Understanding MinnowBooster : How to Use MinnowBooster - 7 MinnowBooster Services You Should Know About!

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If you think that MinnowBooster is a voting bot, you are right. But if you think that MinnowBooster is just a voting bot, then you must read this post till the end and know why it is not true. MinnowBooster, contrary to what many people believe, is not just a paid upvoting service. It is an entire economy and it can significantly benefit you financially as well as in terms of exposure on Steemit. Learning how to use MinnowBooster properly can lead to great benefits for you.

Image created via free tool Canva.com and all MinnowBooster images are included with permission.

I was just a month old on Steemit and I saw MinnowBooster announcement because it was on the trending page. Little did I know that I must put some of my Steemit earnings in it as investment. What I did was to include it in the  Amazing Minnow Support Initiatives (at # 4) which, ironically, I posted after just one day of MB's launch. Here's an interesting line from my post.

 I will surely use this service when it has higher Steem Power but it does look interesting and viable.

It wasn't until many months later that I started testing MinnowBooster's potential. I have been experimenting it for more than four months and will share my findings in this post. I thought sharing my personal experience is important to keep things transparent.

Understanding MinnowBooster

MinnowBooter is a project by BuildTeam. Understanding BuildTeam and their motives is important to understand the purpose of MinnowBooster. Here's something to read from their website.

BuildTeam is a revolutionary blockchain technology company focused on creating leading edge sidechain services and custom applications, aimed at enhancing the Steem social network ecosystem as well as other blockchain environments.

Screenshot of BuildTeam website homepage.

I am personally very impressed by their vision. I love such initiatives to orgasmic levels!

Our projects disrupt and improve existing blockchain ecosystems like Steem, adding value and functionality, greatly enhancing the user experience 

MinnowBooster is one of the projects by BuildTeam. 

 Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive (witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness). 

Know more about the team and its members by visiting their website.

How to Use MinnowBooster?

MinnowBooster has at least seven use cases brought to us by the talented BuildTeam. I am going to cover each of them and explain how to use these MinnowBooster services. I am also going to mention the benefits of each service. I personally have used five of these services by now.

1. Get Upvotes from Voting Bot

This is the most basic and the simplest use of MinnowBooster. However, its voting service is different from the popular bid bots which are not that profitable anymore. MinnowBooster not only uses the @minnowbooster account for upvoting, but it also hires services of normal users like you and I to give automatic votes. This is explained in the next service. Here is how to use the voting service.

  1. Send any amount of SBD (only!) to @minnowbooster with the post URL as memo. Be careful to use correct username of MinnowBooster and send only SBD. I am sending an upvote request to MinnowBooster as an example.
  2. After the SBD amount is sent with the URL, you can see the transaction in your wallet history.
  3. Depending on the amount you sent, any account with a corresponding vote value will upvote on your post automatically.

Here are some of the things you should know for making the best use of this service.

  • MinnowBooster promises to give 200-300 % profit when you buy upvotes from the service. However, as per latest post on MB's Steemit blog, it "varies with SBD price, but always receive more than send."
  • Minimum amount to send at the moment is 0.01 SBD, which means that I sent wrong amount for the upvote. Other than delay in voting, there is no loss because MB sends your money back. It was not a case when I sent less than 2 SBD to a famous bid bot though.
  •  Important: MinnowBooster will not vote posts older than five days in order to prevent abuse. It was announced in their latest post.
  • Do not get upvotes on crappy and effortless content. Do not even post such content. Learn how to create good blog posts first and only then use voting services. Otherwise, you will be flagged sooner or later.
  • Always check @minnowbooster blog for latest terms and conditions.

Bidding bots do not guarantee profitable vote anymore due to excessive last minute bids by many users. ROI is negative most of the time. You can see the results on Steem Bot Tracker website (one of the major reasons why the returns have become too predictable and less profitable). MinnowBooster is not a bidding bot but a content promotion service. It guarantees profitable vote but does not have any control on price of Steem so the profit margins can vary.

2. Sell Your Upvote

From this point onwards, MinnowBooster's website will be the main focus of this post. It in fact is not an independent website but an app built on top of Steem blockchain by @buildteam. Vote selling has been the most profitable and the most helpful service for me lately despite my non-availability on Steemit. I had enabled vote selling for more than two months now but the recent Steem and SBD price rise made sure that I made hundreds of dollars from vote selling even when I wasn't posting anything. Enough of shilling? Haha!

How to Become a MinnowBooster Member?

For using all the services offered by MB, you need to become a member of MinnowBooster website by logging in with your Steemit credentials. Here's how to do that. 

  1. Go to https://www.minnowbooster.net (MinnowBooster website).
  2. Click My Account on top right and then click Login.
  3. The click will take you to SteemConnect page as shown below. Click CONTINUE to verify your Steemit account.
  4. The click will further take you to the sign in page where you need to enter your username and password. Use only Posting Key because selling votes is possible with posting key. Two of the services listed later require active key authorization.
  5. You will be logged in to the website. Now you are a member.

How to Sell Your Vote

After becoming a member, you can use all the services offered by MinnowBooster. Selling your vote is a very simple process. It is explained below.

  1. Click My Account and then Edit Info as shown below.
  2. You need to enable vote selling to @minnowbooster by sliding the button to green. Then you should authorize the bot to vote on your behalf. Then you can adjust the minimum Voting Power below which the bot should not vote on your behalf. Finally, do not forget to update your information. Too much to digest? See the screenshot below.
  3. After enabling vote selling, you also need to authorize MinnowBooster to use your account to vote by clicking where asked. Clicking will take you to the authorization page. Click continue and enter your posting key to enable vote selling. Use active key only if you wish to use other services too.
  4. Do not forget to click the UPDATE button to save your settings.

Let me share with you what happens after saving these settings. Whenever my VP is 75 or above, my account is used to give upvotes to users who send SBD and post URL to @minnowbooster. My vote is worth $1.30 at 75 % VP right now so anyone who sends upto approx 0.4 SBD to MinnowBooster can be voted by my account. For example, if someone sends 0.4 SBD to MB for vote and my account is used to vote on that post, I will get 85 % of the sent amount credited in my balance. In simple words, I earn 0.34 SBD from that vote. 

I calculated my SBD earnings from 18 December to 19 January just from vote selling and they turned out to be 55.695 SBD. This was made possible because I had used another MB service (SP leasing) to get some delegated SP for four weeks for just 25 Steem. Through vote selling alone, I earned so many SBDs that it was more than triple of my initial investment.

