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It's been no news now that the great community Steemit is expanding in great growth and glory as we have hundreds and now thousands of newbies registrations daily, it is really exciting to know that this goes a long way in helping the uptrend of the growth and price of steem, this is because as newbies come in, we have more people blogging and minning and also more investors also. I want to acknowledge the fact that this work of bringing in newbies and investors is done by volunteers steemians and they are really doing great jobs going out of the box and their way telling this great news.

I really want to also appreciate the effort of everyone that has in anyway supported the promotion of Steemit blockchain especially the #promo-steem team @stephenkendal, @starkerz, @anarcotech and the now steemit ambassadors. It has really been a long way we have come but we also really have a long way to go taking steem to the moon.

Some newbies who come onboard do catch their feet, others rush out just the way they came in, while some after a week or two of blogging abandon their account and are gone, sometimes you find some who still have patience having started with doing great and interesting valued posts begin to dwindle and starts as spammers to whales and they become beggars for upvotes, I don't blame some, if you follow them up sometimes you'll see they have been on the platform for months but with little or no encouragement without the right concept and mentality they begin to show the wrong attitude and what do they get......... a flag.

Most people come into this platform not knowing what to do and where to go, very directionless and with all seriousness, they need attention, they lack the true knowledge of how things are done right, they need a guide, they need to grow.

I have been in this same shoes before, I had abandoned my account twice, but today I am active because I now have a guide @samiwhyte and am guiding as many as I can but my strength is small, it is really difficult for a minnow to guide a newbie because newbies need motivations and support by upvotes and for now mine is just 0.001 in 100%.

As new born babes desire the milk from their mothers to grow, so do newbies desire the support of whales to grow
How can we help these newbies



Most times we wait for them to try to find us but go the extra mile and find them, @cryptoctopus found @benswann and now his post is more trending, sometimes you'll see them in your comment section begging for upvotes, I know as a whale great responsibility lies on you, and time may not be a friend but you can just find one or two daily, you may be doing this which is a great job but do more, the community is really growing, having spent sometime on the steemit platform you know where to find minnows, find them.



This is the part where you re-orientate them, some minnows come into the platform with the idea of quick money, just post anything and get people to like it then you'll make plenty molla, they really need to be taught, take a minute or 5, talk to them, send them links that talk about making progress on steemit, help them improve, today I believe am making progress because @samiwhyte is looking out for me, look out for someone, that soul will be forever grateful to you for your help. Don't forget to encourage them with your upvotes. Talking about upvotes, this is what really started me up after my re-activation I got a motivating upvote from @damarth in my #introduceyourself post, I continued blogging as I also got more motivational upvotes by @surpassinggoogle, @cryptoctopus, @anomadsoul, @teamsteem and many others, these were my start up motivations and today am forever grateful to them.



It is understandable if you do not have the time to follow up newbies, but you should have the time to direct them to communities that have dedicated their time in helping newbies grow like #credo. #credo is the community that has been my bedrock for my standing today in this platform, with the little great help I get from it and am sure many others have same testimonies. Don't just leave minnows stranded, if you don't have their time and you've found them just direct them to a community where they can be fed.



This goes to our volunteer Promoters, please have a comprehensive list of people who have come to join steemit through you, I have mine, follow them up, I am following mine up, am really doing my best and I know you are too, but do more, follow them up until they start following others up, mentor them until they become mentors of others, it's never easy but it's possible, I know I have left some on the way but having made a list of those I have left, am sure going after them. follow them up until they begin to help others.



In supporting these communities that support newbies growth like #credo, you can support in delegating steem power to the community for upvoting newbie posts, you can join in auto curation or you can make out time to upvote these newbie post by receiving their intro post directly from the heads of the communities, this will go a long way in motivating these people coming in and also give them a reason to tell others about steemit knowing that their startup plays a very important role in their continuation on the platform.

Whatever you do in helping a minnow to grow just know that you are building a community also, it is good for all of us including you, it benefits the whole steemit blockchain as it in it's little way helps in the increase of the price of steem.

Please am not begging for upvotes on this post as I will be glad and grateful if I get any from you, but help me resteem this post until it gets to the blog of every whale and dolphin and as many steemians it can get to.

Thank you for your great support and for reading through

I remain @keban
Steemit Promoter
Changing lives through Steemit



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