So Mckenzie Dern missed weight.....again.

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I can't say I was at all surprised to be honest. Most other fighters who had missed weight as much on the lower tiers as she has would not have been given a shot at the UFC to begin with. I am fairly sure this is a big part of the reason she was asked to leave her previous MMA camp, they had seen her miss weight at least twice before ad likely knew what was coming and didn't want to have their gym name be associated with someone who misses weight so much.

My biggest gripes are she really should have done something to go that extra step like having the towel crew come out so she could get on the scale naked or cutting her hair or something to show she had made every effort but I guess if you miss weight by over 7 pounds it is obvious you made very little effort.

On top of all this she has already been talking about not wanting to be in MMA for very long (just long enough to get two titles, her arrogance would be amusing if it wasn't so insulting) apparently the scale is too wily a foe for her.

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It is pretty crazy, I had heard so much hype about her from people who follow BJJ and was excited to see her come over to MMA but she has been a pretty big let down so far.

To me it seems like the UFC are doing all they can to try and build her up, giving her an opponent who's lost 50% of her fights by submission. If Dern can't pull of a win now she's missed weight the UFC will likely be done with her.


lets be honest she never should have gotten the call up to begin with. she missed weight for 2 of her 5 pre ufc fights I believe. cmon. you missing weight half the time and the ufc giving you a contract? that's not the norm to say the least
People got all on the "she is the next Ronda Rousey" nonsense that they do every time a pretty girl gets a few wins but what they don't realize is how close Rousey really was to being the total package. Takedowns, Submissions and Striking the only thing she really lacked was striking defense.
Dern lacks striking AND takedowns
she has a ground game but against any real legit mma fighter at this point she will only get to use it against someone who wants to fight her on the ground.
I train in BJJ quite a bit but it was embarrassing to have all the bjj people hang their hats on this girl BJJ fans were so arrogant when talking about how a matchup with dern and rousey would go but so far Dern has only submitted a girl who didn't even have a corner giving her advice.

on top of that the weight missing etc