#33 - Share Sale and Account Update 02/01/2019

2년 전

The Minnow Builder Program is a Daily Vote Service with a Charitable Mission. It creates a win-win situation for those looking to grow their accounts while at the same time helping grow the Steem Community.

Shares purchased in the Minnow Builder Program will give you one Daily Upvote and also help provide free daily upvotes to some deserving plankton. The Minnow Builder Program has helped many Plankton become Minnows while giving the share owners very profitable votes compared to powering up and self voting.


Account Information

Share Sale Status:ACTIVE
Current Share Value in Steem:1.2
Current Share Cost in Delegation:2.4
Current Owned SP:513.549
Current Steem Reserves100.0

Share Purchase Instructions

This account has a minimum of 25 Share Purchase. Currently 25 shares is 30 Steem. There is currently a 100 Share Max in this account.

Send at least the correct amount of Steem to @minnowbuilder4 with the memo:
"I understand and agree to the rules of the @minnowbuilder4 program and want to purchase XXX Shares"

Make sure to replace the XXX with the number of share you are purchasing.

Just to show the growth progression of this account over the last couple months here are the numbers from past Account Updates.

DateTotal SharesOwned SPSteem ReserveCurrent Share Price

Other Minnow Builder Program Share Sales (Where to Buy Shares)

Current Minnow Builder Share Sale PostsTime Sale Ends
Minnow Builder 32019-02-02, 23:19

Thank you!

Thank you for all of your support including upvotes, SBI shares purchased for this account, and spreading the word about the Minnow Builder Program.

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