Now you can understand why I am creating a complete guide of MinnowBooser economy. I have benefited massively from this opportunity and I wish to share each detail with you. Here is some of the information that will help you use this service efficiently.

  • By selling your vote, you earn 85 % of all the SBD against which your vote was used. Massive!
  • Since MB is taking 0.01 SBD as minimum bid on posts, you need to be able to give a vote at least worth $0.03 to have a chance. At current Steem price, at least 75 SP is required. Drop in price will increase the minimum SP requirement and vice versa.
  • A full vote will cost you 2 % VP. VP is the only cost you pay when your account is used for voting. Set minimum SP such that you can upvote posts from the authors you follow and the comments on your posts too. Dedicating all you VP to MinnowBooster is greedy unless you are unable to be active for some weeks or months.
  • You can view the history of your vote selling and even the posts on which your vote was used. Randomly visit these posts to check them for quality and if you see an abuse, report in the MinnowBooster discord channel.
  • You can always see your earned SBD balance on the site and withdraw it to your Steemit wallet.

That's all for vote selling. Let's move on to the next service.

3. Lease Steem Power from The Market

This is another interesting and highly empowering service offered by MinnowBooster. You need to be a member to use the service and use active key if using website to request a lease.  Here's the process.

  1. From the left side options on the website, click Lease Steem Power as shown below.
  2. A form will appear in which you need to fill the required fields. Fill the total amount of SP that you need. Tell the number of weeks you wish to lease for and then write what amount of SP you need per Steem per week. APR and total price in Steem will be filled based upon your entries.
  3. Click the LEASE button. You will be guided to SteemConnect to authorize the transfer. Click continue.
  4. Authorize the transaction with your active key.

    If you do, you'll see following screen.
  5. If you are not willing to give active key for security reasons, you can go to your own wallet on Steemit and send Steem to @minnowbooster with a memo like 4 ilyastarar 400. It will do the same as above transaction on the site.
  6. After the success of any of the above methods, you can check Steemd.com transaction details...

    ...as well as history in your wallet.
  7. You can view your lease request in the New Lease Requests.
  8. If your request is filled, you will receive the requisite SP in your account wallet in brackets below your own SP. If unsuccessful in 3 days, your Steem will be returned. Many of my requests have been unsuccessful due to low APR for delegators. Only two have been successful yet.

Some points to keep in mind are:-

  • SP lease is profitable to you because it increases your vote value. You can earn more curation rewards by voting others and boost your own posts with stronger votes (if you write good content, there is no harm boosting it with your own vote).
  • You can use the SP lease option to enhance your voting influence and then sell the same vote in the MinnowBooster market as explained above through my personal example. It is highly profitable. Just keep an eye on the content that gets your vote and report abuse if so is the case.
  • High SP per Steem per Week will result in failure of your request. My example transaction is almost surely going to fail but I will get the 25 Steem back after 3 days so I know I have not done any loss. Always see the table below on the lease market to see the appropriate demand.
  • A thing I wish I knew earlier is that you can go to the website after your lease is over and renew as per previous conditions within one week. Final decision rests with the delegator though.

Again, checking @minnowbooster blog is important to know the latest conditions. For example, custom lease prices (SP per Steem per Week) were introduced on 9 December. Before that, only 150 SP per Steem per Week was the default, un-editable price. If you own a community oriented account, your lease request will be shown above all the other requests no matter how new.

Note:- You do not gain ownership of SP when delegated to you on lease. It remains in your use but goes back to the owner one week when the delegation is over.

Let's move towards the next service.

4. Fill Delegation Requests

The SP lease requests out up by others can be filled by you if you have enough spare SP to delegate. This is one of the two MB services I have not used yet due to low SP. But as my SP increses, I will surely test this feature as well. You will be bothered about the amount of Steem you get, the number of weeks you need to delegate for and the return you get. Here's how to do it.

  1. Go to the website and click New Lease Requests.
  2. Click any of the offer that you can fulfill. For example, my latest offer is visible on the last page being the latest one.
  3. Click Fill this request button. You will be taken to the delegation page where details are mentioned.
  4. See if you are willing to delegate for the number of weeks and the amount of Steem. You will get 10 % less (facilitation fee) than what users pay to MinnowBooster. Please do fill my active requests if you can.
  5. Use either of the two tools to delegate SP to the user. "Returns will be paid out to your STEEM wallet in daily increments." 

Earning a daily return by delegating spare SP is as innovative and selling your vote and earning daily SBD. If you are holding Steem in SP for safety reasons, it would be incredible use of your SP to delegate for a few weeks and earn more Steem for free.

Note:- You do not lose ownership of your SP when delegated. It remains yours and comes back to you after one week when the delegation is over.

5. Promote Your Comments

MinnowBooster announced this innovative little service early December last year. It is still in testing phase. The main aim is to promote your comments just enough to get your comments above the potentially spammy comments which have not been upvoted. On a post where none of the comments is voted by the author of the post (that's bad though), your comment can sit on top and be visible. 

Here's how to enable comment promotion.

  1. Go to your account and click Edit Info.
  2. To enable automatic comments promotion, you will need to slide the button to green. This is a paid service so need to specify the maximum budget you wish to invest on this feature.
  3. The amount required as price for the comments promotion will be deducted from your MinnowBooster balance.
  4. You can top up your SBD balance either by selling vote or depositing some SBD to MB from the website.
  5. You can see your comments tab to see if you are getting your comments promoted. Mine are being promoted a lot.

Some of my replies to your comments will get promoted as well because I have not been able to comment due to being busy making this post for more than four hours now. I will suggest you to post good comments on others' posts to get more views from their followers and they can become your followers if you promise the quality that they are looking for. 

6. Delegate SP to Bot

I have done this in November or before that when I delegated 100 SP to MinnowBooster to see how it rewards me. Now, MB is hiring services of normal users like us so its focus is to get more people sell their votes. Still, a bot does need SP to service its customers. Here's how to do it.

  1. Go to the website and click Delegate to Bot.
  2. Enter your username and the amount you wish to delegate.
  3. Once delegated, you will earn daily SBD dividends in SBD.
  4. You can undelegate anytime but your SP will return in your use after one week of undelegation.

You can test by delegating a small amount of SP and see what returns you get. MB distributes 90 % of the revenue it receives among its investors so you will have to see for yourself how the delegation to the bot pays you. It will pay for sure. 

