Vote Value Update 2018-05-02T17:32:08

2년 전

Time (UTC): 2018-05-02T17:32:08
Vote Value: $0.260 (100% full vote value of 1,000 steem power at 100% voting power)

The equation for calculating vote value:
vote value = (steem_power * (voting_power(%) * 1000000 + 49) * reward_balance * steem_sbd * total_vesting_shares) /
(2500 * recent_claims * total_vesting_fund_steem)

reward_balance: 732349.0
steem_to_sbd: 3.946
total_vesting_shares: 389288690174.8369
recent_claims: 4.5224039187496154e+17
total_vesting_fund_steem: 191171680.032

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