How can you make money with MLM LuLaRoe? Why the sums don’t add up



How can you make money with MLM LuLaRoe? Why the sums don’t add up

How much money can you make with MLM LuLaRoe? We look at what it takes to become a LuLaRoe consultant, and why the sums just don’t add up.

One MLM that has been hitting the headlines often over the past year for the wrong reasons is LuLaRoe. For those of you who have never heard of LuLaRoe, it’s an American MLM that sells clothing, but is mainly known for its ‘buttery soft’ leggings.

Given the bad press about LuLaRoe, we decided to look at whether it’s possible to earn money as a LuLaRoe consultant, so we looked for evidence of their numbers. And, as we discover in this article, when you dig down into the ‘income opportunity’ LuLaRoe offers their consultants, the sums just don’t add up.

How much does it cost to become a LuLaRoe consultant?

So if you did want to join LuLaRoe and become a ‘consultant’ (as they call their reps), what kind of investment are you looking at? To begin with, you have your initial set up costs. These are unavoidable if you want to become a LuLaRoe consultant.

To join, you’re required to invest a minimum of US$5,500 in inventory, according to Business Insider. You also have other expenses, including (but not limited to) hangers, business cards, a website, space/facilities to store and display your products, and a budget for flyers and local markets and shows. According to this site, you need to put aside at least another US$500 to cover these extra startup costs.

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In regards to the post, it takes $5,500 to get started in this thing? Are they nuts?? wow. amazing is all I gotta say!

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Thank you very much for the comment. This has been a great place. Still a lot to learn, but a very interesting social network.

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