MinnowBooster: Fantastic Opportunities to be had on the MB DLM!

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Greetings minnows, redfish, dolphins and whales! A lot of people seem to foget how many amazing opportunities are waiting to be seized when it comes to the Steem blockchain and its expansive ecosystem.

Today we'd like to remind you about one of the best opportunities available when it comes to earning passive income by leveraging the @minnowbooster DLM (Delegation Leasing Market) which is best used by going to our website MinnowBooster.

Let me give you a better idea of what I'm talking about by highlighting some specific opportunities available at this moment on the MinnowBooster Delegation Leasing Market:

What you are looking at above is the 'New Lease Requests' page in which you can review delegation offers that are currently waiting to be filled.

At the time of writing this I can use the MB toolbar to the left of the page to identify easily that there are 70 New Lease Requests open on the market at this very moment. Lets go ahead and take a closer look at the types of offers available... Maybe we can find one that is just right for you?

I've just gone ahead and sorted these requests by Nett APR (Annual Percentage Return) by clicking on the column header that says 'Nett APR**' this has quickly provided me with an assortment of offers at the high end of the APR range available. I can see that hodlorbust is offering a 24.96% APR for a delegation of 2054 SP. This is a fantastic rate of return for someone looking to sit back and make a passive income on their SP!

Remember the Nett APR takes into consideration the 7 day delegation cool down period when the lease expires. Leases can also potentially be renewed by the lessee, so the period stated there is basically the minimum period you should get if you fill this lease.

There are very few opportunities which offer such amazing returns in both traditional or digital asset markets so we feel that the DLM is a cut above the rest as it is easy to use and provides a simple way for lease requestors and delegators to partner and benefit from each other.

Please let us know if there are more features you'd like to see added to the DLM service in coming updates! Thanks for supporting @minnowbooster!



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We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please drop by and let us know!


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Dear Minnowbooster Admin

Can you please help me.. I have ask this several time but it seems like nobody is willing to help, I have a steempower which was delegated to somebody few months, and I can’t cancel it due to technical errors, everytime when I’m trying to cancel the delegation using the link that you sent to me I get errors. How can I cancel it? It been two months now my steempower is locked to somebody else


Incoming message from Entity:

Go to this link : https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign
Search Undelegate Vesting Shares
Type the name of the delegatee, sign with requested key.
This will remove any delegation, the SP will return to your wallet 7 days after you signed.
...End of transmition

I love mininow 🤓


Ha ha ha lol

Nice content brother.

Minnow booster you are great my friend.

Geometry chemistry , all secters are osm my friend.

Like your post. I'm new here so help me so much. Please help me

Interesting post!!!

Okay, so for one to benefit from this leasing, what are the things to be done in other to get sp leasing. Like I'll like to get if I know what how to go about it. Lol

how to delegate when I have only 15 SP......please suggest


Hi @vikasgoel1234! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @minnowbooster
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

thanks bro but what is mean of delegate @tipu

People love your work very much because of which you have become a well-known person by which people are starting to like you

Good updates @minnowbooster , I believe there is more to it than ever. Keep the updates coming in, personally would love to maximize productivity here.

Leasing sp is a wondeful way of getting good steem.

all secters are osm my friend

I have just 15 sp. What can i get with 15 sp

My original game plan was to lease a little steem every week but I’ve been slacking unfortunately

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How much is the APR when delegating to the bot?

I appreciate you guys. I'm still confused about the scoring system though..

Nice post for all. I like your post.

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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minnowbooster upvotes became to small :P

Delegating and leasing SP is really great opportunity from minnowbooster. In the near future I'm planning to lease some SP when I'll get enough Steem for it!

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I also jointed your discrod group project. You are help my steemit platform. I respect your support