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Envision that your smartphone, an indispensable component of your everyday life, turns into equipment.

By growing a different consensus algorithm called Substantiation of Space, Period and Deal (PoSTT), the MODULE staff proposes an impressive technology which will enable people worldwide to very easily participate in mining.

In an expression, we wish to deliver considerably more enjoyment to this environment through Module and make the environment an improved place by growing this technology.

There is certainly no doubt that the groundbreaking technology referred to as blockchain and the IT field itself will continue to develop in the potential.

If it is positively applied, the platform actually may replace all existing database apps and content related delivery services. It is desired to contribute in creating an environment where anyone can generate any strategies and offerings serious. As an initial stage of creating this universe, our staff allows the challenge of performing an ICO.

MODULE is about to put a major stone in the lake of the cryptocurrency market. The done stone will reason ripples, and when our thoughts take legitimate form, and persons receive to know them, we will become ready to make a switch in the globe.

The primary product of the module is a blockchain-based data storage platform that allows anyone to act as a"miner" (data variety) with his computer's free memory. The system is certainly not targeted at end users, but alternatively at
application developers who can manage the back end for a range of applications.

In their white paper, Modules estimates that billions of gigabytes of data on smartphones and other devices around the world go unused. While many blockchain services count on extremely effective pcs to check deals and store info, Module advises rather than all this whole storage area should become used.

All data placed in the platform of the module is fully encrypted so that it is protected from the peer in whose system it is stored, but likewise when the product of the coordinator is offline because there are multiple copies.

The platform's algorithms are designed to provide a truly decentralized system that will work well in the future as the hardware requirements of computer remembrances and programs continue to grow.


The module permits its miners to set their hosting service prices, which the company hopes will stimulate healthy competition and allow users to buy only the storage capacity they need for their intended use. Access to the support necessitates payment in MODL tokens, which are being used to compensate the host users for offering the assistance.

The creation of the module platform commenced in May 2018, although the company's roadmap shows that a beta release will not be released until the end of the year. The provider wants to launch a simple smartphone app on Yahoo Take up and the App Retailer in early on 2019.

Module MODL Symbol ICO Details
Module MODL is a great Ethereum ERC-20 compatible toke. Individual pre-sale works from July 15 through Come July 1st 31, 2018. All general population ICO revenue begin quickly thereafter and manage until June 15.

During the crowdsale, a MODL token will expense you $ 0.008, even though pre-sale customers receive a 7% price cut. The MODL Expression Soft Cap is normally 5M, and the Hard Cap can be 30M.

Module system has an interesting choice for blockchain-based applications; Many programs that apply this technology depend on a fairly little community of users who employ effective components and ultimately carry out not gain the decentralization they demand.

Programmers enthusiastic about decentralized software production should consider Modul's program after its put out, as very long as it draws in plenty of hosts to work properly.

Buyers interested in the MODL expression should carefully browse the company's white paper, which explains the structures of the program found in great details and handles the requirements of program developers.

Shareholders should as well remember that they will certainly not see any come back for at least a few weeks as the merchandise is normally still in the development level.

Valuable reader, this is merely a simple overview of the purpose, benefits, and opportunities that can be gained from this impressive task.

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