Minnow Suppport - Happy Monday - No Quick Draw today

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Happy 'Mentoring' Monday to everyone!! Hope your weeks are all off to a Wonderful Start!

Here in the United States today we celebrated President's Day! For the kids, it was a day off from school. For many of the government employees it was a day off from work.

I know that some people may be looking forward to my Monday giveaway...

This week I am changing it yet again! No guaranteed prizes this week. Lots of guaranteed upvotes. Prizes and BIG upvotes for a few original content producers!


For the upvotes there are two rules:
#1 - Tell me a little about your last seven days HERE on Steemit. Did you do a post? Why or why not? If it is a really good one, leave a link for it at the end of your comment.
I prefer if you hide the link by putting its TITLE or a title for it in these [ ] and immediately following, put the Post's web address in these (...) Here the ... is the url/address and the ] and ( touch like so "...](..." If you have done it correctly it should look like THIS

#2 - Wait for my reply and once I comment, REPLY appropriately to my comment.

So, for guaranteed upvotes, Steps #1 and #2 are all you have to do.

Now, if you are including the link to a post.... MAKE SURE it is your original work! And if you don't want to waste my time, make sure it is a good post.

No problem if you are a beginner and still have much to learn, just don't link a post that clearly took you less than 5 minutes please. I am more than happy to provide some feedback on improving your Post if you would like!

IF you have put forth effort on your post, I will give it an upvote.

If the post is quite good, I will see that it gets at least a couple upvotes worth up to $0.30. OR I may send you 0.10-0.50 Steem instead (my choice).

If your post is amazing, I will see that it gets at least $1.00 of upvotes.

Also, if you submit a post that wow's, interests or amazes me you may get a new follower, or at least get some follow up visits over the next 7-14 days.

Why the Change?????

So during my last "Quick Draw" Giveaway I found some commenters and one PRIZE WINNER that looked very scammy to me. It appears this user has multiple accounts. On some of these accounts it appears this user posts plagiarized content. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! I WILL NOT support Steemians that are scammers or cheaters or plagiarizers!!

I am all for supporting new, and struggling and hard working Steemians and Posters. But I will check in on you too. If you are doing unacceptable and SPAM and bad behaviour you will be warned, and/or flagged and (if it is very bad) Reported to @steemcleaners!

So please, do not bring your scammy behaviour to my post...You will regret it!!

I hope you don't mind my changes.

IF you are uncertain, or unclear about any of this, feel free to ask me in the comments below. There is no Bad or Wrong Question.... but, if English is not your native language, make sure to use enough words to make your question understandable!!


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I haven't posted anything this past week. The only thing I did a bit of this last week was to play the CraigCrypto Tag a Mate game. Really just little more. Reading a few posts.

I haven't posted much on Steemit. I've tried but just enjoy commenting and reading more than making up a full post!

Have a good week!!


Yes, I saw you there on @craigcryptoking's contest. You won one or two prizes didn't you?

What are your future plans? Do you have any posts that you would like to do? What keeps you from making a full Post?

Hi good morning.
For the past seven days i have been posting on a daily basis and i also try to be commenting on the post of others. I have also been getting involved in contest since its a way of getting more followers and getting good upvotes.
Here is one of the contest i entered where i shared one of the experienced of my life.



Thanks so much for your comment here and for sharing the link. It is a very risky post, but also good for some parents to see and read.

What do you see as Steemit's biggest Strength? And Steemit's biggest Weakness? This is a big question, but I feel you have the ability to give some good thought and answers. Feel free to answer here or make a post about it. As long as I can see you have put in the effort there will be a reward for your work.


The strength i see on steemit is the ability of one to socialize and still get some rewards for putting up original content on steemit. Ever since i joined steemit, my activities on Facebook has greatly reduced because Facebook tend not to reward you for anything you.
Also I started a blog some time last year but AdSense keep rejecting my application to be approved for earning.
You may wonder why i keep talking of reward, check the link below to see how i came here and how the platform has really helped me.


Not only helping me but putting me in a little position to assist a friend who called me yesterday that she was sick and urgently need cash for treatment. I easily gave out because steemit gave me.
Also soonest facebook, blogspot, and YouTube may loose people because steemit looks better than them.

The threats i have seen so far but kept quiet is the activities of Whales on steemit. I have seen some posts of people complaining of some whales who just flag down their post or comment, i tend to avoid commenting on such or getting myself involved to avoid be victimized there.
Also still on the whales, i read a post of a person where two whales were having a fight on her post one was downvoting and the other upvoting

Another threat i see based on my experience is the issue of initial registration. I could remember that i registered my first account, after the whole process i did not get the mail containing the password even till today, i was discouraged but @lordidama1 who introduced steemit encouraged me to register with another email which i did and within three days i got the password. For me, i feel there is actually no need of waiting for days to get approved. Let the process be automatic and also if it's possible let 2fa password be included and the maximum a person's account can be logged in should be place like a day or some hours so that there will be much security of loggin. That's my view any way.


Almost ..... almost every time some whale or big account has downvoted /flaged a post or comment is when they have done something wrong. Sometimes it is only a simple mistake, sometimes the WRONG is doing spam, or posting plagiarized information, etc.

I have seen a few Steemians whine or cry about being flagged or downvote... but for the minnow, I haven't seen it happen when they did nothing wrong. I haven't seen that yet.


I only responded based on what i have seen myself


Just a quick question.... YOu are asking for 50 SBD... that is equal to $250 USD... But what mechanism is there for you to change the SBD into your local currency? How can the SBD help you pay for your classes? How do you get cash for the class fee in your country?


There an account on steemit that does exchange to naira @olamax and pays directly into our Nigeria account.
Or i use Luno by converting my sbd to bit coin and send it to luno account which pays me in naira into the account i provide.

Here in Nigeria, we only pay school fees and that is once.

I haven't been posting a lot recently but I recently made a post. I have been mostly commenting upvoting and reading post's.

this is my post. I hope you like it!


Yes, it isn't necessary to make Posts on Steemit. There is the place for commenters and participants (curators). But it is good to learn from the Posts you read, and use that knowledge to improve your own posts!
What is the interesting part or what makes you want to learn to handle and do some tricks with cards?

I did a short post, which took me way longer than it should of lol, I'm not sure you will find it all that valuable. I mostly just want to practice with linking pictures and their sources, which i think i messed up on. Tried to have a little ittybitty bit of fun and also bring something useful.

Here it is My 3rd post!

Also thank you for your tip about hiding the link in the text, i've already used it multiple times! I did all of the post in the html mode.

Cheers @public-eye


So, as I said, the post was a good practice post. I'll also be leaving my "tips" blurb on your intro post or another recent one.

So.... what are you interested in? Hobbies? Special knowledge base? Cool life experiences?

Ahhhhhhhh... no Steem giveaway?
Last week? Not much on Steemit. Just playing a bit of Craig crypto tag a mate and waiting for drdave to post again. Barely on.

As for me posting...no idea what I would post or say.