MinnowBooster - The Delegation Leasing Market, Whitelist, Videos and More!

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MinnowBooster - The Delegation Leasing Market, Whitelist, Videos and More!

Hey Steemians! Here at @MinnowBooster we are always looking for cool and innovative topics to discuss with our followers. In this article, we'd like to tell you a bit about our delegation leasing market and innovative whitelist.

First let us go over the DLM in a simple way to get you on the right track!

Delegating on the DLM**

You might have thought that Steem is just for blogging. Luckily, that's not entirely true. Many services are built on top of the Steem blockchain and along with various communities, these services also are in need for Steem Power.

But what to do, if you don't have that much Steem Power? You can lease it on our delegation market, the DLM.

"Hold on, hold on!", minnows often pump the brakes, "That stuff is for the whales!" Luckily, they couldn't be more wrong. There are often small orders and sometimes even outright minuscule orders, that minnows can fill, delegating out their Steem Power and earn some starting capital with it.

You can visit our DLM page and sort the lease order by the their size here:


Just click on the column headings, to help you sort better and find suitable orders to fill.

So you see, even the smallest of minnows have options - if you don't know how to get your fellow Steemians interest by blogging or posting, don't give up! There's a whole big ecosystem out there!

Choose, whether to delegate to the bot (minimum delegation 10-20 SP) or fill orders of other users on the DLM.

If you want to see the potential return %, visit our stats page, which can give you an approximate of the returns from delegating to the Minnowbooster bot and also show you the highest % APR order on the DLM.


I hope that this short post was helpful. If it was, please spread the word and make sure to leave feedback! Catch you in the chat!

To go to the DLM right now just click on the following link here:


Here's a short explainer video walking people through the features, benefits and process for using the MinnowBooster DLM (Delegation Leasing Market).

The Whitelist

The whitelist is not some elusive magical animal or an elite club of privileged and spoiled kids, no.

The whitelist of our service is a community-managed list of users, who have proven themselves to other users already - proven, that they are not spammers, scammers, have something meaningful, beautiful or personal to say - whatever it may be.

So one of the most asked questions in our chat is - "How do I apply to the whitelist?" The answer is - there is no official applying procedure.

Instead, someone on the whitelist must notice you and make the decision to invite you to the whitelist, where you'll have to be voted in by 5 more users.

We encourage you to socialize, step into our Discord #whitelist channel and introduce yourself briefly along with your blog and Steem username. This goes a long way in your favor - maybe you will get some nice tips or even make some nice friends and followers!

What does the whitelist give you? Well, we at Minnowbooster still give profit on all upvotes, but for whitelisted ie proven users, we offer more profit on their upvotes and often even better availability. So why wait? Write good stuff, jump into our chat and make some acquaintances!

A while back we discussed the possibility of shutting down the whitelist but it turns out that users overwhelmingly see the value in it and were very passionate about vocalizing its importance!

To review the discussion check out this post here:


Or the resolution to the post here:


Finally we recommend you watch this video if you'd like to get a quick rundown about the whitelist by BuildTeam's very own @mvd!

We hope that you enjoy using our DLM and Whitelist services and get a chance to use both of them in the near future if you're not already using them today!

Thanks for using MinnowBooster!

BuildTeam is one of the few service providers on Steem that runs and maintains its own RPC servers. Maintaining this infrastructure is expensive. If you want to support the growth of Steem network outside of Steemit.com, consider using some of our services, this helps to pay the bills, keeps the machines running and helps us incubate great developer talent within BuildTeam. The easiest and most effective way to support BuildTeam is to delegate to Minnowbooster or enable vote-selling within the https://minnowbooster.net user settings. For other options to help BuildTeam secure and grow the Steem community, contact Steem witness @thecryptodrive.



Visit our website for more info!
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We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please drop by our Discord server and let us know!


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More dapps less members joining @minnowbooster services.....

You are one of the biggest losers here... You know why....because you have kicked out so many good followers from your service by the excuses " they are on black list of some racist members here "..

So the result is simply ...one day your followers will begin to kick you out from their steem generating systems..

Oh... take example my account... I was ready to sacrifice everything for you @minnowbooster and I have supported you as much as I can even I am a very poor member and I wrote good posts about your services at which I was really impressed and enjoying them... then because of the mother fuckers the abusers whom main job is to fuck the third world accounts they added my account to a shit black list and you stopped accepting my fees.... i am sure like my case not less than 600,000 accounts of new members....

If these 600k accounts were still using your service you would not cry as I can feel from your post here for more members to join your services...

Most of the fucked accounts by the fake fucking shit black list by the three racist members went to partiko.. other voting bots... steemmarket...smartsteem... . .magic dice...slots. ..and now drugs wars. ..

Omg you will face really tough days...

Bye bye great boy.

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good work. i love the Buildteam!

I did an introduction post a week ago on the whitelist and got no feedback at all lol. I either did it wrong or I guess it's not for me. Either way I am glad there is sone support available to minnows.


Hi andrewsmodels , I just checked your status and you have been approved as a whitelist user! YAY

You would have got a memo in your Steem wallet saying the same.

Hope you make use of the whitelist benefits, If you are unsure about anything then please make your way to discord and chat to me.

Take Care :-)


Wow! Thank you @trev03 for letting me know. I will be there very soon!👍

amazing, good work, i hope you get more success.

This is a very useful way to adopt steem aspecially for new users like me. Thank you.


Hi @huseyinunozkan16, Why not come to our Discord and check out our services and how it can help you grow within Steem.

You will find me there and always willing to help if you have any questions.


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Cool service!

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Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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joined your community on discord.. hope to be in your whitelist very soon ...... 🤞

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Hi @gargi, You are already on the whitelist which means you have all the benefits now. Please catch me on discord and I will guide you through using our awesome service offerings.

Take Care.


thankyou... i really working hard for each n every post... but then also getting that % of upvotes.. may be because of low cryptocurrency...

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