7. Get Mention Notifications via Mentionator

This is the second of the only two services I have not used. The @mentionator service is a premium one which you can access by sending SBD or Steem. Here's what the announcement post says:-

Mentionator is a subscription service costing 1 STEEM or SBD per month. If you don't want to pay, you can still see your last three mentions, but premium users get the last 14 days worth of mentions and can even enter their email to receive email notifications when new mentions come in! 
Just send 1 STEEM or 1 SBD to the mentionator Steem account to get started with these awesome premium features. Don't want to subscribe for the whole month? Just send 0.50 SBD or STEEM and you can try the service out for 14 days.

 I just checked my three free mentions by going to Mentions under my account. 

Which revealed the three latest mentions.

I found out that I was mentioned in this great post by @inquiringtimes (you must follow him, especially if you are a newbie). It's contest with 50 Steem in prize. Another post I was mentioned in was this no dare, just truth entry by @marvettsy who had said some interesting things about me.

So, knowing who is mentioning you where can be a useful information.

You can choose to subscribe monthly or fortnightly service by sending Steem or SBD to @mentionator. Do update your email on MinnowBooster website>My Account>Edit Info to receive email notifications.

Update:- If you do not want to pay and still want to get mention notifications, you can use GINAbot. Thanks to @ravenruis for mentioning this free notification service in the comments. I have setup the notifications and will soon share a short tutorial on how to do that. Amazed so far. Here's what he said in the comment.

 I wonder - after reading the bit on the Mentions service, whether it might be easier to simply sign up to GinaBot for that? It gives you all manner of notifications, depending on what you set up, and for free. Just a thought :) 

That's it for the services offered and how to use these services by MinnowBooster. You may, rather should, read the MinnowBooster FAQ to verify and consolidate the information contained in this post.


I have personally benefited from from the amazing initiatives of @buildteam. MinnowBooster is one of their most frequently used projects which has brought huge benefits for me ranging from content promotion to investment opportunities of various types. I wanted to share this opportunity with Steemians in general and my followers in particular so that everyone can reap the benefits of Steem blockchain powered sub-economy created by MinnowBooster.

If you have any question, do share it in the comments. It would be kind of you to support this post through your valuable upvotes and resteems. Helping this post with upvotes will not only benefit the community at large, but also will encourage me to put more effort into educating Steemians to create a better ecosystem on Steemit.

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Great article, i tried a voting bot a long time ago

I dont think i would use one mow though with how much SBD and steem have gone up in value, the value doesnt seem there like it did before

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thanx a lot for the post and I appreciate ur hardwork here, hope ur hardwork gets paid off

followed upvoted resteemed

Adaab Ilyas,

Here you are back again with another worth reading and must have post for new users on steemit. You know what, I knew all these things about minnowbooster but the way you have explained and written like a story telling I kept reading whole post until I finished it.
What about if you become detective next time for haejin? :p

Another wonderfully detailed guide/explanation, thank you so much!

Seems like there is a lot we could take advantage of, with MinnowBooster (even if we are still plankton, lol).

I wonder - after reading the bit on the Mentions service, whether it might be easier to simply sign up to GinaBot for that? It gives you all manner of notifications, depending on what you set up, and for free. Just a thought :)

I usually hesitate to do a promo for something, but you might be interested in checking out this new service I have just started helping with; it was started by witness JRSwab:
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I normally do not full vote comments but I am doing it for your comnent because it educated me and helped me. I had registered with GINAbot and it had sent me the link in DM but I did not know the power of this link. I just read how @ginabot works and how the notifications work. Wow! I just set up my notifications. Thank you!

I have joined the guild and thank you very much for inviting me. I hope be a useful member there. Your just a thought has givem me an opportunity to create yet another educational guide for the users. I will update this tutorial too to include the information about free mention service of GINAbot. (Update:- Info included in the post).

Thank you!


I am really pleased that you found it useful. It is funny what we stumble across, new things to learn all the time.

Welcome indeed to the guild! It's early days but we have a lot of enthusiasm. :)

Could I also interest you in playing steempunk-net? lol It really is a lot of fun, and so easy to battle other players .... like me. :D Plus there is a chance to earn a bit of $. Adds some interest while doing normal Steemit things.

Anyhow, I am very glad to have helped in some small way regarding Ginabot and her notification system. I'm still playing around with the settings and how helpful the system can be. :)


Thank you, again!


Ilyas, I am pretty much impressed the way you have written down the post for clarity and better understanding. After reading my articles, I transferred minimum amount of 0.01 SBD to @minnowbooster but until now I did not see any change in reward values on my post, why is that? I only have 0.516 SP and 0.546 SBD right now and am a newbie, please guide me through!

Awesome and detailed tutorial again my friend.
Thank you for your effort.
Well done! 👍

  ·  5년 전

Great post brother, thank you for taking the time to put it together!
+1 follower!

What a wonderful, detailed tutorial! There are so many ways to use Minnowbooster it can seem a bit daunting at first, but once you’ve tried it out and gotten used to it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. I personally use it as an investment tool to sell my vote and occasionally fill SP lease orders.

Thanks for helping spread the word and educate people!


Thank you so much for your feedback and tremendous support! MinnowBooster has been such a blessing for me too. I have used five of the services so far and I have loved using each one of them. I sell vote too and because my own SP just over 1200, I lease SP from the MB market to be able to vote better on Steemit. You can see I upvote all the comments as per the value they create and flag some.

If you can, please fill my lease requests on the market. It would be a huge support for me as I will be able to reward people better and also get some returns for myself too. Kind of you to consider my request.


Hey @cryptomancer, i am really interested in doing that too but i am new. Wish i could know what to aim right now to accelerate the profit. If you have some time really appreciate having a chat with you. Thanks.

As usual - a great, informative and easy to understand post!!

Ilyas - you might consider including in the bottom of each new post some links to your previous tutorials - I see some serious people do so and I find it smart and helpful for new user encountering a post of your for the first time.



I did prepare an HTML footer but it doesn't work with Mark Down. It is outdated now. I will prepare a list of all the useful posts in Mark Down styling and keep it in notes or txt file. Thank you for a wonderful suggestion!

This is a great tutorial! Upvoted hard and resteemed. Keep up the awesome work and thank you! <3


Active key is essentially needed to make transfers happen. That's why. You can do it from your Steemit wallet as well. I mentioned it in the post. Better go through the relevant part of FAQs as well.


Can it not be done by a bot on minnowbooster's side, which has its owner key and monitors incoming SBDs to the minnowbooster account and delegates accordingly?


This comment has received a 22.17 % upvote from @steemdiffuser thanks to: @stimialiti. Steem on my friend!

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Unfortunately Minnowbooster used to be decent, but they barely give 200% return, let alone 300! That's a hoax.


