10 Not so crazy ways to do to get multiple job offers in 90 days!

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First I have to let you know I am not a recruiter nor do I work in HR. I normally write about digital and social media marketing.

I have a few decades of sales and marketing experience. So I look at job hunting the same way I look at finding new clients. One needs to develop a prospect list, then do these 10 things.

Think of this as if it was your own business and you had to find new clients.

For the most part, many of us know all those job sites and a majority of HR departments use keyword crawlers to sift through thousands of resumes to find the most relevant candidates to initiate the interview process.


My goal is to help you bypass this process of applying for jobs submitting one resume after the other hoping to get past these keyword crawlers. Now a disclaimer. Most of the people that are reading this will not follow these steps. That's ok. Let's dive into it.

What are you trying to do? Sounds silly but you must look at what is your goal with finding your "dream job" or is it just to position yourself for moving up the corporate ladder within a certain time line. Are you willing to relocate? Once you have this written out you can now research the companies that are in alignment.

Look by not looking. Depending on your industry you need to find where the decision makers are and get in front of them. No, not to deliver a boring elevator pitch on how you can build value! But to establish yourself as an expert. This can be done as a hard sell, the most difficult. Try these instead.


(1) Attend conferences and industry related events that the companies you are looking to join also attend and market yourself as an expert.

Did you know you can become a speaker at many conferences fairly easy. Public speaking not your thing. How about writing a mini book or eBook on your industry? How much would it cost for you to rent a booth and sell copies of your book, as a so called sales/book promotion. If you just hand out free copies there is no perceived value. If you talk to a decision maker at a company you like then give them one free as a gift. Would it help you to reach more people by paying to have your information spread to all attendees via the swag bags? For a few hundred dollars you can put your mini book or promo item in the conference's swag bag. Would it be better to put a t-shirt with your face on it.

(2)Set up meet up groups or an insider industry dinner and drinks at a highend restaurant.

Go to the restaurant and see if they have a side room you can rent with a per plate cost for no more than 8-10 people including yourself. Do you see the value of spending $1,500 dollars to spend 2-3 hours with top executives. Can you get a good price of under $100 a plate with one or two drinks in a private room of a real nice high end restaurant? Now included is the cost of high end embossed invitations and a nice box of chocolates for the gatekeepers.

What should the invitations say? A little or a lot, both are correct. Would it be better to have it say: David Wardlow would like to invite you to a thank you dinner and drinks for your contributions as an industry leader with 5, 7, 9, other fellow leaders. or David Wardlow digital marketing expert would like to join our industry forum at Roberto's for dinner and drinks. To get 10 to attend you might have to send out 20-40 invitations. See where the nice box of chocolates can come in handy for the gate keeper?

For the dinner have your personal branding business card ready or at the minimum have your personal branding website printed on the back of your company business card. Do not be afraid to answer the question of what do you do. Be honest, research industry topics and speak intelligently. Use stories and let them do 90% of the talking. Interact with every one and be engaging. Note: it is ok to have the guests pay their own drinks after the complementary one or two.
How much do you truly know about your industry?

(3) Are you an expert two levels up from your current position?

Here's how to become an expert. Write 20-30 long word articles? By long word articles, I mean 1,500-5,000 words on common topics for your industry. Now also for extra points have these articles turned into white board videos.

Sites like Fivver and Upwork can do this for a retaliative low cost. Not a writer, how about doing 30-50 10-15 minute videos on common topics? You can even have them transcribed to turn them into blog articles. These should be built around providing tons of valuable content.


(4)Create a personal branding website.

You have might have seen these sites with the person's name. Like: neilpatel.com tonyrobbins.com or davidwardlow.com.

Include an intro, resume blog and contact section keep it updated. The intro section should be your home page and have a quick 3 - 5 minute intro video on it. The contact section should have your personal contact information but also your current position information and video and short article on what you do. Never put on your site that you are looking for new opportunities!!!!

You can put on the contact and intro sections that if someone has questions or would like to inquire about something to reach out to you. The blog section should have as much original content as possible. One can curate content from other authority sites but it should be treated as filler space and authority transference, while you develop and write your own content. Then market your site on everything. (email signatures, business cards, pens, promo items, social media sites, LinkedIn, forums, etc)

(5)Become a mentor for your industry.

