Of Algorithms and Cosmology

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This was meant to be a reply to my highly esteemed steemian @por500bolos latest post pertaining to algorithms. Frankly my comment was just too damn good to be confined in a comment section of a post. A post which your search parameters that are based on pleasure seeking and are also powered by monetization likely didn't manifest on your timeline.

I know this because like myself por500 suffers from a lack of connection to an audience that can digest our sometimes cryptic but always incisively precise content that is well known to spawn neurogenesis within the Internet's infantile, as well as those suffering from the Encephalopathy attributed to the poorly constructed content that plagues this platform.

my comment that is better than your content and seeped in my immortal arrogance

One of Khwãrezm’s most famous residents was Muhammad ibn Mūsa al-Khwarizmī, an influential 9th century scholar, astronomer, geographer, and mathematician known especially for his contributions to the study of algebra. Indeed, the latinization of his name, which meant ‘the native of Khwãrezm’ in Persian, gave English the word algorithm. He wrote a book in Arabic about Hindu-Arabic numerals; the Latin translation of the book title was Algoritmi de numero Indorum (in English Al-Khwarizmi on the Hindu Art of Reckoning).

I reckon creation is an equation and our organic computers that are somewhat safely packed up in a casing of collagen and calcium phosphate generate algorithms mostly for the purpose of self preservation. So it's no great surprise that we humanoids would create egocentric machines that are also oblivious to the source code that endlessly integrates it's holistically based permutations in a concerted effort to achieve symbiosis via consensus.. Or for those that are seeking a more succinct synopsis they can look to dharma and the accord of rta..

Separation is maya and thus I am made of the same amalgamation that elusively breeds the alienation that when given contemplation is nothing more than the unavoidable path to divine unification.

My sense of superiority is yours and your inferiority complex is mine we can switch this up however you please and it will turn out fine.

If you dislike the above I'll take it as a temporarily misguided form of love...

Samastha lokah sukhino bhavantu

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This was meant to be a reply to my highly esteemed steemian @por500bolos latest post pertaining to algorithms.

Algorithmically well appreciated my friend. :)

Cosmology giving birth to neurogenesis is an outstanding by product of great soliloquies.

So, from the entrails of the casing of collagen and calcium phosphate of that algorithmic entanglement of us, gotta let you know we are not alone. Because we are now two highly peculiar living entities exchanging cryptic and incisively precise nutritious soliloquies as God commands.

Happy Diwali that's over now? 🤔 I'm never sure of the dates. But I did post some photos of our outing Sunday to look at the lights. 💜

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Cool I go give it a look.. Officially it was this past Sunday but the fireworks began Thursday and went on until last night..

Here it's the time to visit the immediate family, extended families, and friends, usually in that order.. That takes a marathon of 5 days minimum and is repeated for Chinese new year, eid, and Christmas here as well..

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