Mining BitCoin Private! (BTGP) 11.4KH Mining Power!

5년 전

Hello people! 

I have changed direction now in the crypto-currency world and focused directly on mining! Last night I started to mine an upcoming coin in my view '' BTGP'' I started last night around 2200hrs and so far here are my stats! 


Top Miners!

I am currently sitting in the 7th position in the top miners! This is rising by the day with more people turning to mine BTGP! 

The power!

I am using a mining rig that pushes out around 14.4KH this should return me around 1 BGTP per day! Value per BGTP is hovering around $25 only being added to coinmarket cap in the last week! 


BGTP Official website: 

Mining Pool!


If you need any guidance on how to set up let me know I help you out! 

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Curious what kind of rig are you using? Thanks.


Its a rented miner from,!