Overview of Module system - earn on free memory in your phone

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Hello everybody. Today we’re talking about tablets and mobile phones memory. For some there is never enough of it, for some there’s too much of it. Today let’s take a closer look at the Module project and decide if it’s really that good as analysts say.

What is Module?

It’s a platform based on the blockchain technology. Every person who has a tablet or mobile phone can install an application and earn tokens for lending his memory. For some period a device owner can provide a part of his memory and earn from it. There’s nothing difficult here: people should just download the application and give access to other users so they would use the free memory of the owner.

What problems it solves?

The platform gives solutions for several important problems at once that haven’t been solved so far:

1. One-third of the planet population uses phones. An average memory of the phone is about 32 GB. But in most cases people don’t use even the half of it. And if you multiply unused memory by the amount of phone owners, the number is going to be colossal. The designers decided to turn this memory into something useful, but for other people.

2. As the number of internet visitors grows up as well as companies totally turn to the internet, it’s important to provide a safe, convenient and cheap storage of the information. At the moment people are not able to fully realize an amount of data which is processed in the world.

3. As more people start mastering the blockchain technology, a new mining algorithm is needed on the market. In its turn, Module can provide it in the near future. Everyone who likes this can take a part.

How it works

The platform is based on PoSTT protocol. This is decentralized system of data storage. The thing is, there’s no mediatory between a person who gives memory and a person who takes it. No cheating at all, because the platform is absolutely clear.

The algorithm has 3 parts: confirmation of the date, place and the transaction itself. The award people get depends on the number of transactions made and the memory capacity.

Token and ICO

Token’s name: MODL
Platform: Ethereum
One MODL price: $0.008
Sale Period: 21/06/2018-20/10/2018
Soft cap: $5 000 000
Hard cap: $18 000 000

60% - mining
15% - advisors
15% - public sale
5% - bonus
5% - private sale


In my opinion, the project is something unique as it solves 3 data storage problems at once. Indeed, lots of servers and other methods of data storage are needed, as well as high technologies because most industries go to the internet. The very first step is going to be the Module. The designers of the platform managed to realize an idea of using other people’s memory. Considering that the service is absolutely clear, there’s no cheating at all. Plus there’s no a third person party which increases the safeness of the deal. The bonus system is quite simple, so the platform gets more and more popular, right now there’s lots of unused memory. So why not use it and even earn from it? The analysts would not predict the growth of digital currency if the idea were not worthy.

Links to the Module project:
Website: Сайт: https://modltoken.io/
Whitepaper: https://modltoken.io/doc/whitepaper_en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/module_project
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MODULE_Project
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4745515.0

Author of the article:

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