Adding a 1070 to my mining / gaming rig and swapping PSU

3년 전

Hey Steemians,

Here's a video where I add the latest GTX1070 I got to my Nvidia mining / gaming rig and also swaps out the PSU's between my 2 rigs.

Did a post about the card here if you are interested:

Cheers, Timmy

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Great! I like the "case" of the rig so much
😀, Ikea, right?


haha yupp, almost like it was made for mining ;)


haha, yes, i'ts crazy how everything fits!


Truly is :D I will use that for all my future builds. Cheap, functional and easy to get a hold of and easy to move around.

Nice upgrades Timmy. I followed you on Twitter too since you're a fellow crypto enthusiast and miner.


Thanks @kontora

Just gave you a follow. I'd love to hear more about your mining rig!


Thanks @Chickenfeedgames I see that you also create content, keep up the good work!