I so wish to flag your comment to bring it down the order but it's not a spam comment. You've shared your opion and I respect that.

However, I would't call a 200 % return or even a 100 % return a hoax.


exact! You are absolutely right, 200% a deception
100% a hoax where? I do not see where the deception is
even 1% daily is a lot and I think it is much more what gives this bot

IF banks are cheating giving 2% per year
and creating debt money

If 100% or 200% is a hoax, I want more deceptions like those




I always use Minnowbooster, it’s just that the payout greatly varies. Glad to see we can share different viewpoints! Otherwise, your article is spot on, minnowbooster shows great results for delegators.

@pokerman check out this article I think we can use this service to build up your SP

@rkz Read this and let me know what you think.

Great article!

I have a quick question though... If I lease steem power for 3 weeks and pay 300 Steem - do I get my 300 Steem back at the end of the 3 weeks?


No. Steem you send is the price you pay for enjoying the added influence.


Great - thank you!

Thanks for posting this great information.

I was always confused about bidding bots, but MB seems more fair and easy to use, I will give ot a try on my next post!

very helpful article to understand @minnowbooster

@ilyastarar Do you need to be a member first before you can avail their service? Or is it okay just to transfer SBD and MinnowBooster will upvote your post?


No need to be a member. Copy post link. Send SBD to @minnowbooster with link in memo. The end. You also want to make sure the vote value you send is available. You can see that in the chart on minnowbooster.net


But MB will always return the SBD amount if not consumed on a vote. Thank you for your generous efforts to educate Steemians!


For getting upvotes, all you need to do is to send SBD with URL as memo. Membership not needed.

Great article - easy to read and easy to follow.
I use a couple of the @minnowbooster offers and I love them.
Integrated features but at the same time you don't need to take every one on board to get a good return.

This was a lot to take in, but I will do my best! I have not yet used voting bots, so I am still on the fence about it, but I am very curious about selling my upvote! I am going to check that out tonight.

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Asalam o alaikum,
Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.
I have visited your blog and I am really impressed and delighted that I came across your content.
Your posts contain the most useful content and are the most helpful posts I have found on Steemit about Steemit, so far.
The best thing about your content is that you explain things in great detail. Which is great help for any reader at any level of understanding/knowledge about the topic.
Keep up the amazing work. Keep writing and educating people.
Wishing you all the best

Good post

Amazing post! What do you think should be the first step for a newbie like me?

I would like to invest on SP, but I don’t have money at the moment. I know it’s important so I will do an effort and invest as soon as possible.

I want to start generating passive income on this amazing platform.

Thank you, your guide helped me understand better what MinnowBooster is all about.


The first step would be to learn how to do things on Steemit. Build reputation and following little by little. Write comments such as this on good blogs and get tiny upvotes every now and then. You will soon have some SBD. Then start creating good content and promote it in discord and telegram channels where some votes are confirmed. Join @minnowsupport if you haven't. When you have some money in wallet, you can invest it here.


Thank you! It's been nearly a month and I have to thank Steemit, it's been a great help paying some bills. I've made almost 34 Steem Dollars, but had to take them out to pay some expenses. I need to research more on how to promote my posts on Discord and Telegram.

Understanding MinnowBooster is very interesting and useful. After reading your post I am perfectly know How to Use MinnowBooster. MinnowBooster Services are very handy for Steemit Community!
I want to say we can achieve our goals & Objectives on Steemit through these wonderful services of @minnowbooster. Already i am using 3 Services but after reading this article i will try for 7 Services of Minnowbooster :)
Thanks, brother @ilyastarar for sharing & highlighting Great Services!

  ·  5년 전

Selling your vote if you are busy is a good option.
Please do the maths and tell if I can lease like 100 sp from minnow boaster for 90 days
and then sell my votes for 90 days.will it be profitable? ??
My current vote worth is 0.10$, so leasing 100 steem will give me vote worth of 0.14$ and then I sell my votes upto 90% power (5 votes per 24hr)....
Will the earnings cover the cost of leasing for 90days???


You'll spend 4-7 Steem to get 100 SP for 13 weeks. The increment in your vote value would be $0.4 as per current price of Steem. Let's say that you sell 5 full votes per day then people will send send 0.05-0.06 SBD to get your vote. Total of 0.27 SBD per day on average. You'll get about 0.23 SBD per day (85 % of the SBDs sent) and also the SP from curation. The price may rise and fall so you may get 0.1 to 0.4 SBD per day in these 13 weeks. Let's say average is 0.23 SBD.

Multiplying 0.23 with 91 results in 20.93 SBD just from vote selling. The votes you seldom do on your own posts and the curation rewards from other posts are added advantage. It will definitely be profitable, unless price of Steem plummets. In that case your vote worth will fall and so will the returns.

Really nice tutorial. I have bookmarked this article for future reference. Just today, I asked Minnowbooster to give me delegated power. Previously I always extended it through Blocktrades, but at the moment Blocktrades fees are higher. I didn't know that you could ask for delegated power even manually. I was a bit hesitant to use my key in Steemconnect but eventually had to use it, since I didn't know about the manual method. But I guess steemconnect should be very safe anyway, so I don't need to worry much :)

very helpful to understand this service. thank you. I feel like the profitability has dropped. perhaps I'm not calculating it correctly tho. I have spent more SBD than I get back it seems. I transferred 0.500 SBD as a test and received 1.33$ on a upvote. now I could be wrong but that doesn't seem right with SBD worth around 6$. any input would be appreciated.


You'll get 37.5 % of 1.33 as SBD and 37.5 % of it as SP while the rest of 25 % will go to the voter (curator).

37.5 % of 1.33 is 0.499 SBD. So, you get your SBD back with som SP as well. Overall not a loss, if not profit. It Steem's price rises after the vote, you get more SBD because $ value increases, and vice versa.

Do read my recent post on reward distribution. You need to and it will help.


thank you for clearing that up for me. I think I understand now. i'll check that reward distribution post out too. thanks again.

This is a great post @ilyastarar. I finally inderstand all the ways to use minnowbooster. I'm also going to have to wait until I can invest in some of these tools. I'm glad you've had so much success with all these options I didn't even know existed. This was a great read and you made it very easy to follow for a newbie like me. I'll be glued for more of your content. Thanks on behalf of all the newcomers.

This is probably the most detailed info on Minnobooster that I've seen. I just started using it this past week and wish I would have know about it earlier. Thanks for sharing your insight!

Thank you for this great tutorial.

