Demand Justice Peacefully - Protest Should Be Non-Violent



Before the rest of this thought, I'd like to first point out that what happened to George Floyd was a tragedy that shouldn't have happened and it appeared to be a crime (I'll leave it up to the justice system to decide what crime because, as flawed as it is, there isn't a better alternative right now).

Some of our heroes in Civil Rights movements across the globe believe that property destruction is okay (maybe some even believe it right or just) as a form of protest. Some don't believe it is okay. If anything has been made clear through the last 10 or so years (and long before, but less so), it is that heroes are not infallible; Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, heroes in Civil Rights, are not infallible. They are heroes and champions, but not infallible. You have the right to your opinion, of course.

I think that protest is a great non-violent means of getting a point across to the masses, even more so in the age of social media than ever before in any point in history. However, I take the stance that property destruction is not okay (and I'm not an idiot; it isn't just an emotional preference of mine, being someone who isn't destructive by nature; I also think it ill-advised and I consider it playing checkers at best in an increasingly competitive world where playing chess is par for the course).

Property didn't kill George Floyd. He was killed by a man and that man may have been influenced by bad policy and social constructs that are hammered into the heads of the masses via media and social/psychological heritage. The qualm (my qualm, your qualm, all of our qualm) of the protestor should be with policy and social climate, and with the justice system to ensure that justice is served, in my opinion. Block the streets; shout; scream; cry; chant; raise signs proudly; demand justice. But don't destroy property (and by any means possible, avoid violence against another person). Or if you choose to be violent, have the lucidity and rationality to realize that you become the antagonist in that situation. May violent protesting stop. Violence begets violence (regardless of who is right or wrong) and violence by massive groups begets violence by massive groups. This increases the likelihood of war (think 30 steps ahead instead of 2) and I think it is fair to say that war is something no reasonable person wants. Violence should only be resorted to as:

a. Self-defense against physical harm or threat
b. DIRECT threat to life or safety (so, a clear sign that someone is about to hurt you)

May George Floyd rest in peace and may the peaceful protests that have occurred as a result of his killing effect change and make our society a safer, kinder place to live in.


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