Why can't I undelegate my SP to @minnowbooster?

2년 전

Hello, steemians!

Sometimes ago I delegated ~67 SP to @minnowbooster.

Back then I just wanted to try their service. There weren't any problems to do it. However right now I'm trying to cancel my delegating to them, but I simply can't.

  1. So, firstly I go to FAQ and use the link for undelegation procedure

  2. On the next webpage I press CONTINUE button

  3. Then I fill in my username on steemit.com which is @everythink, and fill in my active key. Next I press SIGN IN button.

  4. And after that I get following error message:

How should I solve it??

Note: My active key I take from here:

PS: Using main password instead of active key doesn't solve the problem either.

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Is this site steemconnect.com official for delegation operations? In any case, it does not seem to be a @minnowbooster problem.

i think using main password will solve the problem remember steemconnectv2 is extremely safe and your passwords or key won't store in it and after that it's not instant process you have to wait for 7 days in order to see your delgation back in your account and ready to use.


I think using the main password is a bad idea, it's best to keep it offline, in several places, and resort to it only in case of theft or loss of posting and active keys. IMO, of course.


No, I tried also with main password but got same result. Updated my post.


i think the address is not complete try with this address: -

Here is the link of the tutorial how to delegate and undelegate using steem connect.
Hope it helps

ohhh sorry to say i have no any experience on it hope you get some better suggestion from any other in your coments ,,,and good to see you after many time @everythink

be sure to use your posting PRIVATE key to delegate/undelegate by clicking on permissions-posting- show private posting key - enter to steemconnect


In the last picture you can see, that I did exactly this.


ok... I had the same problem, my active key didnt work but my posting key solved the problem

Судя по всему ошибка из-за попытки делегировать то что и так есть. попробуй делигировать 0SP. Должно помочь. Вот по этой ссылке


Тоже отменяла делегирование с показателем 0 SP. Работало

Вот спасибо... я как раз подумала, чтобы попробовать делегировать ему...