Best Time To Call, Text Or Chat.

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Smartphones gives us various ways to communicate and stay connected to those we care about such as our family, friends and colleagues and others in our social networks as we constantly need to stay in touch with those we care about more often by texting, calling or chatting them up to know about their welfare.

whenever there is need to send out important information the medium used to get to the receiver has to be the right medium of communication also knowing when to call, text or chat should be clearly known depending on the importance of the information to be passed across to the receiver.

Here are some tips that can help you decide the best medium to send information across to your receiver and get the needed reply:

Casual conversations: Chatting is ideal with your friends, family and those you care about when the subject area is on interest such as favorite colors, food, weather, memories, events, political views, inspiration, sharing of ideas and other social areas of interest that can keep your friendship lively and interesting.
Casual conversation just keeps friendship bond alive, chatting is the best medium of communication when the areas of discuss is not too serious because it is continuous and can be done anywhere.

Importance: Serious matters should be communicated physically to the receiver but in cases where there cannot be a face to face communication a phone is ideal to pass the message across matters that needs urgent attention such as financial matters, dispute, welfare concerns, visitations, apology, change of plans and other pressing issues that requires urgent feedback. Phone calls are very important when the issue involved is very vital and demands timely response, because the level of importance of your message can be heard by the receiver by the tone of your voice and communication flow.

Busy: Text messaging is ideal for period of unavailability when you have no time to call or chat, a well composed message free of grammatical errors can be sent out to the receiver. Text messaging is professional way to communicate to busy people, sending a text message can also help deliver messages whenever the receiver is not online or reachable. Text messaging are ideal when you missed a call, Acknowledgements, bulk messaging, Reminder, follow-up, describing location, meetings and other Appointments or engagements that needs to be sent to your receiver.

Finally knowing the best time to chat, call or send a message with your phone can help you communicate more effectively and get feedback when needed.

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Thank you very much for the heads up. Many factors have to be considered in the way we use new technology so we can use it positively and we are always and faster than even under the influence of new technology.


Yes, a whole lot of factors needs to be considered. Thank you for reading.

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