OCD's Minnow Support Project Witness Application

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Who is not a member of the Minnow Support Project (MSP)/PALnet? @minnowsupport is one of the biggest communities on Steem dedicated to make a change for Minnows arriving in the vast Steem Ocean. As @minnowsupport describe themselves: "The Minnow Support Project exists as a Witness project to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty with a mission to help grow the Steem ecosystem and to train and maintain minnows (new members) on the platform."

The Minnow Support Project generously supports Steem Witnesses by letting them apply for their vote, ensuring support for witnesses that they feel are supporting Steem in various ways. As the OCD (@ocd) project is currently full force back into curating daily again and the OCDB (@ocdb) project is starting to gain wider traction throughout Steem we felt it is a good moment for us to apply for their witness vote for the OCD Witness (@ocd-witness) by sharing our story and answers to the questions from their 'Call for Applications' post.


How OCD and MSP connect, in short

In general we believe OCD and the Minnow Support Project are strengthening each others communities and efforts by working towards the same goals: growing and maintaining stronger and better informed Minnows. The Minnow Support Project offers Minnows many networking, upvoting, curating and education opportunities, while OCD focusses strongly on curating, uplifting and rewarding underrated authors - which often fall in the same group of (Plankton and) Minnows. This means that both our projects are building a support system for a highly overlapping group of Steemians and help them grow and maintain them in the Steem ecosystem. We are in fact sharing the responsibility of caring for the (Plankton and) Minnows that without these shows of support might easily leave or have left Steem.

What are you pledging to do to support the Steemit Community?

OCD is dedicated to the Steem Blockchain in the sense that we are all dedicated authors, engagers and curators who want Steem to thrive. We value manual curation and getting underrewarded and/or overlooked content seen. We create partnerships in order to have a bigger impact with our actions. This causes a ripple effect throughout the whole Steem Community: a user that feels seen, engaged with and that gets rewarded will be more likely to stick around, grow their account in both value and reputation, and will be able to support others in their own growing process.

A few notable efforts of OCD that supports the Steem(it) Community:

  • We've formed a partnership with @blocktrades so our curation efforts lead to higher rewards
  • We have a whitelist through which proven authors/good Steemians can make use of the OCDB stake distribution bot that is aimed to provide an alternative for the for-profit/commercial bid bots
  • We reward our curators for curating authors and writing the daily compilation posts, so these involved Steemians can grow their accounts and have a bigger impact on the Steem Ecosystem themselves
  • We reward our (OCDB) delegators, so they can support whitelisted users while getting a Return On Investment

Our next efforts are aimed at spreading our curation efforts off-Steem: we wil ask our curators to share the curated posts they select on Reddit, which will get more eyeballs on quality Steem Content, creating awareness about the value of Steem and subsequently onboarding new users. In our onboarding efforts we work together with @steemonboarding.

To sum it up: we support the Steem community by making sure people feel and are financially supported, so they remain on the platform, so they in turn can grow up to become powerful Steemians supporting the ecosystem themselves in return.

What are you pledging to do to support the Minnow Community?

Underrewarded authors, often Plankton and/or Minnows, are our main focus and priority. This shows in our curation guidelines which can be summarized as follows:

  • posts written by Steemians that are not yet on the OCD Whitelist (proven/higher rep Steemians are often already included through OCD curation in the past) have the highest chance of being curated
  • posts with a lower than 5$ payout at time of curation get preference over posts with a higher than 5$ payout
  • posts from Steemians with a lower reputation or newer (in account creation date) accounts get priority over posts from Steemians with a higher reputation

This results in a balance where most of the posts we curate on a daily basis are written by Plankton and Minnows, users that are often still looking to get significant support from more (steem)powerful users. This explicitly also means that we rarely curate Dolphins or higher-rep accounts, although exceptions are made - some Dolphins become Dolphins without ever gathering a real community around them or getting significant support on their posts.

