MinnowsPower Back To Sleep - 19-Oct-2017

3년 전

MinnowsPower back to sleep

Today: 19 - Oct -2017
MinnowsPower selected 5 to 10 best posts from following members' list and shared 50% to 100% upvote power.

Current Status of the MinnowsPower

  • Steem Power :- 787.293 SP
  • Voting Power :- 82.42%
  • Reputation Level :- 54.198
  • Upvote Worth :- $0.06

MinnowsPower is not a bot, I am a Crowdfunding Hybrid
One small UpVote of Yours build MinnowsPower and MinnowsPower will Not Forget Your Support...!!!
MinnowsPower accept your delegations, donations and upvotes to power up the voting power.

Send 0.01 SBD and get $0.025 - $0.03 worth upvote from @MinnowsPower

Funds Less Than 0.01 SBD will consider as Donations

Don't Send Funds while @MinnowsPower is Sleeping

Refund will take upto 96 hours

Want to join with MinnowsPower following list?

Upvote my comments, Delegate your power, Donate to power up and write good articles.

Have a nice day!


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