"So you wanna be a whale?" competition winners

2년 전

Yep, our loyal readers, its that time again - to announce our most recent competition wieners winners.

First of all, we'd like to thank each and every one of you, who took some time and participated in our competition.

We definitely did not expect much participation as interaction on Steem is going down due to heavy heavy cryptocurrency prices situation but we are happy to admit that we were wrong on this one!

Many good entries were read by our judges, each better than the other. If it were possible, we would reward each one of you, but alas, rules are rules.

So, without further ado, watch our guy @NelkelJDM announce the names of the winners who managed to climb over others and leave their mark on the blockchain forever.

Congrats again to all the winners! You will all receive your prizes as soon as possible!

1st Place

Steemvoter Guild Vote (Lots of Upvotes!)
Goes to: @eddiespino

2nd Place

Goes to: @newageinv

3rd Place

Goes to: @kristves



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Spoiler Alert: I won!

I don't want to be cocky, but I'm so excited!
Thank you! Thank you!

And you sounded like this video when you asked for the library hahahaha

*here ya go, made it a little more punkrock! ~~(still cute tho)~~*

THANK you,
thank YOU!

And of course, congratulations to the other two winners.
(Good going, guys! You deserve this!)


Haha, your art skills surpass most on this platform :D


I did that with muh index finger and sometimes thumb on my phone :D


Lol, good job! :P Btw... Your winnings have been paid :)


Thanks! I use GinaBOT on Discord so I also got a notification about it, but still, thank you! \o/

Thanks for the honorable mention! Lol, I could use the t-shirt hahaha.


Haha, if we send you a T-Shirt it will have Minnowbooster writing and minnows all over it!



Really it's good.Job.....Lovely superb @minnowbooster

Its amazing to see this posts. Its great support for steemians to grow.

I think that was me!!

The Winner

Just kidding sir

why does my account vote for others after my delegation SP. please help my brother

Congratulation to all three winners...@eddiespino the winner number 1..... @minnowbooster glad you made the result out so soon...hope you could show all other entry some love to keep steem going..👍

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Thank you @steemflow! I started receiving the votes 40 minutes ago and I'm so excited!


Haha....so you are whale now...😉 keep sharing some of them lol

Posted using Partiko Android


I'm definitely closer now haha!


Keep it up....i read your entry...the gameing king👍 worth for such tough competition

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Good jobs guys~! can't wait for next competition.

amazing, hopefully the competition is smooth ,, I support you

Awesome work, good

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The picture in thumbnail Is so funny

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Thanm you for sharing....

Honored to be on the list! I hope to continue to add value to the community by given what has been given to me and more in this journey within a great ecosystem which has a great future!

Really good writing and your your concept was just awesome. I like it. I want to read your every article.

mindblowing.....Thats great.....

Congratulations to the winners especially @eddiespino for emerging the overall winner of the "So you wanna be a whale competition" by @minnowbooster


Thank you @cutymeni! I'm so happy with the results!


You are welcome👏👏

I cannot understand your comppetition
but I will try to visit your youtube
Have a great day~

Hi @minnowbooster. Just tried your promo service. I think you might want to change your auto memo text. Here it is:

You got an upgoat that will be done by th1nkfast. We refund an open value of 0.001 SBD!

LOL! I've always wanted a goat! Thanks. :)