Account Builder #29 - Status and Account Update 12/30/2018

4년 전

This account is currently in a growth mode and excess voting power is used to add support to @pifc, other minnow builder accounts, and those who have supported this account. This account has been growing nicely due to the Account Builder posts and support given on them.

Some quick numbers:

DateTotal SharesOwned SPSteem ReserveCurrent Share Price

This 5.3c growth over 30 days is great and amounts to a 58.4% annualized growth rate. It is largely because of a couple large votes that came in support on past posts. We can't count on this, but do love the support that was given to boost the account a little.

As for a launch date, this account will not be officially launched until @minnowbuilder2 has reached at least 1,000 shares. But we will take on other large shareholder purchases like those already in place during this Account Growth phase. Anyone looking to purchase at least 50 shares can do so.

50 Shares at the current price is 56.80 Steem This price remains valid for 7 days and this post pays out.

Thanks for all the support!


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I will take 50 and sent the required steem

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