Lease Steem Power the easy way! A guide for the layman

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Have you ever wanted to support a well-written post but just didn't have enough Steem Power to give a solid upvote? Or perhaps you wanted to upvote your own content with a bigger vote. Either way we have your back!

Our Delegation Lease Market offers you the opportunity to lease out some Steem Power at affordable rates.

Let's take a quick look at how to do it.

  1. Head over to
  2. Click on Lease Steem Power

  1. Fill in the necessary fields
    a. Your Steem blockchain username
    b. How much Steem Power you require
    c. How many weeks you would like the Steem Power for
    d. How many SP per liquid Steem per week
    e. The NETT APR % you are offering based on the above
    f. The final field will be automically populated

Let's say I require 50 Steem Power for a week and would like the order to be filled quite quickly. What I would do is head over to the market requests page as per the below image and sort all orders by NETT APR %

As you can see the highest order 20.0% if I wanted my order to get filled quickly I would try and match the same APR or beat it by going with something like 21%.

Here's an example of what my order sheet would look like with 21% at 1 week for 50 STEEM.

As you can see above, it would cost you a total of 0.385 STEEM to make that Steem Power request on our delegation market.

If you would like to conclude the deal, all you have to do is click the "Lease" button for either Steemconnect, Steem Keychain or Vessel.

If you have any questions or would like to add something, feel free to drop a message in the comments section and we will be sure to help you out.

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Wow, earning rates getting back up to 20%? It has been awhile bit need to get looking at these offers!

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If you are fast and observant, it's possible to catch lease orders up to 30% now and then

This is a good market place for sp hunters as well as new users who wang to have good value for their steem so that they can take advantage the power of the blockchain in the fastest time possible.

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Can you guys implement a way to lease Steem Monster cards?


That can't be done by us, it has to be a feature that Steem Monsters implements on their system and then we can create a market for it.


That's something I thought about a while ago. I mentioned it on the Steem Monsters discord but didn't get a response. I thought delegated proof of monster would be a good thing to have but perhaps it isn't easy to implement?


Delegated proof of monster sounds very cool :) This is something we have discussed and will look to implement once the SM team makes this functionality available.


That's great, I think it will make the game even more fun.

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That's great to hear! This would make the game A LOT more interesting!

Did all of you buckle up and occupied mounting brackets in ZILLIQA rocket? We are going to overfly on our way of becoming rich with the cost in $10 per


There are no rockets for Zilliqa

Hmm that's cool to know.

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Will we get back our steem after the lease ends

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If you are a lessee, the STEEM you sent was your payment so you won't get that back. But if you are a delegator you will receive a notification with a link to undelegate and then you will get your STEEM POWER back after the 5 day undelegation period of the blockchain.

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Hi @minnowbooster, I have steem power that I want to rent out to the steemians.Do you have such services? or can you kindly give me some recommendations ...


This stuff is so awesome :)

Hey @minnowbooster, could you explain what this means: "There are 2 Marketplace delegations that were skipped today to account for advance payments."


testing delivery, please ignore :)