We then strive to motivate manual curators to not only upvote posts that are written by Plankton and Minnows, but preferably also follow them and/or engage with them. We do this by writing a daily compilation post with the 10 posts we have found that day. Readers of our compilation posts can upvote the articles and enjoy a nice curation bonus if they choose to do so: the OCD upvote (followed by the hefty @blocktrades upvote) follows 12-24 hours after the compilation has been posted, giving manual curators the time to add some extra support to the posts of curated Plankton and Minnows.

Through these combined efforts we aim to make Plankton and Minnows feel appreciated, seen and supported, embedding them more in the Steem Ecosystem which should result in more invested and involved Plankton and Minnows that will try to grow their accounts and reputation on Steem.

Lastly we invite every curated author via a manually posted comment to our OCD Discord Server where they will meet other involved Steemians as well as the curators. Here they will be able to engage with fellow Steemians and learn about the OCDB stake distribution bot, a bonus each OCD Whitelisted user can use to help grow their account even more.

What are you pledging to do to support the Minnow Support Project?

All members of the OCD Team are supporters of the Minnow Support Project. PALnet is a place we're all members of and all of us attend shows on a regular basis. The aims and focus on Minnows that are widely spread by @minnowsupport are shared with the goals of OCD. Both the Minnow Support Project and OCD would like to see a Steem Ecosystem where stake is better distributed so we create a strong middle class of Steemians that stick around because they were supported by curators or other strong community members.

OCD is pledging to further support the Minnow Support Project through several actions:

  • by informing new Steemians that have been curated by OCD about the Minnow Support Project/PALnet (in particular the chat and radio shows) so they know where they can go for even further growth and support on the platform.
  • by being present in the radio shows so we're uptodate and can share the information to users that arrive in our Discord Server
  • by joining efforts in whitelisting great authors and good Steemians if @minnowsupport wishes to do so
  • By helping @minnowsupport onboard the 'future Minnows of Steem' through @steemonboarding and/or @steem.ninja
  • by curating introduction posts of new Steemians which we can share with @minnowsupport
  • by, if this is something @minnowsupport is interested in, assisting on radio shows on a regular basis to provide opinions, discuss 'hot' topics and share our passion for manual curation and better stake distribution

Lastly, OCD is aware of the @msp-curation project, and we will make sure to mention this effort on our Discord Server as well so that more people become aware of it.

We'd love to discuss even more ways we can support @minnowsupport. Through writing this application post we realized in how many ways we are trying to support the same group of people. Together we are stronger. We hope to keep communicating about ways in which we can grow a strong and informed group of Plankton and Minnows on Steem, and hope the @minnowsupport project and @ocd can strengthen each others efforts and have an even bigger impact.

Thank you for reading and considering our application in which we ask for @minnowsupport to support the @ocd-witness with their vote. But most of all, thanks for all of your efforts to create a positive impact on the Steem Ecosystem. Because, going back to the beginning of this application post: "Who is not a member of the Minnow Support Project (MSP)/PALnet?"

More info on @minnowsupport:

More info on @ocd:

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Whoop whoop! Love seeing groups work together to empower others. Yay!


Me too! Steem is a big place and forging bonds makes it so we're not just working on our own little islands :-)

The @steemomboarding team is stoked to have joined forces with @ocd! 💪🏻


Hear hear!

I've witnessed all this you mention, and I think it should not only be limited to broadcast on reddit, I wanted to support them with that broadcast on twitter.

I love to do this, and more when it comes to a community like @ocd. :)


Oh, absolutely! We can expand and expand and expand... Reddit is a nice starting place since they are the perfect target group to get onto Steem. Twitter is a great way to get extra exposure. Thanks for your offer to support our efforts on Twitter @roadstories! :-)


Welcome stweet ;), on twitter I have several people who are up to date with cryptography, so I hope good results have a considerable number of followers on twitter. Fingers crossed

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