Why So Few MLM Scam Complaints?


One of the things that many do not understand is why there are so few complaints filed against MLM scams. I want to take a few moments and explain to you why this is the case.

Since MLM scam recruits must recruit a large number of people to have any hope of earning enough in commissions to recover their initial investment, every major victim has to become a scam promoter. Recruits fear admitting to running a scam and the consequences from their friends and family they recruited. They are told to blame themselves for their “failure,” and they simply drop out and accept their losses. They do not understand that the MLM scam they have joined has doomed them to failure by its very design.

Go to the following link to check my facts: https://ethanvanderbuilt.com/2014/11/09/complaints-mlm-scams/

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Once again, thank you for uploading these videos here. It's always good to hear your points of view in this regard.


Thank you. I really appreciate that.

What is an MLM scam?


A MLM scam is an income opportunity, in which persons are recruited into a pyramid of participants making ongoing personal purchases or retail sales of products and services. These persons recruit others to do the same in an endless chain of recruitment and personal consumption or retail sales. This is done in order to qualify for commissions and bonuses and to advance upward in the hierarchy of levels in the pyramid. Personal purchases or retail sales become the means of disguising or laundering investments in the MLM scam.


I see. I worked for a security company in college that operated that way.


It is amazing at how many companies take advantage of people with endless recruiting.