Thank you so much for this wonderful expository..... That was really really interesting. Loved reading through it.

Great information all in ome post. Very comprehensive amd well written.i will definitely try to follow. Till now I have only used the upvotre services a few times.

If you want to sell your vote, step 3.

After enabling vote selling, you also need to authorize MinnowBooster to use your account to vote by clicking where asked. Clicking will take you to the authorization page. Click continue and enter your posting key to enable vote selling. Use active key only if you wish to use other services too.

Actually after clicking continue, you end up in v2.steemconnect.com. And here you do need to put your active or owner key. Posting key does not work.
Or am I missing something ?


Id like an answer to this as well !

Extra Ordinary as Usual!!! I think There is no more question the way in which you explaind.

Thank you, this is a really simple and awesome tutorial.
I literally had an item on my todo list to understand voting bots - you totally closed that gap for me.

Wow man, that's quite the analysis.
I appreciate your effort to explain Minnowbooster in such a detail. I have used it before and didn't know all the background or the extra options.

Will definitely look into it now.

Very thorough and clear report. I’m seriously considering selling my vote when my SP is higher. Thanks!


Stay tuned. I'll offer a small lease at very low rates through a contest. It will involve use of MB.

Infact, many newbies found it difficult to comprehend the meaning of bots. You have really shed light to it. We expect more from you buddy!
I also got great events to share you all. Do leave a comment on my page @ibtech so we can get started.


Thanks for your comment.

good post, lots of benefits to be taken, thanks for sharing,

nice post brother i am also using this site . and i am from pakistan ... i looked in your profile you doing great work . Blesses 😊

  ·  5년 전

awesome post thanks so much, will start selling SP now that i know all this :D

really helpful thanks for sharing know i know about minnowbooster

There are 2 more options.

Invest in Minnowbooster and Stake into Buildteam.


I know about BuildTeam tokens but those are @buildteam specific. How to invest in MinnowBooster?


That's really simpel.

In your wallet - Click Steem - Powerup - Click Advanced - from you - to minnowbooster - amount.

See, you' re never to old to learn. :)


That I knew already. It is covered in the post in delegating to bot; which is investment in MinnowBooster. I love to learn but not from arrogant people. Thank you for your time.


Srry, but investing and delegating to the bot are 2 different things.

Investing needs a 13 week powerdown and stop delegating has a 7 days wait time.

Do you know me? I am not arrogant, so learn. :)


Okay. I apologize. If I power up @minnowbooster directly from my Steem wallet then it is an investment in MB?

And how would I be able to power down MB? Because I powered it up, can I power it down? Also, what are returns?


Returns are 20%-25%, with my calculations its 24% but it can swing. But it's a huge profit, but I would only do it, when you have enough steempower yourself.

For powerdown, send a memo (0.001 steem) to minnowbooster, it will return an error, but they use a script to catch the memo and do the powerdown once in a certain time interval.

You can also just ask minnowbooster support, and they will send a message for powerdown to the admins.

Again, this is imo a longterm investment. Dont do it if you need your steem back next week, next month.

I have not been lucky, I tried to send 3 SBD on a publication, and Minnowbooster, I returned them, and wrote me this "Sorry, we could not upvote you with 3,000 SBD ⇒ $8.25, please try a different amount. Our website Https://www.minnowbooster.net has a graph with what sends are currently working. "What's that supposed to be?


To vote your post, there must be som account which has $8.54 worth vote available to sell. If it's not available at the time, you will get refunded.


thank you for you help

thanks buddy, will be writing a blog on minnow booster and following your tips, thanks again

Great work man;) very useful informations, u have my vote;)

Thanks for the post @ilyastarar, I just created my account and I believe I have set everything right but how do I know if it's working? Will I start seeing the upvote ledger in a day or two?


Whats's the progress?

I think minnowbooster is a great way to help the community. I like the way the bot works and I think Steem need it.

Hi Ilyastarar! Very useful this post. I was trying to use Minnowbooster since yesterday. I was missing one step: the memo. The curious thing i have arrived to use in one, but later I didn't. Still I have to review more of your post as there are more advantages to use in our favor.
Thank you so much!

wow great information and a whole lot. Definitely gonna be looking into this make my steem posts more popular. Thanks for the info!

Hello, New Steemian here I love blockchain tech and getting so much information that's easily digestible is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing @ilyastarar !!! I know this is the new wave of the future! I'm So Excited! @minnowbooster I'll be one of the top contributors shortly! @buildteam you really have OUTDONE yourselves! My word, We landed on the Moon already.....

Saya suka postingannya, beri petunjuk supaya saya bisa seperti anda

so if you want them to lend you steem power, do you get the steem that you sent them back after the loan expires?


No. It is payment, the rent. You don't get it back.

Excelent post. I learned a lot. I wonder if, can I share this post in spanish? It could be useful to all the spanis community. Thank in advance

im end my night to read this. thanks.
never sell vote and lease SP.. it such a great thing.
worth to read.

@ilyastarar you have a better way of expressing what u had in your mind...
many tuts i found
this is one of those great post

Thanks for this post and i mean it. This is very detailed post with every information that needs to be there. It might have taken you a lot of time to write this with all the screenshots and all.
I have used minnowbooster twice before. I spent only a little amount just to check if it is profitable or not. I was until now only thinking that it is vote buying and steem power renting site.
Thanks again. Posts like these are really needed here on steem.

Also, resteemed it. Most of my follower are new comer's. I hope this might help them.

back my 1 steem , you can not give me leash so back my 1 steem


What happened to you? Who are you talking to? Who took your Steem?

Finally a post that explains clearly all that is possible with MB and which key is needed or not for those services. Thank you !

very useful post
can you please upload video of this tutorial?


As of now, I do not deal in videos. I will someday but not right now. At the moment, the only way to consume my content is to read through it. It's hard work I know but not as hard as I do to make such posts. Cheers!

Thanks for this amazing article @ilyastarar. It truly is a micro economy.

As always, amazing article @ilyastarar!

Thank you very much bro... you really help me. Now i know why many steemians gets faster profit

@ilyastarar, is it possible to buy upvotes without being a member just by sending SBD and a memo? Because I think It is not of much use to register with minnowbooster as I don't have that much SP to delegate or lend upvotes.


Everyone does that without being a member. You do not need to be a member to do that. I will update the tutorial to add this particular information before the post becomes permanent, immutable part of Steem blockchain.

Hello @ilyastarar, thank you for sharing this, I am new to steemit and I am determined to learn a lot of things about this network!

