Sustainability Curation Digest #8 🌜 🌽🍑 by Carpedimus - MSP

2년 전

Hello everybody,

Iit is time for another weekly curaton.
I must admit It was once again a hectic week for me, trying to find balance in business, being a father a over, a friend and writing this post is quite challenging recently, but as I really like helping promote some of the best content on the topic i relate to very much and perhaps helping to grow (or simply curate) a platform that I learned to like it the past few month.

Whatever the reason might be, here I am, for another round of my weekly digest, where I will be sharing my five favorite picks, I hope you will like them as much as i did.

This is my Sustainability Curation Digest for the week of 07/05/18 - 14/05/18 on behalf of the Minnow Support Project!

The Minnow Support Project has multiple curators on various subjects. Each week we pick five undervalued posts and the authors behind them to highlight through minnowsupport-curation. This way MSP and PAL (Peace, Abundance, Liberty) can help promote new promising writers and content creators on Steemit, and in effect reward them for doing a superior job.

Every week I will be making a list of my favorite post from the week on the subject of sustainability, eco-friendly solutions, permaculture, recycling, alternative energy, recycling, homesteading...or anything else that might help us all live in a more sustainable, eco-friendly world.

Authors featured & referenced in this Sustainability Curation Digest include:

@quochuy @jackdub @armadillocreek @guanyu @walkerland @flemingfarm @senorcoconut @mountainjewel @breezin

Lets dive in, here are my sustainability curation picks for this week:

(these posts are shown in random order; I liked all of them!)

from Introduction to the Continuous Flow Through (CFT) worm bins by quochuy

Introduction to the Continuous Flow Through (CFT) worm bins by quochuy

I was sure I heard mot of the acronyms out there, that has anything to do with sustainability and recycling specifically.
But apparently there is always something new to learn, a new acronym that hides an ancient or a modern technique that can make our lives easier in that way or another.

So today I learned about the “CFT” method...or in a fuller version “Continuous Flow Through”.
CFT is an a efficient way to build a worm farm for vermicomposting, that will allow you to eliminate some of the hassle that that some of the other techniques require.

If you never heard about Vermicomposting or specifically the CFT method, I encourage you to check out this wonderful post by @quochuy, where he shares the benefits of such a system and gives us some tips on how can be build one ourselves.

Thanks @quochuy for a great share.

from Back Acres: Heaping the Compost in the Cubic Meter Bin for Hot Composting by jackdub

Back Acres: Heaping the Compost in the Cubic Meter Bin for Hot Composting by jackdub

Staying on the topic of composting, I want to share another great post by @jackdub that shares with us his process of composting with a great introduction and some amazing photos.

His technique called “Hot Composting” and it has to do with piling all your organic material into a large bin and allowing the natural process of composting trough aerobic digestion to take place.

In his post @jackdub gives some great insights on the process, and share with us how he build his own “Hot Composting” system.

Thanks for the share @jackdub.

from Bamboo sprouts going into pots! by armadillocreek

Bamboo sprouts going into pots! by armadillocreek

Bamboo can be quite a sustainable crop. As a fast growing grass that requires no fertilizer to grow and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted, can serve as a great sturdy material in any homestead.

It can be used for building fences, trellises, garden beds or even furniture, it can be used for food or even to grow food (they can even be used as NFT growing gullies).

If you ever been curious about growing bamboo, make sure to check out this post by @armadillocreek, where he shares his process of starting to grow this amazing and useful plant, on his own homestead.

Thanks for the great idea @armadillocreek, I hope I will be planting some myself, soon...I can really used some bamboo :)

from Transferring plants from indoor to outdoor garden (finally!) by simplymike

Transferring plants from indoor to outdoor garden (finally!) by simplymike

The next one up is another lovely update from a fellow gardener @guanyu.

I must admit I really like looking at his ideas, as his execution is always well planned and neatly organized.

This time he shares an update on how he finally transplanting his indoor plants that he was preparing, outdoors, to a neatly prepared growing beds.

I can't say much, just that it all looks very good and I am sure that with no time all those small little seedling will bare huge amounts of food for @guanyu and his family, as did the peppers he already harvested.

Awesome job @guanyu, keep up with the updates my friend! :)

from How To Make Beautiful Homemade Extracts (It's Easy!) by walkerland

How To Make Beautiful Homemade Extracts (It's Easy!) by walkerland

I want to end this week’s curation with something a bit different.
After sharing many posts about gardening and farming, and about growing trees or bushes, it is time to learn what to do when all those trees and bushes start to produce some wonderful flowers and fruits.

“Easy and Awesome! Homemade extracts are an excellent way to add a splash of flavour to recipes both savoury and sweet.

They are also another wonderful way to preserve the flavours of each season and stock your home grown pantry shelves.” as beautifully said by @walkerland.

So check out this post, about making your own homemade extracts, learn the process, get some ideas…and perhaps make your own unique recipe.

Thanks for the inspiration @walkerland.

from Yesterday on Fleming Family Farm by flemingfarm

Honorable Mentions

Below are a few interesting articles and exceptional posts I found that either do not fit in to a category or did not get first pick, yet I wanted to mention. Please check them out and give them some love where needed.

Yesterday on Fleming Family Farm by flemingfarm

Building a Floor with Palettes by senorcoconut

Solar Power for Newbies: A Walk Through Our Solar System (Vlog) by mountainjewel

Breezin Through My Projects - The Net-House. by @breezin

from Breezin Through My Projects - The Net-House. by breezin

That's it for this week, I hope you enjoyed the posts picked for my first curation digest.

Once more I apologize to the chosen writers for not being able to publish this post on time, I hope my love and appreciation is enough :)

If you did like it, make sure to give us your vote, follow and perhaps even a resteem.

Hope to see you next week. Till then I leave you with this quote :)

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.

— Pablo Neruda

If you never heard about Minnow Support Project, I encourage you to visit our Discord Channel.

We are always looking for new steemit writers to curate and support, and I promise you will meet some awesome fellow steemians there.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for this weekly Sustainability Digest, make sure to write up your ideas in the comments.

Also, if you would like to be considered for next weeks curation, drop a link for your post in the PAL-sustainability channel, or in the comments of this post.

Hopefully you will feel some of the authors or posts mentioned here are worth an upvote and follow.

Thanks for reading!!

See you next week.

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Thanks for sharing @carpedimus, and keeping us all inspired to learn and work on these projects! I especially liked the CFT system as I'm trying to learn more about worm composting for our food truck=) As always, look forward to your updates, have a great day 😎👍


Thank you very much @guanyu, I do try my best :)

Glad you find something of interest to you, this is the whole idea behind this share the knowledge!


You got a 26.09% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @carpedimus!

good job! i know it can be difficult juggling all of that! we all appreciate your effort to pump out these digests each week :) great stuff!! and thanks for the mention :) <3


Ohh yes it is not easy indeed :)

But I try to do my best!

Thanks for the support and your kind words, love your work! (and way of life :))

Thanks for the mention, It was a nice surprise. I am really enjoying reading all of the posts you shared - great collection, thank you! :)


Thank you very much for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

Was great reading some of your other stuff as well :)

Thanks for the mention and all the other great articles - I always enjoy the sustainable living posts, but especially now - it's the season :)


It is the season indeed....juicy we come :)

The whole lot of it is impressive and educates me.
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