Never Waste Your Vote Power Again by Selling your Vote ONLY When it's Above a Certain Threshold!


Do you sometimes find yourself sitting on 100% voting power? If you are, you're wasting the share of the rewards pool your account is entitled to!

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I only recommend selling your vote if you have 150SP or more

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Set your parameters

Some days I find myself upvoting a lot, which trains my vote power to around 70-80% whilst other days I might only vote once or twice. In these cases, my votes are getting wasted.

Minnowbooster lets you set your own vote limit. This way, you can have sufficient voting power when you want it but also sell your votes when you're not using it.

I recommend setting it around 90% as sometimes it may take a while to sell a vote, therefore if you have it set at 95% or above, it may reach 100% before a vote is sold.

Return on Investment

I'm getting around 25-30% ROI per year at the moment (including curation rewards). Popular upvote bots may have higher ROI by a couple percent (around 25-33% usually), they don't let you set your own parameter. Furthermore, with Minnowbooster you can stop selling your votes at any time so you don't have to wait a week before getting your SP back. Therefore, it's actually more profitable to use Minnowbooster if you plan on selling your votes for around 10-15 weeks or less!

Thanks for reading!

Have any questions regarding Minnowbooster? Feel free to ask in the comments!

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Please @cryptoeater if your SP isn't up to 150SP, why is it adviceable not to sell it?.

I never knew about minnow booster before, all thanks to you.


If it's too low, your votes might not sell. However, you're welcome to try if you want! Selling one every now and then is better than nothing!


Now I get it, thanks.

Is there anyway to know for sure that the upvotes you are selling are only used to upvote quality content?


Minnowbooster makes sure all their upvotes go to quality content by blacklisting people who don't post quality content. However, if you want to be 100% sure, you can tick a box that says white-list only. This ensures your upvotes ONLY go to the best content but this means your votes might be slower at getting sold.

Always with great initiatives my friend, I have been a couple of days distant because I have had many occupations, but I always support what you do bro. Thank you for always being there helping people.

I do not participate because I have already been enrolled in the service for some time, but I think your information is great.

I wish you a happy day and a better life