Very interesting article you share, but it's too long :), I will booked to read later..😀


I know it's too long because I wrote it. Hope you take the trouble.

When I first read about upvote bots I assumed there was something fishy going on - and I didn't think minnow support. But after spending a long time reading your post, I may be ready to get my tail-fins wet. Thank you very much.

Nice post about minnowboster...
Minnowbooster transfer 0.001 SBD to yataydeli You got an upgoat worth roughly 0.27$ in post rewards that will be done by funatoz. We detected an open value of 0.000..
Gud..keep it up

I just Connected everything. very detailed info with pictures. tutorials must be like it.

@ilyastarar Wow this is amazing info thanks so much for taking the time to inform us steemians! I know your probably bombarded with questions but out of all the different options whats the best strategy for a newbie? Ive just finished my first week and my rating almost at 37?
Would appreciate any answers to this!
Upvoted resteemed and followed
Peace and Love my friend!


I think the focus should be on adding value through content creation and use some of earnings on content promotion and some on economic pursuits. Having a functional blog with good following remains at the center of Steemit. Be mindful of that. Good luck.

It is a service I will have to use. Thanks for the information

Steep work! And why this article was not three months ago. :(

This looks like a service I can use. Im reading terms and learning now. Just got on Steemit today and really learning and hope I can be a good contributor. To the Moon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just started to use the upvoteservice 2 days ago because some of my posts had upvotes but didnt pay out . I worked hard on them so I was frustrated. We found out this was probably because the woth was lower than 0.03. I had no idea this whole world was behind it. I really appreciate this information and I will grow because of it. I am so happy not to have this to find out on my own!

awesome very detail and informative. Is there a way for new user to delegate the SP ?


Keep in mind that SP also determines how much bandwidth you can use, so giving away the little SP that you have might leave you unable to do anything on the site.


thx for the tip. what are the things that require this bandwidth to action ?


Thanks for helping with the guidance.

Ganging up to rape the reward pool is wrong.

Reward pool rape is receiving rewards for something other than posting, and/or voting on content.

Renting sp makes rewards for the smaller minnows less.

If the large delegations were not voting minnows could get higher author/curation rewards.


Ganging up to rape the reward pool is wrong.

I agree.

Reward pool rape is receiving rewards for something other than posting, and/or voting on content.

There exist opportunities beyond content creation and curation but they involve posting and/or voting that is not done by me. I would look into them and benefit if they seem to have a system in place.

Renting sp makes rewards for the smaller minnows less.

SP stays in the ecosystem and is used to vote. I have voted hundreds on newbies and minnows with the help of rented SP.

If the large delegations were not voting minnows could get higher author/curation rewards.

I agree. I think Steemit's failure to have a working content promotion process led to thinge you and I are so concerned about. Bots are one of those things.


There exist opportunities beyond content creation and curation but they involve posting and/or voting that is not done by me.

You will have to elaborate for me to understand what you were trying to say.

SP stays in the ecosystem and is used to vote. I have voted hundreds on newbies and minnows with the help of rented SP.

Thereby disadvantaging all the minnows that you didn't vote on.
Large sp takes rewards from small sp, it is just a fact in the math.
If every account over 80mv stopped voting the excitement among the accounts with less than 10mv might make it worth investing in the platform to them.

I don't see the platform functioning as a currency if only the rich, and their sycophants, are rewarded.
It will work as a billionaires boys club, but that doesn't change the world, now does it?


There exist opportunities beyond content creation and curation but they involve posting and/or voting that is not done by me.

For example, voting trails. Or SmartSteem or MinnowBooster. They have a criteria to vote on posts. I give them my permission to use my vote and I get some return for that. I am neither posting nor actively voting in this case.

I will have to think over your point regarding rented SP to see what bothers you and why because you clearly are talking about betterment of the platform.


Large sp takes reward from small sp, it is how the platform works.

If no accounts over 80mv, ~40k sp, were to vote the votes of everybody else would increase in size.
This will excite the base and maybe lead to adoption as a currency.
Why on earth would poor people buy into a currency designed to perpetuate the status quo?
The rich are rich enough, already.

Curation for maximum rewards, rather than 'good' content, ie streemian, is reward pool rape.

Letting others use your vote to reward who they want to support disadvantages everybody not favored by whoever is using your vote.
By enlarging their effective sp you disadvantage all smaller sp, and funnel rewards to the sycophants of them.

Any chance you can explain this part of Minnowbooster?
What is the advantage of depositing my SBD here?


This is your SBD balance as shown in your Steemit wallet. Benefit would be that your comments may get promoted above other comments against small SBD payments. See my comments (ones having lots of votes). Other benefits include on site vote buying by pasting memo and setting SBD amount.

If you come here on my blog with a query, there is every chance I will respond. :)


Thank you. I understand now.
I currently have 1200 steem deligated to minnowbooster and another 100 to msp-pals. You can't bet delagating your SP. Best way to get a return on investment

It took me a while to get through this post but as a newbie I truly have to say it was worth every minute of it. Thank you for this valuable information. It was well written and explained. Peace and respect.

I tried this, but it seems to require at least active rights even to just authorise voting on my behalf?


Voting can be done via posting key. Any transfers on the site would need active key.

Honestly wow! So much value in one post. Thank you for making this, because as a beginner i was trying to undsrstand minnowbooater but didnt have the ability to test it. Keep up the amazing work, you have earned a new follower :D

Didn't even finish reading. After the 1st step went & applied it.
Results = 3x return <3

Thank youuuu hands (1).png

Great article @ilyastarar. You deserve that hug! :)

UPDATE: I just realized that MB has refunded me 0.005SB, pushing this whole thing into the green :-) I'm gonna leave this post here anyway since others might be confused as well.

I just tested MB and after doing the math there doesn't seem to be a profit. I sent 0.1SB and received a 0.23 upvote. If I did the math right, that would be a 0.67$ vote to get 0.375 x 0.23 x 6.7$ = 0.58$ and on top of that the 0.08 cents I receive in SP, so I lost 1 cent...
If I receive 2.5x or more of the amount spent, I made a profit. When I look at the latest votes, I can see that some turn a profit but quite a few are not. What determines the return ratio? Right now it seems to be like playing scratch cards.

Couldnt ask for a better read! Thanks guys!

Very informative post to use @minnowbooster. I think it will really help me in future.
Thanks for such a nice information sharing.

Hi @ilyastarar I just read up your posting and was wondering about vote selling. You mentioned that you can use your posting key but I noticed that when I signed up on MB today it requested for my active or master key. Is there a reason that they are requesting for your active/master key? Thanks for your help.

