It's a New Year and a new competition!

2년 전

There couldn't be an easier way to win 75 STEEM! Yes, that's right we're giving away 75 STEEM as a prize pool to three randomly chosen lucky winners. All you're going to have to do is watch this short 1 minute video and use the below post link as per the video instructions.

This competition will be open until post payouts have been received at the 7 day mark.

We wish you all the best of luck and hope you have a prosperous 2019, all the best from the team at MinnowBooster.

How Do I Promote Posts Using STEEM?

Upon sending STEEM to MinnowBooster with a post URL, payment is converted to SBD at market rate (+1% safety fee) automatically and the following action takes place.

1.) You get memos with the following information - conversion rate, refund amount and upvote info.

image alt

This feature has just rolled off the production line, so you'll be among the first to test it!

Please give the feature a shot and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Happy posting!

BuildTeam is one of the few service providers on Steem that runs and maintains its own RPC servers. Maintaining this infrastructure is expensive. If you want to support the growth of Steem network outside of, consider using some of our services, this helps to pay the bills, keeps the machines running and helps us incubate great developer talent within BuildTeam. The easiest and most effective way to support BuildTeam is to delegate to Minnowbooster or enable vote-selling within the user settings. For other options to help BuildTeam secure and grow the Steem community, contact Steem witness @thecryptodrive.



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Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by
@thecryptodrive (witness), @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

This is a @steemvoter subscription payment post. Thank you to Steemvoter customers for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to the bot service. @steemvoter is proudly a @buildteam brand and sister project to @steemsports, @btuniverse and @minnowbooster.

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I like the new converted feature, I will be giving it a try soon👍
Keep up the good work 🤗

This is awesome @minnowbooster team! Finally, I've been waiting on this feature for such a long time now. For sure, this will increase your users just by doing this especially now that there is a scarcity of SBDs from posts payout.

If I ever get to win your contest, I will be using it as a fund/prizes on the contests that I will host for 2019! I will distribute the prize in this manner, the winner(s) for the contests that I will host will be receiving a @minnowbooster upvote courtesy by "me". So, basically the 75steem will re-distributed to minnows through the use of @minnowbooster upvote service. In this way, everybody wins and I'm more than happy to be the one to facilitate this initiative. My goal is to increase engagement among Steemians this 2019. Cheers!

Resteemed the other post. Great competition. Would love to win as it would support me in my photography side job - which ultimately, fingers crossed, will become a full time job. It is my true passion.


I always use @minnowbooster for my post promotion 📝

@minnowbooster is one of the best services provided on steemit

Now it is very easy to access @minnowbooster with Steem 👍

Thank you so much @minnowbooster 😊


Upvoted, Resteemed

And also watched 1 minute valuable video

Thanks, @minnowbooster


You should have looked for another job.


For what?


How much are you wearing?

Today I used STEEM for promoting my post through Minnowbooster and it was a nice experience as everything was neat and clean and I got the memo from Minnowbooster in regard to the conversion of STEEM to SBD, as well as the steem id of the upvoter in the return memo. So it is good to see Minnowbootser adding steem as another option along with SBD for the users to promote their post through Minnowbooster. I think my post was upvoted from someone who has enabled "selling of vote" to Minnowbooster.


Earlier it was SBD to promote a post and with the latest announcement from Minnowbooster along with SBD, STEEM can also be used to promote a post. Earlier STEEM was basically accepted for direct lease market. But now STEEM can be used for upvoting of a post in Minnowbooster. This is a perfect way to enhance use-cases of Minnowbooster & it is making effort to constantly improve and upgrade the features from time to time and as per the demand in steem community.

The operation is quite simple in Minnowbooster if a user sends STEEM to promote his/her post. It can be illustrated as follows:-

While there are many upvote services available in steem community, Minnowbooster stand tall among all, not just because it is old and offer various other services but because of its professionalism and most user friendly services. The terms of service of Minnowbooster, their availability of support staff all throughout the day in their official channel and the constant upgradation of various features as & when needed for the steem community is a testimony to their professionalism.


