Mistery of The World- 6.


Room 39
The Organization of 1970, a Secret Organization of North Korea. It is not known yet about what purpose. It is also considered to be informed about the key purpose. But this is the reason for the whole of the world's largest crime, and these things are done with the entire state of the crime. You have heard the name of the Supreme Dollar? Those who are new for the new ones are those who are made of the dollar version of the country's dollar version or the false dollar that is the world's all-edge organization or the maximum amount of the country's system. The most effective cotton was made by the Lineen Bend, and the Security Features of America are the rigs. The whole year's fair is awarded with the Lynn Bend. This is a matter of the issue of the Lynic Bend, this is the root of the Room 38. This is a big armorous army and some Swim Bank's Avivarianism in the world. This is the biggest arrows and the government of this is a bigger argument with the insurance of the world. The world's largest intelligence archaeological and business in the world of the Swiss bank is responsible for the income of the world's greatest intelligence and the Swiss Bank. This is the greatest intelligence of the world's world-in-law, the world's largest intelligence arrangements and the Swiss Bank's all the world's intelligence agencies are the most important intelligence agencies to be able to do the same people's normal intelligence agencies to get the people of the world's people. image

Source: https://m.priyo.com/articles.

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