Yo bro I'm new to steemit and just recently taken an interest to voting bots such as minnowbooster, this is a very great guide! I learned so many things in one sitting. My upvote doesn't really matter because of my low SP but I just want to share how thankful I am! Continue doing you!

Thank you – this is amazingly straight-forward and informative. As someone who's vote isn't worth shit at this point, I can't really sell my vote...right? I'm assuming that only really makes sense if you have a significant amount of SP to begin with. For piddly newbies who have no choice but to vote with 100% of their flimsy weight – I suspect that whole 'vote-selling' part isn't really applicable/advisable. Correct?


At the time of writing of post, you needed just 75 SP to start selling vote. At the current prices, anything between 175-225 SP would be good enough. At Steem $10, 50 SP is all you need. Basically, if you have $500 worth of SP, you can sell your vote and get returns.

really thank you very much for this great information, I know that many help us =) luck

Excellent post. You have put a serious amount of work into that @ ilyastarar. Obviously I am interested to try this service, but I am genuinely worried about having to divulge my password to Minnowbooster in order to join. Everything from Steemit says NEVER divulge your passwords. I am keen to increase my VP at the moment which despite my posting every single day for months remains relatively weak. I have used Upvote services and they have certainly helped (especially with my reputation) but I want to take things to the next level. Any advice would be appreciated. Upvoted and resteemed


You can use just the posting key on the MinnowBooster website (required mostly for selling vote only) and perform rest of the functions from your Steemit wallet. It is mentioned in the post. You do not have to be a site user to get upvotes. Simply send SBD to @minnowbooster with post URL as memo and you will get a vote.

I hope it helps.


Yes, I am going to do that later today, but I am also interested in the other things that we can do. I will keep this article as a reference. Thanks again, excellent post.

2 days ago i have sent 0.05SBD for the post https://steemit.com/relationship/@rahuldesai/how-to-build-trust-of-anyone from minowbooster i got a message that You got an upgoat worth roughly 0.13$ in post rewards that will be done by jackjohanneshemp. We detected an open value of 0.002 SBD, worth 0.001 SBD in send and refunded that. But no upvote recieved from jackjohanneshemp. Plz check and give refund or upvote on my post


I wrote the post for educational purposes. Please cotact MB to solve your query.

Hey ,@ilyastarar. I'm a steemian from the chinese community. This article is a wonderfully detailed guide/explanation.Your article is very instructive for others. In view of the fact that many newcomers in the Chinese community do not understand these operatios. Can I translate such a good content into Chinese and share it with our friends in the Chinese community? I will mark the original author and the source of the article in the translation article.But I have to get your permission first. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.


Please text me on discord. I will love to see it happen but I will invite anyone who wants to translate my work with conditions attached (mainly concerning the quality and formatting of translated posts).

It is overdue and I need to do it soon I know. I will list all my previous work which I deem worth transalting into other languages for educational purposes. I will support each entry with upvote too.

Hope to get this out soon.


Hi,ilyastarar .This is the link to my first translated article


. The first paragraph is a basic introduction of you and your article. You can point it out for me if there is anything inappropriate in the article. Thank you for your support. If you think my translation is qualified, I will choose one of your articles to translate every week.


I was looking for this comment on the contest post.

Thanks for the informative post, step-by-step guide on how to put this to good use.

Thanks for such a great post with such a detailed writing. I have always wondered how this whole thing works and I know now!

I don't understand


Go through my blog and it will help you understand things.

This is awesome! I included this in my What’s Up Steemit digest here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@scottcbusiness/the-what-s-up-steemit-digest-3
To get included in the future you can use #whatsupsteemit or submit a post in the comments of a digest :)

Great job explaining everything, @ilyastarar! I have added this article to the resources channel in my Discord Server. I followed the link to this article from an article written by @xabi.

Thank you very much for sharing your tutorial!

Seriously , u have best tutorials and info . Keep up the good work !! Upvoted like usual :)

hello I just successfully requested a delegation of 150 sp, how often does the process take to complete?


3 days. You get SP on lease or the Steem you sent.

Have read through it, nice post@ilyastarar
Used minnowbooster just once didnt really understand it but with this post i think i will improve in its usage. Thanks alot

Excellent Information!!!

thank you @ilyastarar for giving so much information in a single post. I have started loving your post, the last one I read was about rewards on steemit and I respect the time and energy you put on creating such lengthy post. I even followed your post to learn more "the 8 ingredients of a perfect blog" about blogging.Really some informative posts, learning a lot from you :)


Contact MinnowBooster not me.

I saw your post it very well. Very happy to know you. Please follow and vote for me offline.


thanks @ilyastarar for this useful post. Good job! :)

Chaa gae ho bhai. Keep it up

very good post greetings from venezuela

Thanks for your very detailed post! I was complete oblivious to the benefits of Minnowbooster. Will definitely be giving them a look.

Thanks for posting this, the information is gold. @minnowbooster

Dear sir @minnowbooster, blockops didn't upvote my post.I sent to you 0.400 sbd please my post upvote.



You may have been voted by anyone selling vote through MB (as explained in the post).

Really detailed post! Great to see someone share their own experience! That's how we learn, that's how we grow!

thanks for this, ive used minnowbooster once before for votes before but didnt really understand how the whole thing worked

What minnimum reputation is needed to join MB?

  1. Does MB uses low reputation member below 30 for voting if he is member of MB?
    Ty for great info..

There is no such limit in place. Terms & conditions of usage apply.

it was helpful thanks.

Хороший пост. Но в переводе не все понятно, точнее есть разночтения. На русском языке бы еще такой же пост, для более полного понимания всего процесса.
Но в любом случае пост радует множеством вариантов применения данного инструмента. Спасибо автору за труд и желание помочь всем.

its great thank u

well well.. thats a thing i was looking for

Thank you :)

I just had to Vote, follow, Subscribe, resteem and write big post because of that great Blog you made!
I mean, maybe future Cataro might be interested in reading it another time, so it can be found easier then. And it's very valuable Informations but.

  • It's still a bit confusing, to get better faster or more like to have a certain reach, i mean my Photo-Blog's are written in german to reach some more germans. So they can give feedback.
  • Also about minnowbooster, it really seems to give some profit, still testing it for some of my Blogs, i did read some pretty old posts that state, that it's better to use it on old Posts than fresh ones, not sure is it good to use it on a like a day fresh one? ie. this one
  • Also it's sad to see some Big ones making Photo-Blogs with like no effort, giving it a 100% 22$ self-vote like 50% of the time, not caring about others... not using Feedback... It's a way but i don't think it's a good one.
  • Dang, i guess i might post too much here but i think you are one to get some feedback, i guess i will just ask first...
  • Can you please look into my recent Photo-Blog(s) and give Feedback on how to improve it more? I am thinking about maybe adding some English-translation to the recent ones, if needed.

