Which Phone Would You Buy In 2019?

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There are so many options today in the premium segment. I've been using a S8+ for the past year and half and it has given a very consistent performance, battery life and I was able to pick it up a very reasonably price for a brand new phone as I got some heavy discounts and a buy back on my older phone.



Now I bought that in 2017 and now we have so many new options. Sadly Apple isn't innovating as it was before so currently Samsung, Google, OnePlus for example have some good offerings.

I was looking forward to the OnePlus 7 Pro but the pricing put me off as well as the camera performance I felt was sub par compared to the S10. However, surely future software upgrades or mods might fix it but for now I can't seem to find it better than S10 in real world usage. Even though on paper it seems to pack better specifications.

But i love that Nebula blue color, the screen and the fact that the 256gb version in terms of price is certainly more affordable over the S10 phones.

Anyway this is my opinion. With Redmi planning to release their flagship killer 2.0 the market seems to be packing a lot of great options in the premium segment.

But for now I'm sticking with my S8+ as it has given me great performance for the price I paid for it and has also proven itself to be the most reliable phone I've ever used with good build quality.

Given my most recent experience with Samsung I'm likely to go with the brand's latest flagship if I were to change my phones in the future. But i'd love to know what you think.

What is your opinion about the latest phones in the market? Which ones are you planning on buying this year? I'm sure I must've left a few good options out there in this post.

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I'm a big fan of Samsung and iPhone, but Huawei seems to be gearing up for the big boy league too. P30 pro seems to be intriguing in a lot of fronts. Camera features are unparallel as of now.

Apple's taking a smart policy of not introducing foldable phones, though some might say it's lack of innovation. Prototype foldable screens are going to be huge bet and history suggests these are usually not the market leader.While this is a groundbreaking, I believe Apple's approach of waiting for market reaction is more sensible that eventually would allow them to produce a market fit product.

P30pro/ S10, meanwhile will fight for the title, at least for some time next.

Would like to go for one+7

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I agree with you..

The original Nokia 3310! 🤪

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The new Samsung fold would do it for me.

@firepower Heya, frankly saying samsung phones hang too early and if we compare oneplus is quite better!!! Currently I'm using iPhone 8 which is working best for me till now.... Thanks =) Btw which one you personally wish to buy???

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I have been using my S7 edge since almost 2 and a half years and very happy with its performance. I don't think I am getting a new one for another a year atleast.


Samsung lasts - been on s6 for nearly 4 years now

Nope, I will just stick to my 2 year old OnePlus3. Updated it to Android Pie and now it runs smooth like a first day baby! Except the camera sucks big time especially compare to the industry standard now. But I can very much live with that.

It would be Pixel 3 if I really have to make a choice though.

its easy to filter out junk by using SAR Value as a metric ;)

Galaxy S10 would be better.

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