Do your part! Help the IMF vision for cryptocurrencies become a reality

5년 전

From a recent blog post:

Biometrics, artificial intelligence, and cryptography can enhance digital security and identify suspicious transactions in close to real time. This would give law enforcement a leg up in acting fast to stop illegal transactions. This is one way to help us remove the “pollution” from the crypto-assets ecosystem.

This would appear to be the IMF boss vision for #cryptocurrency: an even more perfect surveillance mechanism than the current banking system already is.

Want to see this vision come to fruition?

Well then - do your part!

How to ensure the enslavement of yourself and millions of humans in the future

Continue using privacy-destroying "crypto"currencies that potentially endanger your physical safety as well as those you transact with.

HOW ? Use any "crypto"currency with the notable exception of monero.

WHY ? Using #monero, like using physical cash, is only useful for transacting privately. If you have not been following the news, only criminals would need to resort to privacy; the all-seeing eye of the state has you covered otherwise. There are never false positives, nor abuses in the system, and you are not utterly disenfranchised by having to forcibly surrender your right to privacy and to keep the state out of your private life; embrace modernity, and let your baker know you own 50k worth of bitcoin when paying him.

Continue moving the world to a point where no transactions outside the reach of the state shall be legal.

HOW ? Use your debit and credit cards for all of your purchases. Leave as much as a digital trail in your wake as you can. After all, you have nothing to hide.

WHY ? The more complete the picture you give your bank/financial institution, the better; for your own protection, and that of your family, all your financial patterns are to be recorded, examined, sold to marketers, and kept indefinitely for the benefit of the state bureaucracy. Every detail of your financial life shall be scrutinized. Because you might just be a criminal.


Everyone is guilty and suspect by default - surveil and store data, ask questions later.

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. In any case do not worry, it is only all of your activity that is being recorded.

Only criminals would like to keep their personal financial affairs personal. You are not a criminal, are you?

Do your part - history shows us that engorged state bureaucracies with ever-growing access to intricate details of the private lives of citizens is a wonderful thing for freedom.

Do not question it.

Do not fight it.

And remember, above all, to not use cash and monero.

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