Sorry for Text-walling here but i always #learntosteem and that needs Feedback...


As far as the MB vote is concerned, it has placed a 5 day limit on votes. Posts older than 5 days will not be voted by the bot. Also, anyone found voting effortless posts will get banned.

  ·  5년 전

wow its working i send 0.2 sbd to @minnowbooster and i received upgoat of 0.55 i think its amazing thanx @ilyastarar

@ilyastarar i am new in steemit. I read your article it is nice and very informative. I try to use 1st and 2nd soon in future. I don't have enough SD so i can borrow something through minnowbooster. I want to know will this harm our ID in future. Is steemit allow this kind of service. Because i don't want to loose my account anytime in future.

Upvoted. Please Upvote and if possible then follow me. I am new here and i am taking steemit very seriously. Waiting for your reply.


MinnowBooster is run by two Steem witnesses @thecryptodrive and @reggaemuffin among others. It is based on Steem blockchain. You will never lose your account. Content promotion is a need that MinnowBooster and other services fill. Do not worry.

OMG! I dis not understand upvoting cost VP and I was like crazy when it comes to upvoting and now my upvote carries 0.00$ weight!

Great post, answered many questions!


Hi there @ilyastarar !
thanks for your post, very helpful indeed.

HOWEVER, I made a direct transfer of Steem from my account to @minnowbooster (ie not via their website) and put one of my posts as the memo. Is it going to work, or is that money just lost now?


It will not work. You will get your Steem back. If not earlier then after three days because Steem is considered to be sent for SP delegation and it is returned if the delegation request is not filled. Don't worry. If issue persists, report it in their discord.


Thanks a lot :) Indeed, received the back STEEM with explanation of error. Gave it a second try and w8ing to see. Very useful link, is there a way to save articles and keep them in personal itinerary? (sorry im quite new as u can imagine)


I use Pocket app (or extension) to save articles. Can be useful for you.

Detailed information. I'm excited about this going through every thing you have shared. Upvoted followed and resteemed. Thanks

the excelente post and bot recommended for my rt

Great article, signed up! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, This was just what I needed. I was just began my research into voting bots when I found your post. The screenshot of your transactions is very helpful. I bookmarked your post so I can reference it when I begin using @minnowbooster.

Hi @ilyastarar... can you please reply the url so that i can give it a try! As of now it is still confusing in my part. It would be great if you can mentor me.... More power and God Speed!

Thank you @ilyastarar for this most valuable content! I used a bot some months ago, and didn't pay out as it was promised. But this seems somehow very different, and much more elaborated, due to the big community behind it. Thanks to the transparent operations on Steemit, I found the minnowbooster on a new friends transaction wallet. She boosted her posts with 50 and 80 SBD and must had have a huge payout. The cute thing is, she only entered Steemit in January 2018 and now has a Reputation of 56 already.
So thanks again for this great post!
Upped, Resteemed and Followed!

thanx a lot for the post and I appreciate ur hardwork here. Looking to take your Steem based creations to the next level?

Que alegría haber leído esto, de veras mil gracias

Wow very informative post about minnowbooster. ;)
. Thanks for sharing

@ilyastarar very very informative post sir. Even the members of the minnowbooster discord community did not able to help with the sell your vote section , but after reading your article on minnowbooster , I now completely understand the concepts and what to do to be in profit with minnowbooster and also make a larger community. I am a new steemitian, and I have only 2.194 SP. i have done the vote selling on the minnowbooster webpage as you told. can i get anything from it now as I have very little amount of SP? Hope you will answer me.

Thank´s you help me a lot with this post!


After reading your post Complete Understanding MinnowBooster. MinnowBooster is very useful .

a very complete article, I would like to translate it into Spanish with your permission if you wish @ilyastarar


Please participate via my translation contest. Comment there.

I am a newbie but excited about all the services here. I just sent 10 Steem to minnowbooster. Guess I will know within 3 days if I get fill or not. Not 100 percent sure how it works but I know it works. Any new business I am in I try to do what successful people do. I noted most of the whales here use minnowbooster so I wanted to try it out myself. I m learning this whole process. Appreciate this post alot.

can i get some upvote for no reason?


There has to be a reason.

This may be a silly question but, how is a voting bot not against any steemit rules, are there even any rules?? Are there risks to using this service?


Voting bots are not against Steemit rules as of now. There are no written rules. Steemit operates as the Steem blockchain code asks it to. Steem witnesses have huge impact on how Steemit functions.

There are some risks due to fluctuating prices of Steem and SBD. It can be profitable as well as disastrous to get a vote from a bot against a payment. If price rises after the vote, you profit and vice versa.


Thanks for the reply, I'm always happy to take a market risk, but certainly didn't want to risk an account closure. Sounds like a good way to get the ball rolling. Cheers.

it helped me as a startup guy , Thanks btw

I need the refund of my money


Contact MB. I do not work for them. Not yet at least!

Dear @ilyastarar, could you help me to clarify one questiin as I am a bit confused... You wrote: "High SP per Steem per Week will result in failure of your request. " while they write on the website "If your make the offer too cheap, no one will take it".
So, high or cheap will cause failure of request?


Cheap offer means an offer giving smaller returns to the one who delegates. High SP per Steem per week means the same as well.


in that meaning, '4 %nick% 400' is cheaper offer than '4 %nick% 150' and have less chanse to be fullfiled, right?


thank you! i'll try it

I love this post and it is very educative. I have followed and upvoted you for sharing this wonderful thing. More grease to your elbow.

Thats cool, i will check it out

Congratulations @ilyastarar!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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Okay, noob here with a dumb question.
What is the difference between a "post key" and an "active key?"
Which one is that Insanely long password we had to type in when we first opened the account? That's the only one I have ever seen.


If you login with posting key, you can comment, post, vote and resteem. Basic interaction with other users.

However, if you need to make transfer and do wallet transactions, you need to be logged in with active key.

@jbn has written a complete guide on keys. Find and read it

Great article.
I understand all of of the thing.
But i don't understand, " How many Sp per Steem Per week"
This option.
When i try to lease from MB.
It's not working.
If i want to lease 150 Sp fro 1 week.
Then what will i write " How many sp per steem per weeek" in this option?
Please help @ilyastarar