10 year old boy MISSING: Montreal parents just want Ariel back...

3년 전

Story here:


Any parent instantly freezes at the thought that their child may get lost and missing.

The image of that boy and parents has burned in my mind in the hope that if I could see him I could denounce it and at the same time I can`t wait for the good news that they will be reunited as soon as possible.

Maybe together with the Social Security Number it could be provided also a GPS locator which would be able to use any residential wi-fi network it encounters to transmit its position.
Residential areas probably don`t have much surveillance cameras available but some monstrous crunching power could be needed to single out vehicles which are not from the neighborhood.

I am wondering what else could be possibly be done to help in these terrible moments, as a brainstorming.
Please use comments with suggestions.

Hoping for a quick happy ending for this nightmare.
If as many people know maybe someone sees something which will help this family.

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Posting SIN number around may be a little risky in terms of identity theft but with respect to GPS tracking, we may be getting close with all these smart watches coming out. I hear the new ones can now use its own SIM card so it does not need to be tethered to a phone.