MinnowBooster - Personal Vote Selling has arrived!

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Greetings from @MinnowBooster! We are proud to announce a new feature now available on the www.MinnowBooster.com website that we have appropriately named 'Personal Vote Selling!'

If you are already a MinnowBooster user you can provide others with access to your Personal Vote Selling page by using the following url:


Simply replace the word 'username' in the link above with your Steem account username. Then feel free to send it out to all your friends so they can be your customers!

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This new feature essentially allows you to act independently as a voting bot and take control over several aspects of vote selling, including the profit you wish users receive on their posts when they purchase your vote, also since you will be marketing the service yourself via your link, the fees we charge are only 10% vs 15%.

You can access settings for this feature from My Account > Vote Selling > Personal Selling Settings

Here you can enable or disable this feature, as well as set the profit for users in the profit field, so if you are feeling particularly generous you can bump up the number and give your customers a great deal! The default is 1.10 which means you are offering your customers 10% profit on their Steem posts over and above the vote value they purchased.

A few other useful controls include the ability to only sell to MinnowBooster Whitelisted users, enable the MinnowBooster blacklist to avoid bad actors and even limit users to your own Whitelist and Blacklist. As usual there is a vote toggle that allows you to designate how much Voting Power you'd like to retain.

If your users would prefer to send a memo to use this feature it can be done using the following - memo : P username postlink

We hope this new feature comes in handy and gives people more options when it comes to their post promotions. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below in the comments or hop into our discord and we will answer them as soon as possible.

Thanks for using MinnowBooster!

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Looks like a great feature, i’m going to use it, even though i’m not having many friends .... 🙃 poor mea

Nice, will set it up and try it out asap!


I enjoy this feature immensely...

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think you for the tips. I just love it

This is a great feature. Thank you @minnowbooster.

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Congratulations @minnowbooster!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 3 with 1585 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 80,71

I saw this section with personal vote Selling when used DLM it seemed me Simply clear and easy to use. I think in close future I'll try it!

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Looks like a great feature :)

cool feature :)

Hi hi I wanted to ask. I want to delegate my Steem power in the market request and whenever I do that, there is a pop up saying that my mana isn't enough. Why is that so?

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Hi @luueetang, thanks for your query, the best place to get help is at https://discord.minnowbooster.net, currently you have just a bit over 500 Steem Power, so that means the lease size you can fill needs to be much smaller, try filling small leases first, maybe around 100 SP in size and see if that works, you will eventually find the right size to suit. I think the available amount of Resource credits and possibly even your voting power makes a difference, try get your voting power up to around 70% and see if you can better fill leases, with voting power as low as your 8% it is currently not very effective on Steem. You can see your stats here https://steemd.com/@luueetang

I have just received word from our developers that because you only have 8% Voting Power, you can only delegate 8% of your Steem Power, so currently the biggest lease you can fill with your 595 SP is a 47 SP lease, try get your Voting Power back up as I said past 70% and that should allow you to fill leases up to 400 SP.