I just want to make a request to Minnowbooster team to keep the "reply message to a post" as optional. Not everyone would like to get a message of upvote from a bot. So if it will be kept optional then I think it would look much better as people like me would prefer to opt out of receiving a message from a bot in a post.

That's all what I have to say about this and I have already resteemed that post which is a requirement to participate in this contest.

This is a great initiative @minnowbooster. With this new innovation user's will be able to get paid in sbd, that sounds amazing. Let go testing it

Resteem and Upvote

All done

Thanks @minnowbooster

Good evening! I think you need add information in FAQ section of @minnowbooster site to clarify details for new users about post promotion with STEEM. Because now it's wrote that @minnowbooster doesn't accept STEEM just SBD

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Thank you @minnowbooster
good luck to you all
have a great week :)

Informative video

Upvoted and Resteemed

Thank you @minnowbooster

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time to gather more sbd now that it's relatively scare when payout comes mostly in steem. Get start @minnowbooster

Making life easy and building a system that will help solve human pending problem should always be appreciated. Good idea 👍

Happy New Year to you all and of course good luck.

Now I am really excited :)

waoooo I want SBD. I'm going to try it!

Oh yeah!
Happy New Year!

Happy new year dear
i need to win :D
finger crossed

RESTEEM DONE !!! Hope i can be lucky guy who will wing this lucky draw. And great service by minnow.

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Finally, we get to use steem this is going to be a game changer for minnowbooster :)

hi @minnowbooster
This is a great opportunity to win some steem

Boom! All right it has been resteemed!

Always happy to see the teams grow and help us grow throughout the ecosystem! Happy New Year!

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Gladly resteemed.

Thanks for this competition!

I have used minnowbooster post promotion service.It is the best and the most effective way to promote your post.With minnowbooster post promotion service you will always earn more than you spend.

Thanks to buildteam for their extraordinary service.

Thank you for your service and for hosting this competition. I'm blog about my artwork, music, and talking about different aspects of life. I haven't used this service a ton but that will change with the recent update. Take care! :)

  ·  2년 전

Oh boy, I really could use some steem! :-)

upvoted and resteemd

Wow Boss

This is Awesome! When we were getting payouts in SBD it was fine using the BOOST button on your post. Then the SBD dried up and you had to convert it from STEEM to SBD. While it doesn't take that long to do, it was still kind of a pain. Now we are able to use STEEM directly to promote our post, I think many more will adopt this feature. Thanks @minnowbooster!

When I join steemit then first service that i was find best and user friendly service is @minnowbooster. I have used one time because I'm new and no payment in wallet but I find valuable service and still. I will not resteem this post because everyone on steemit know this and reading this post and also let of follower @minnowbooster already have.

Thanks and providing such a nice services.

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My best wishes for you
Good luck everyone :)

Hi @ minnowbooster!
Why now I can't see chart of available upvotes on Minnowbooster frontpage ? Maybe You need to check this moment?

I resteem the other post as instructed (and voted it too). Would gladly want to win this competition. I post daily with Actifit. It’s a fun community that pays Actifitters for steeping. Join us and steep along with us. It’s awesome!👍🙌❤️🌍

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  ·  2년 전

@minnowbooster Just recently, I recorded a video about your promotion service, I'm in love with it and I hope I could make it clear for all the people that have watched the video as well!

  • resteemed the previous post as well :)

Happy new Year to you too guys!

Resteemed and good luck to every participant

Finally one less step 😅

Resteemed both posts, if I win it will be paid forward via another contest to which I will definitely plug your service 💪

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Congratulations @minnowbooster!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 3 with 1638 upvotes

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @buildteam
BuildTeam wishes everyone a bullish new Year!
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

Relatively new here. Still learning how bidbots work and even had a bad experience. Lost 8 steem which never got refunded.

Winnowbooster looks user friendly and receptive to users.

Hoping this will be a great year for all steemians.

Resteem and Upvote, also watched 1 minute valuable video.

Happy 2019, thank you for a great opportunity to win 75 Steem. My post are 💯% #freewrites. Stories created in 5 minutes from a daily prompt, please give it a try. 🙏

Hey thanks for the great offer! I hope you keep it and keep growing! I like the new option!

