Western Union had shut down world-wide for two years. How many customers would they have when they start making transfers again? How would their stock price do?

We pray to God that the Steem will rise and reach a decent price that will allow us to progress in Steemit with our writings. Mining seems to be a profitable activity but requires a lot of patience in addition to equipment infrastructure and site conditioning. Thank God you were a visionary and took it in the time when it was accessible to undertake it. Here in Venezuela everything is complicated especially because the prices of the equipment are in dollars and unfortunately our currency, the bolivar, is worth almost nothing in current times. Thank you for always sharing your experiences. It's a pleasure to read you! @sponge-bob. A hug back.


Mining with computers is not profitable now. But mining with your words and photos is still profitable. Steemit is where I mine today. You just need to be social and return votes for votes, this is the way to succeed here.


I totally support your comment, there is no such thing!. Another hug for you, I keep reading to you.@sponge-bob

That was the time

Que bien por ti, te felicito por esa gran decisión, definitivamente lo hizo en el mejor momento, yo apenas tengo dos años de saber que este mundo de crypto monedas existía, pero lo lamento mucho que no me entere a tiempo.
Tengo un amigo profesor que el compro btc cuando salieron y me dijo que le costo 0.70centavos de dolar, compro mas de 10 btc pero en una caída de los precios bajo de 0.70 y luego retomo su precio de 0.70 el muy asustado vendió todos los btc, hoy en día lo lamenta mucho.

Bueno minar no puedo comprar un equipo de minería en estos momentos de crisis en mi hogar seria imposible. pero BTC y Steemt llegaron para quedarse.

No puedo minar, pero si puedo publicar, así que en este tiempo me toca publicar.


Desarme las maquinas hace mas que cuatro años. Minar utiliando palabras aca en steemit rinde mucho mas!


Si tienes razón, pero eso pasa cuando tienes un buen respaldo de alguien con buen poder de voto o un gran SP.

Mientras los mortales como Yo, debemos echarle un gran camión bien grande, para tener respaldo.

@sponge-bob, aún recuerdo ese día que me comentaste acerca de BTC, en el año 2014, no tenía mucha confianza pero la transferencia de ese monto que habías realizado se efectuó en segundos.

Greetings @sponge-bob, wow particular anecdote / memory, what a start, I imagine the face of those in the store thinking, to buy the most expensive mobo if you're going to use 1gb of ram and the cheapest processor xD.

The fusileras and power supplies must have been crazy (in the good sense), I know particularly what can consume the most powerful sources and can be impressive, imagine at this time that there are sources up to 1500/2000w (if I remember correctly) a total pass.

You are right this way to mine this better, consumes less pc resources (unless you own a super pc) and one is calmer with the electricity bill and everything else.

pd: two things, ingenious way to use a sd card like "hdd" to load the system and the other I had a doubt, in the first picture (of the mobo), that which is below the graphics card is a rizer (adapter)?

Thank you for reading my comment, good day, evening or night ✌️


I bought risers but when I used them, it was just another connection to become loose and cause a restart. I am looking for more old photos or videos of my 'monster machines' to post before I move on to another topic.


Greetings @sponge-bob, thank you for answering, yes, that's why I asked you, since you had around 4 ports pcie, something good for then.

Yeah, if I guess that's the problem with ricers, even today some give problems, I've seen a lot in YT with people who modify pc (I love to see that kind of videos haha).

Regarding the photos I would be deluxe, a hug, and happy day, afternoon or night.

Well that's was a good bet.
I think Is better keeping investing, at least it only devaluates on countries with huperinflaction like Venezuela .
Many people that began mining early btc, Now are rich. But i think today de ha e a chance. We just need ti read and get advice from the Inés that has more knowlwdge than us.
Eventually i am sure the steem will griw ti a high value, and it can be soon! 😀

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I certainly have more voters than I did two years ago.

So what gives?
It is the price of steem.


You see the posts in this image as being more valuable, but in reality, I never spent any of the steem I earned, so today, they are only worth $1.29 (or in that area).

Conversely, all effort that I put forth today is worth well over $100.00 per post as the price rises back to the $5 to $8 range.

..and your posts are too!

You just need to wait for the rise.


True fact @sponge-bob
We just have to wait, a d i am sure it Will be fixed soon. Is parte of a natural cycle AND the more time it remains los, then there are More statitistical chances that it raises.

Just keep the faith!. 💗

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I think your position on that occasion is excellent, sometimes people tend to influence us by making us stop in our aspirations or visions, the success is who perseveres, now you reap the fruits of that effort and investment, in Steemit it is not so easy to say, at least not for us small fish.

You were really smart and the risk taker pretty awesome at that time


You were really smart
And the risk taker pretty
Awesome at that time

                 - blazing

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow, that's called "preparing and working for a prosperous future", there are always opportunities in our that lead to a resounding success but we do not always have the will or the tools, but you @sponge-bo were on and ready at the right time and at the right time, a lot of efficiency and determination led you to what it is now, congratulations on that big fish you caught, I hope the successes continue to grow.

Go tell your beginnings with the mining of digital currencies. My son was just starting on the internet when we heard of them, I never get to mine now I would have a lot of money, ha ha. They are the turns that life gives. @sponge-bob

I hope it goes up is our hope to earn a little more. But if it does not happen, I will continue to enjoy sharing my stories and stories. Thank you for everything, with the hope set on the rise.

Vaya relato tus comienzos con la mineria de monedas digitales. Mi hijo apenas estaba comenzando en internet cuando oimos de ellas, nunca llego a minar ahora tendria mucho dinero, ja, ja. Son las vueltas que da la vida.
Ojala suba es nuestra esperanza para ganar un poco más. Pero si no sucede seguire disfrutando el compartir mis historias y cuentos.Gracias por todo, con la esperanza puesta en el alza.