The State of Minnowbooster September 2018

2년 전

September is here and school's in! While the weather usually turns a bit colder and windier in September as autumn arrives, it is by no means a boring time.

Let us review some of our recent endeavours and hear your feedback.

Contests, competitions, community projects

The team behind Minnowbooster believes that Steemit, its authors and the community need nurturing along with our own business, hence we have decided to interact with the community more. What better way to do that than contests?

Our recent "So you wanna be a whale" contest and "Nominate an under-appreciated quality writer" community project both got excellent feedback and hopefully they also boosted the motivation of writers, bloggers and lurkers.

If you're currently not writing content on Steemit, perhaps this is the best time to start? The more interaction we get on our contests the better.

Unified blacklists

Blacklists are a controversial topic, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We're not the ones to hold a grudge and if you believe you don't belong on one, let us know in our Discord and we can review your case.

Now that we have got this out of the way, we want to point out, that unified blacklists (Minnowbooster, Buildawhale, Steemcleaners) are doing their job well - we have driven a big amount of spammers and scammers away from us and they have no-where to turn except other voting bots.

We hope other bot owners follow suit and join the unified effort in cleaning up the place.


Just look at that zen person up there. That's because she ran out of posting ideas and initially pulled her hair out, until she found our Delegated Lease Market (DLM), where you can keep investing and interacting with the Steem blockchain. The leases are easy to manage even for a fairly new user and it's a perfect way to earn additional income and at the same time, help various Steem communities.

Decent opportunities get snagged up fast, so make sure to check back often. Just today someone bagged a decent 31.2% APR lease:

What are you waiting for, get over to the MinnowBooster DLM right now by clicking on this link:

Thank you for reading and being loyal supporters of our community projects. We're seriously looking forward to your feedback on all things regarding Minnowbooster!

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interesting stuff!

Minnowbooster is doing a great job to bring more quality here at Steemit. This is appreciable. Though your offers are great but trust me, majority of users still does not understand what APR is. So, it would have been good idea to posting its explanation at the end of the article in layman's terms. Also, if you start positing the daily or if that's not possible average weekly profit charts for different users with different SP amounts leased or delegated, it could have potentially increased the chances of getting more users for MB.

Overall, you're doing an excellent job. Steem On @minnowbooster.

👆👆👆 Sir, I sent you the 9 sbd to upvote on this link but you did not upvote on the link


Being a new user of steemit, I've not much idea how does it work. I really need guideline to start steemit. How can I earn from steemit ? I can see some people who started their journey with steem community form couple of months back but their reputation now much better than me. Also they are earning from this community. So, i need ur advise to do so.

31%!!!! Talk about good news. Geeeez I need to learn this system a lot better. How do I know what my return on investment is?

Its not only with cleaning stuff but also if want to get best return ..we can put our money on MB. Good amount of return always ...and its site helps you decide what and how much to bid. Would be looking further for some delegation soon.

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Excellent information

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hola amigo tengo dudas

  ·  2년 전

Once I get some steem in my account I plan on leasing some steem power from minnow booster.

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An educating piece of information you have here on this lovely post of yours. You don't need to thank me for reading, but i am saying thank you for educating me more about this platform. Thanks @minowbooster!

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Hi! I'm just at the start, but I'd like to participate in your community projects!