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I want to be one of your lucky winners o/

Great to see this new feature @minnowbooster.

In the context of accepting steem as a valid bid for promoting post in minnowbooster is something new & pleasant. Love to see this new development.

Minnowbooster is really among very few which is not only very old but also very professional in a manner they manage their services. At least they have a dedicated channel to have a real-time interaction and get the things sorted out and also one can clarify the doubts.

Coming to this newly added feature, I think I had requested this in mid 2018 in MB channel. And now in Jan 2019, I can see this feature added in it. The best part about the acceptance of steem as a valid bid is that the core feature for MB remains the same as they immediately convert steem into SBD and then that SBD is used as bid for upvote of the post. By doing so it will try to help the peg of SBD to USD intact. Further those who are selling their upvote can still be receiving SBD as their payout for vote selling and I think it is now a more profitable deal to get SBD than STEEM as one can use the conversion option of SBD to STEEM by waiting for 3.5 days through

Simply put, Minnowbooster is now looking more competitive in the realm of promotional services to steemit post. Not to forget Minnowbooster has a strong anti-spam policy to fight against plagiarism and the professionalism of this particular bot is well know in this community.

I am sure adding steem as a valid bid option in Minnowbooster for promoting a post will prove to be a big turn up for 2019.

Thank you and Have a great day.

That was so easy, even I was able to pull that off. 😂

This new feature has the ability to bring more people to use minnowbooster to promote their post. With the steem price trading at multi year low and sbd losing the peg to usd, allowing both steem and sbd will definitely make it convenient for users in steemit. I think it was debated upon in past that why minnowbooster is not allowing steem for bidding. Now with steem as well as sbd, people will use the services of minnowbooster and the market base of minnowbooster will grow further.

I have also noticed that the rewards of posts are mostly steem and sp as the debt ratio is somewhere between 9% to 10%. So as people are getting mostly steem as liquid reward, they will be happy to use their liquid steem to bid for other new posts. Normally users feel hesitant to convert to sbd and then to use that sbd for upvoting a post. So as that job will now be done by minnowbooster, users will be more than happy to send bid for their post in steem and will also consider minnowbooster now, when they plan for using an existing upvote service.

Definitely an excellent move by minnowbooster. Wish you more success in this ecosystem. Resteemed that post. Thanks.

Great Stuff! Resteemed and made a Post promoting the competition.

Hi @minnowbooster thanks for helping this amazing community

Hi @minnowbooster
this is fantastic
good luck

WOhooo new competition
best wishes for 2019

Minnowbooster comes with good news this 2019. Thanks for the support to Steemit. Good luck to all the participants.

This is my entry for this wonderful contest by @minnowbooster <3

Good to see you back with a new contest. I hope to have luck this new year. My best wishes to the entire steemit community that has become a beautiful family.

new year, new start, new contests. I love this @minnowbooster.
Upvote and resteem done

You're right is an easy way to participate and win steem. Waiting for luck to be on my side to be one of the lucky winners.
Big thumps up

Lovely contest
I like your accent ^^
upvoted and reesteemed

Minnowbooster always giving good service and the best contests. thanks dear

I hope it's not too late. I am happy to participate.

Thanks for your service and for the contest. keep it up bro

Good to find people like you who like to help. This contest is interesting
and easy. I would be very lucky to win it.

I'll be like this if i win

Hi @minnowbooster
great job lets see the winners
i really need it

Hey are you serious?
this is too easy i hope to win one of the three places haha

My participation for the new year contest
pretty nice service buddy, good luck and god bless you

Hi i saw ur video but i cant reesteem the other post because it was posted like 9 days ago so i am reestiming this one hope it counts and i wish a happy new year for you too

Wow good to read we can now use both steem and sbd to promote our post.

Now I'm a bit confused, I just saw and read the post. You say "This competition will be open until after payouts have been received at the 7th day mark." So if I participate today, does it count or not? happy new year and have a great 2019.

Hello friend, I find the new service interesting. For those who have sbd and steem.
I made a post about it

I had never used this type of feature before but now that I have, I can say that I like it very much... :)