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Hi Steemit! I know that you like fresh ideas and interesting projects. And now I will tell you about a project called Miracle. Not just a miracle, but an ICO project called Miracle Tele. The project aimed at the global market. Probably this is the first use of the blockchain on such a scale.

It's about telecommunications, everything is very simple mobile communication, a new generation, without restrictions, at a steep price. This is what Miracle Tele is. The project is aimed at the global market and is able to replace all mobile operators. You do not have to overpay for calls and Internet traffic, you will be available anywhere in the world. The blockchain is changing our world for the better, opening new opportunities for humanity.



The new generation of virtual mobile operators. A project that eliminates competitors. Project success in a unique concept of applying the latest advanced technologies. Which leads to low cost services in the MIRACLE TELE network. The most interesting thing is that the project will be available in 163 countries. Stable online price € 0.2 min / € 0.01 MB. A unique opportunity to create on your SIM card several numbers and even from different countries. It's comfortable. Now you can safely work with your partners without overpaying for communication services. Or build your own convenient call center for your small business. You can pay for such communication services in any available currency, including cryptocurrency.

In the documents, I found approximate statistics of the cost of calls of competitors. The company used these statistics to show future customers of the company how much more profitable for them to use this unique network of the new generation.

An example of prices in the inside of the network


Such a pricing decision will change the whole market. If the project can do what is stated in the documentation, the project will become the number 1 operator in the world. And all Crypto enthusiasts will be able to pay for your mobile phone via cryptocurrency.



This is one of those projects that show how much technology can change the world. I have been following this project for a long time. And I can say one project is very successful. In the near future, I will share with you detailed information about the project. Consider the pros and possible cons.




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This certainly is a good step forward in communication using blockchain technology.
It will have huge obstacles to overcome to beat the major operators, most of which provide services that cover all your communication needs ie. Landline home internet and mobile in one package. But for people who travel around the world this will be a great asset. I shall keep an eye on the development. Thanks for bringing my attention to this. 😎

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Oh yeah. I was quite for such operators. But suppose it does not apply to the entire market. Suppose I would create my virtual number unich with joy. Because very often with my mobile operators there is a hitch in SMS from various cryptocurrency projects. And sometimes I have to wait the whole day. For this, I would connect to this operator for work.

It look a very nice and serious project, but based on an Ico it make shivers on my skin after all shit happen to Icos last year...:((


((( yes shit years for crypto ( 91% Scam coin.

This may be a silly question but how would you say miracle compares to dent?


Sorry today I can not compare the miracle with a black hole) 😅

Wow, I have to say this sounds like a great idea! The devil is, of course, in the details, but the concept is wonderful.

I live in Argentina, and I depend on a pre-paid telephone, which costs me a bloody fortune for international calls, so this could be a godsend.

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Ahahaha. Bro when I checked the text on the grammar perhaps he replaced atovatically a nutria !!! Thank )

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Is it interesting for me here to release this technology? It's not so easy.


I hope that this will be the case. I myself am interested in such a connection is convenient for my work.

Seems really interesting to me at least when prices are as low as you described.
The roaming fees are really low O.o


If Illan Mask will give all the Internet. Communication will be free)

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Hi @carbodexkim.

This is a wonderful project. After reading your article, I became interested in it. Could you tell me how I can find this project?


Yes, I will give you a link in the memo. Thank you for visiting my page again.

Interesting, we see how technology is going to fast. The blockchain shows jobs attractions that add up to many benefits,i still think that it will always be important to evaluate new projects. Thank you for this relevant information.

I think this is a promising project.
Because of mobile phone communication in various countries,
Is a huge income.
But the current payment is only for the national currency.
There are no mobile phone carriers can use cryptocurrencies to pay.
But it this is not the first company.
There are already a lot of mobile phone communication application software manufacturers have launched the same.
They are currently issuing their own tokens.
Can use their tokens to charge.
And the tokens they issue can be exchanged using cryptocurrency.
There is an exchange work in the middle.
You must use they issue tokens to exchange.
但目前的支付, 都只收國幣的
而他們所發行的代幣, 可以使用加密貨幣來進行交換


Yes, this is not the first company but my friend. They expose perfect conditions. That is, they are trying to create a network with very low rates around the world.

Nice to see you again. I always like to read your comments.

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Very interesting project concept. Optimization and solution of the platform are promising. In simple words, I was interested.


Project like Miracle !

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This is very good project. While mobile sim companies are looting us with high prices of calls and internet. This project really eliminates competition. Call charges are very low and I must say this is very good work.

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Hi! @arslan786
I also think that the project is impressive. The project has a good team and idea!

This is a great project particularly in my country where internet is accessed with huge funds, if this project really do what it promises to do then i can be a major ambassador for Miracle Tele in my country. @carbodexkim well done for a good post written pls i will need you to hook me up with any of the dev or marketing team of Miracle Tele for possible deal thanks.


I think you can have a chat in telegrams. The project has an official group of almost 30k people. You can ask a question in it, I think such projects are interested in promotion. In different regions of the world.

@carbodexkim, Blockchain is Revolutionary step to empower humans because it's coming up with opportunities and innovations are strengthing the new ideas and these ideas are becoming reality and producing Productive results.


Yes, I think you just need a good idea. And some money to realize it. Then the world changes. For the better.


Yes. Have a great time ahead.


Thx I follow you !

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Welcome. 🙂👍




In this game you won. I have a crazy schedule lately. So let's play this game again but on another day)🤣

Initially I had the idea that it was a mobile phone service operator that operated on a Blockchain. This I thought was great.

Then I understood that the project what it allows is pay the telephony expenses. I am right?

Another thing, will this project allow me to communicate with the existing telephone operators? Or to be able to have connection, my interlocutor must also hire the service?

Sorry if I have so many doubts, but this project really caught my attention.

Thanks for sharing.

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I believe in the team and the idea! Really a very interesting and promising project that can seriously shoot in the future.

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This sounds interesting. I think Dash had a similar project but it went down the drain. It would be interesting to follow up and see how this project is implemented.

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I am following this project. I like the opportunity to create several numbers on my SIM-card, including from other countries. The availability of the platform in more than one hundred countries is very serious. The function of creating a personal convenient call center for small businesses and pay for communication services in any available currency, including cryptocurrency. The project team has a great chance of success.

Согласен с мнением написанным выше, 99% процентов компаний проводящих ICO вызывают раздражение и изначальное недоверие.
Но об этом проекте уже слышал много хорошего, в том числе и на bitcointalk, а там ребята как на фронте, первыми получают удар.

Today, Miracle is one of the high-profile projects. Prospects are obvious. Thanks for the review.

The project is interesting and in my opinion very promising, thanks for the detailed review.

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cool project!