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Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce to you an extremely potential project and attract many investors

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Miracle Tele is a blockchain-based telecom ecosystem.Our telecom ecosystem is a fully-functioning solution that fuses advanced telco features together with fintech tools. We at Miracle Tele want to grow together with the world and tend to the changing needs of the telecom customers by offering them improved privacy, lack of bureaucracy, reduced rates, and value added services as well as freedom of access to financial tools via blockchain all in one place.

Miracle Tele is a fully operational mobile virtual network operator that offers high-quality international call and browsing services in 163 countries and uses the principles of collaborative economy on blockchain to provide its clients with biweekly token holder rewards.There is a distinctive and modern solution to the problems of the telecom industry.

Miracle TELE has created a magical place where users can enjoy the power of blockchain-based mobile and data services all over the world while profiting from the Mobile Virtual Network Operator telecom network growth.

Miracle Tele is a telecommunications company that allows you to use high quality mobile and Internet services at reasonable prices worldwide, on a single SIM card, without paperwork.

As a MVN operator, Miracle Tele has agreements with dozens of local telecom providers around the world, reducing infrastructure and branding costs and providing you with call rates. and the most competitive navigation of the sector, as well as a free bureaucracy services.

Mobile telephones and their associated infrastructure have become a crucial part of today’s life. A novelty affordable by the rich at one time, it is difficult to imagine a world without a cell phone now.

Being a virtual network that will operate in more than 163 countries, Miracle Tele does not have roaming charges, as all calls are treated as local calls. The charges for outgoing are at a flat rate of EUR 0.20 and incoming calls are totally free.

Data charges are also the lowest in the mobile industry, but do vary from country to country. Some of the other benefits of Miracle Tele are:

Pay as You Go: Miracle Tele requires no contracts and does not require documentation for signing up (apart from a name and address so the SIM card can be shipped).

Virtual Numbers: Users can select any number of virtual numbers as they want. Virtual numbers from US, EU, Canada, Australia and many other countries are available between EUR 2 and 3 with monthly fee ranging from EUR 0.5 to 1.5. Data packages are independent and users can browse the internet without needing one.

Free Services: WhatsApp and Telegram are in the pipeline to be free of cost on the network.

Multi-Currency Top Ups: The network supports a number of crypto and fiat currencies for topping up mobile credit.

Reward Program: Using stacking, users can stake their TELE tokens on the platform and receive rewards in multiple crypto and fiat currencies. Rewards are based on 40% of biweekly net profit divided between token holders.

The planned launch of its own proprietary blockchain in 2020 means it will be possible to avoid Ethereum blockchain transaction cost and transaction limits and provide much cheaper rates.


1.FAIR PLAY One of the lowest rates on the telecom market via a pay- as you-go model with no startup or hidden fees

2.ZERO PAPERWORK One-step registration with no contracts and no document requirements for SIM card orders

3.BLOCKCHAIN Deployment of a blockchain grid on top of our telco infrastructure makes it possible for TELE token holders to receive biweekly rewards and reduce the cost of telecom services in the long term

4.INNOVATION Future implementation of advanced communications services and financial tools


MiracleTele is going to offer options for minimized costs by using them as an operator, no additional services, so they can be more efficient and a sustainable growth model based on the absence of operational costs and a revenue sharing model.

Miracle Tele, being based on Ethereum blockchain, is powered by its own native ERC20 compatible token, the TELE. Though the platform allows top ups and reward withdrawals in other cryptos and fiat, stacking is only possible through their TELE tokens.


Miracle Tele shall issue 300,000,000 TELE tokens throughout the duration of Miracle Tele token sale.

The Purchaser may acquire TELE tokens from the Company by transferring the Company the corresponding payment in fiat currencies (EUR,USD) or cryptocurrencies (BTC,ETH) as per instructions presented in the member’s area on the Website of Miracle Tele.

Miracle Tele token sale shall have the following distribution structure:

  1. Token sale: 50%

  2. Promotion: 20%

  3. Bounty: 5%

  4. Team: 20%

  5. Legal: 5%



TOTAL TOKENS: 150,000,000 tokens

AWARDS TOKEN: 40% of total profit

Miracle Team



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