Minnow Booster

3년 전

minnow booster.jpg

Hello Steemians,
I ve been on Steemit for like 8 days and have been trying to learn all the tips, tricks, and ways to have fun and make money.
3 days ago I used the minnow booster calculator to figure out a lease agreement. I truly believe in the concept of minnow booster and the calculator said I needed 9.33 Steem for 341 SP for 4 weeks. I entered the correct amound but 3 days past and my Steem was returned. I guess there is something I didn't understand. What did I do wrong in my attempt at leasing Steem Power? I entered my username and everything correct. I watched my lease on the minnowbooster.net website for 3 days. What could I have done different and been successful? I have watched a ton of Dtube videos etc and thought I had done everything correctly.

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