We now spread STEEM on Discord like WILDFIRE! WATCH!

6개월 전

at our Discord http://SteemSpeak.com we now have a tipping & gambling bot that accept STEEM for all kinds of transactions, airdrops etc.

Here is the score so far:

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 12.50.29.png

Minnows should join and be part of our Discord Voice Community! We have over 4000 active members (after pruning) - come to: https://discord.gg/sqxV63P open 24/7 since... like forever!

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fyrstikken вперед!

Join Now.


@fyrstikken, Keep creating more opportunities and hope that these Initiatives will spread more Empowerment. Stay blessed brother.

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This is pretty dope @fryrstikken make it rain!!!!

I could hardly believe it when I was told of this community but could not help but believe it when I joined and enjoyed the rain myself. Thanks @fyrstikken for this wonderful initiative..

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So you can hack, lie, cheat and steal. Your steemspeak server is a honeypot. All you guys do in there is toss coins around to intimidate people that you force to visit your server. I heard you threaten many peoples lives including many worldwide politians.

I also know your using military tech on the people in there. I'm living proof. Fag fucking fucker pieces of shit. You will not get away with this. I hope you all die a horrible death for what you have done to me.