Reach out to new hires and show them the ropes. Even if it was not so long ago you just started or finished college. Do you think if you have taken the time to research 20-30 topics to write about in your industry that you would become an expert? Yes you would. Now become a mentor. Both online and offline. Get with your local chamber of commerce and meet up groups.

Find new hires or others that work for the companies you would like to work for. Create a meet up group for them. Mentor them and truly provide value helping them with their careers. Now you will have a group of people that will spread your praise and value in their company. LinkedIn is great for this as well and has a number of forums where one can provide advice and mentor-ships.


(6)Volunteer for worthy causes that you are interested in.

One can get great enjoyment from helping others or a cause. Depending on your level of business experience and the industry you are in you can become a board member of a local non profit. Guess who else are board members of local non profits? Yes high level executives, owners, Directors, V.P.s, and CEOs. Would this help if they knew who you were? Again this has to be for a cause that you truly believe in. It will show if you try to fake it to make it.

(7)Interview Directors and higher for the blog part of your personal branding website.

Send out email requests and call them for interviews. Tip: If you have a friend or hire a virtual assistant they can send out introduction emails and call for you. This raises your authority level and helps get more positive responses.

(8)Start a YouTube channel and create a 90 day challenge to post a video a day.

If you combine this with interviews like mentioned above you will find that some of the authority and expertise of those you interview will transfer over to you.


(9)Write a book.

If you do the research and create a strong outline with notes you can have a ghost writer complete the book for you for a repetitively low cost. You can even sell it on sites like Amazon. Have it set up as a print on demand service. Even offer an e-book version and put it on your website or the link for it so people can buy it and if they do so by going to Amazon it also helps to position yourself as an expert. Now as mentioned above you can order hard copies for yourself and give them out or sell them at conferences. Also be sure to have your virtual assistant mention you as a published author of the book when calling for interviews. What if you gave each of your students and each of your dinner invites a signed copy of your book? This can be an extremely good marketing tool.

(10)Become a part time consultant.

You can use Crunchbase to find companies that are recently funded. Reach out to these companies' investors and provide them with a ton of value. Check out this great video by Neil Patel, reach out to the investors and follow his advice. Warning if you do this right you will possibly earn more money doing consulting on the side than with your current position.

If you do just one of these 10 things you are already way ahead of the crowd.

Combine a few of them together and you have just multiplied the potential results.

Do all of them and you will never have to apply for a position again. You will have a steady stream of offers coming in allowing you to choose which one fits your current needs the best.


Thanks Manny. https://discord.gg/EQYxZZ3

What do you all think?

Stay positive and enjoy!

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. If you liked this be sure to follow me and let your friends know and feel free to share this post.

Thank you so much for your support and reading this.

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As a reminder, you can use these same tips to drum up new clients if you have your own business! Be the super entrepreneur you can be!

Excellent write-up. I really like the suggestion to combine these actions into a powerful whole.


Thanks glad you liked it.

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Those are a lot of really good tips. I could see using them for a lot of different reason just get yourself known on steemit as well. Thanks.


Thank you. When you think about it these are the things a true superstar does. Taking control of your professional career and becoming that expert will always allow one to have multiple paths to take creating more opportunities as one goes.

Definitely thinking outside the box.
How many of these have you tried personally?
(aside from working on the book and training series I know you are doing)


Glad you like it.
I've done them all. Either as an employee looking for a new job or as an entrepreneur looking for more clients.

I find the convention works well to establish one as an authority and if done right opens the door to having them approach you as someone they need on your team.

The diner works wonders for higher level positions and really presents you as one of the "boys" in that perverbial men's club. But you have to have some great industry topics to open discussions. Then let them brag and talk about what they are doing. The alcohol helps them relax and destress.
One dinner I did I maybe talked a total of 15 minutes throughout the diner with opened ended value adding questions. Within a few days I had calls and emails inviting me to stop by to discuss an opportunity.

I have launched my personal branding website sample and campaign on LinkedIn where I am currently mentoring fellow veterans.

I have done YouTube videos on different topics but I need to creat a channel or channels geared toward my current endeavors.


That is so inspiring!
Can I find you on LinkedIn by david wardlow?


@corpvalues. Yes I'm on LinkedIn under David Wardlow. Look forward connecting. That's were I originally wrote the article for.

I built ny connections from 64 to just under 12k in 6 months. So I use it now to get the word out about jobs and people looking for jobs.


That's awesome!

  ·  3년 전

These are good suggestions, David.

These are "there is no box" thinking tips xD Awesome! Thank you!