Asus Nvidia GTX1070 Expedition Mining card

3년 전

Hey Steemians,

I'm back again, this time with an overview of an ASUS GTX1070 8GB OC Expedition card



Wrapped in plastic, Interesting.


No backplate on this one


Only a single 8 pin power connector on this card

Here's 2 photos of my temporary Nvidia mining rig which also is my gaming rig



The difference between ASUS GTX1070 and the MSI GTX1070 is noticeble mainy because the ASUS one only runs on a single 8pin power connector and the MSI on a 8pin + 6pin. When mining Digibyte with the groestl algorithm.

  • ASUS = 63 Mh/s
  • MSI = 71 Mh/s

Honestly a little bit disappointed over that, and I wasn't aware of the singel 8pin on the ASUS card before i got it
so next time I need to research that better since the card also was about 10% more expensive than the MSI one since i got that one on sale and this wasn't so definitely a mistake by me.


The total power draw from the wall during mining is about 900 watts


That's all for now, I Will be back soon again with other updates on my mining setup.
Have a great weekend everyone, if you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

Cheers, Timmy

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I have always heard that Nvidia is very poor compared to AMD for mining.


That is not true, its depends on the Algorithm. Some favors AMD and some Nvidia.


Yes, I'm doing well atm mining LBRY and Zen with my gtx1060. I only bought it for gaming as before it used to be an AMD only racket but I am very happy with the performance of mine mining, and quite surprised, it will have paid for itself soon too! Btw thanks for the review, would you recommend the 1070 over the 1060 when cost difference is taken into account?


Nice to hear that @junglist and great question. Are you planning to add any card in the future? As for the 1070 vs 1060, I'ts actually something I've been thinking about for the last few days and I'm torn.

1070 is in general 90 to 100% more expensive compared to the 1060 3GB but only offers like 60-75% more horespower when it comes to mining so in theory you would get more out of it by buying 2 1060 from that perspective. The only reason why one should consider 1070 instead of a 1060 would be if you have limitation on physical space to put the card. With that i mean if you have a dedicated mining rig that can handle 6 cards you have a lower overall income with the 1060 but get your ROI back faster compared to the 1070 but you will get a higher profit after the longer period of time it takes to generate the ROI for the 1070.

Another reason to go with 1070 would be if you are like me a gamer who also games but want to be able to mine when not gaming, then I would recommend the 1070.

I could go on forever talking about this but this is my view at the moment.


I'll probably build a dedicated rig pretty soon, from what've read the 1080s mine about 100%+ what you would get from the 1060, I'll likely get one of those for my main gaming rig and relegate my 1060 to a mining rig and get it some friends to hang out with in the rack. I'm thinking 4 1060s to start with as a dedicated rig, if you're not too fussy what you mine seem to be on par with the AMD 480s.