National Rainbow Gathering 2017

3년 전

So, I went to the National Rainbow Gathering in the John Day Wildnerness in eastern Oregon, getting near Idaho. Big shout out to all the elders that made this glorious gathering happen. All this is said out of love and appreciation. Everything. Remember.

Here is MY quick list of the top 10 reasons to go to Rainbow. I literally just sat down in the Tao de Tea tea-bazaar and this came out. Very little forethought. Very little editing. Just sorta happened, like Love or moments of clarity. Or photosynthesis. Or purple poop that smells of rainbow sherbert!

TEN~ Free food!! Healthy vegan (some flesh) Meals and zuzus (snacks) prepared with love and healthy ingredients. Although this is contributing to the traveller/vagabond vibe growing, while the spiritual community seeker vibe seems to be waning in the younger generations, it is a love offering. Eye love the nomadic lifestyle, but when it is not accompanied with consciousness, then, it can become the 'fringes of society' gathering more than the 'family of light' gathering. I did not indulge in much of the food, because I have a serious case of celiac's or crohn's or something. Pray for a brother. Lots of people got a stomach virus or parasite or something. Praying for them.

Nine~ Radical self-reliance: Pack it in and pack it out. 2 mile hike each way each time- one mile from the lot to Welcome Home camp, and then one more mile to camp (by tepees). I made 7 trips total. 4 in and 3 out. I gave 3 different people gas because they ran out there in god's country. Small pat on the back. One of them went by Chameleon. He was kinda gracious about it. Not really. The others just took it and ran and did not offer any gratitude. Praying for them.


Eight~ Moment of Silence, July 4th: I woke up with the sun as I had done my entire stay at the Gathering. I made it to the main meadow by 9:00 a.m. to see it largely empty. Eye took a seat in the middle of the meadow and sat still for 4 hours. When I opened my eyes I had a handful of herb and many of the elders of the Rainbow family had gathered near me. The altar was set up 20 ft from where I was sitting, giving thanks and praises to the most high Light!

Seven~ Babylon norms need not apply: Radical self-expression. Clothing? Optional! Boxes to live in? Fuck NO! Boxes to work in? Nope, just the great outdoors. Gender roles or expectations? Nah. There are many transgender peoples on this planet. This is a valid statement and perhaps it is indicative of the crisis that is happening within and without today's largely fatherless or parentless youths. I saw a blind lady being helped by one person of such description. She did not have any idea she was being led around by a 'she-he'... a person who identifies as a she, but was once a 'he.' I am not trying to be disrepectful. People are people, whether they have the genitalia they came here with or not! Eye just don't have another word to use to describe the specifics. The she-he is much more prevalent I am noticing. The he-she is generally a butch lesbian, who does not get surgery to remove her god-given womanhood and replace it with man-made manhood. Interesting lot. I gave one a ride to town on my lone re-up mission, and she called himself Crystal. Judge not, but let it be known that I do not agree with frivolously mutilating our god given temple-body. Seems ungracious, ungrateful, and disrespectful to me. If that's how you want to be seen by the Creator, go for it. Otherwise, tread lightly.

Six~ Life in the Wilderness- GET OUT OF THE MATRIX! GET CONNECTED. AMAZING to wake up with nothing but bright evergreen canopy and deep blue skies! Special.

Five~ Gravity of the Camp fires: Music everywhere. Shiny, Happy people dancing and having fun. I met the most interesting story telling angels of my entire experience. Loki, thanks for the birthday hash and the stories, my good brother. Hope to see you again sometime soon. Wonder around. Explore. Meet your neighbors.

Four~ No dominator culture: NO vulture culture allowed. NO heirarchy. No chain-of-command. NO R-complex behavioral displays. The council of the elders in the tepees with all participants sitting in a circle was transformational. The speaking feather/talking stick was employed. All were allowed to speak. All voices were heard, acknowledged and respected.

Three~ NO money exchanged: Everything is given with love, freely or traded/bartered. Love is the currency and community is the exchange. We need more of this in our lives.

Two~ Community experience: Since Standing Rock eye have been looking for my next eco-village/tribal living community experience. Rainbow was it. Now if we could just combine the two, like Rainbow Rock. There could be a mass exodus, movement of JAH people. Community flourishes when that which is the root of all evil is not accepted, not used and not acknowledged- the love of money. Shout out to my favorite camp, Chanti Wakan, the Tribe of the Sacred Heart. Lobo is keeper of the flame from the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock.

UNO. ONE~ LOVE. FREEDOM. EXODUS. MOVEMENT OF JAH PEOPLE! Freedom is a felt experience. It is not an idea or a concept in the minds of man. IT IS A FELT EXPERIENCE. If it is not felt, then it is not known. In other words, the only way it can be known is through being experienced, which is felt inside, outside and all around.

If you do not go within, you most definitely go without. And in a holographic universe data for all of the whole are contained within each point or moving part. So, within each of us lies an entire universe and without there is a universe we sense with our sensory organs, but they are very limited in scope inherently. The visible light spectrum is one tiny section of the entire electro-magnetic spectrum.


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wow nice post, following<3


thank you, cainplant. glad you enjoyed it. you look like you could be second gen rainbow

very good post


thank you for your comment. what did you like best?

Wonderful post! I wish I had seen this back when it was new so I could have given you an upvote :-)

Hope you'll be joining us again this year, in Southern Appalachia. You'll find me at Instant Soup (the 24-hour vegan kitchen), as always :-)

Lovin you!