ASRock mining motherboard with 13 PCI-E slots

3년 전


ASRock is showing off a motherboard built for mining and will have 13 PCI-E slots. Hopefully we will be getting more info during Computex that starts off May 30th until June 2nd.

ASRock writes on their site:

"The Ultimate Bitcoin Mining Motherboard
With the huge popularity of cryptocurrency mining (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin), ASRock is launching a new motherboard with an incredible 13 PCIe slots. During Computex, ASRock will demonstrate the soon-to-be-launched H110 Pro BTC+ motherboard that is dedicated to serve mining users and show how to mine cryptocurrencies and earn Bitcoin efficiently."


What do you guys think of this ? Would you buy one ?

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Shit just got real, right on Asrock!


Would love to get my hands on one of those :)

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