Business Plan competition V2: You must sell a service and you must incorporate a token into the design- 500 Steem and 1000 ENG prize pool.

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Ok, so I screwed up last time and didn't budget enough time to get into the business plans, but I was also a little disappointed that not enough of them had an actual revenue model. To have a business you have to sell stuff and you have to accept money for the thing you sell. Also, and this is critical, you have to sell more than what you spend. Otherwise what you're doing is a hobby and not a business.

Since 3 days ago there's a way to incorporate tokens on the steem platform. We have 49 tokens that have been created on So, I'm restarting the business plan competition here on @aggroed. I'm later going to switch the results over to @steem-eng. So, be sure to follow @steem-eng and the competition over there as well.

What you need to do

Write a post, include the following, and link the URL to the post in the comments below. Depending on the number of submissions there may be a followup round.

  1. Describe the problem
  2. Share your vision for the solution
  3. Tell us the mission of the company or app
  4. What product/service will you sell?
  5. How will it incorporate a steem-engine token?

The best answer will get the grand prize of 500 steem and 500 ENG and runners up can get 100 ENG each. So, wish you had ENG to make a token? Here's your first chance!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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here is my entry to your competition
Business Plan v2 Competition Entry:conservation-and-carbon-footprint-centric-game-company

I encourage anyone that wishes to learn more about my game company to read the entry and follow this account for future updates as this is already a work in progress and we are also actively watching for and encourage comments in our Discord as well.

I am such a huge fan @aggroed and everything that you have done for the Steem blockchain. I have been toying with this idea for a while now and actually was waiting for Smart Media Tokens to launch, but you and the guys beat STINC to it and launched Steem Engine which is amazing (I've done a lot of reading and testing).

I, sadly, haven't had the funds to launch my own token yet, so you can imagine my delight when I saw this competition you're running. My entry can be found here:

I have nothing to fear sharing my idea with anyone else. Competition is good and no idea is unique. There are already sites similar to the one I am proposing, nothing Steem specific though. And let's face it, ideas are worthless and execution is priceless.

The idea I have will initially require one custom token, which will be the main currency on the site and then shortly thereafter, another token will be created as a pure reward based token for using the site (similar to how you earn STEEM/SBD from upvotes here on Steemit).

My fingers and toes are crossed.


This is the reason I'm not freaked about sharing ideas. The idea doesn't really matter by itself. The day to day, keeping leaders, community members, devs, and customers engaged over long periods of time is where longevity and profit are derived.

If the idea really is radical and revolutionary there likely wouldn't be enough folks to get it anyway to be a competitive threat.


Precisely. I think people sometimes get caught up in their own ideas and think they're going to change the world or be stolen. I am not ashamed to admit maybe 7 years ago I kind of thought like this. I built things in secret because I was so afraid of my ideas being stolen.

I actually discovered later on that telling people your ideas and as many people as possible leads to a better end result, as your feedback pool deepens substantially.

There is a reason most companies and venture capitalists refuse to sign NDA's from starry eyed start-ups and developers, because nobody makes an acquisition or investment into an idea.


.....i see your logic, now see mine.

If your idea is already a few steps ahead, its fine to share.

No idea is unique , everyone ispretty much doing everything .

However, from experience, its best to speak with private investors and keep part of your plans secret until you're good to go.

There is a reason companies secure patents before releasing a product .

Running a business is hard, especially when one has little cash

If it were $1m up for grabs, then i would be inclined to risk sharing it to the world.


Hey @aggroed

No stress, buddy. Just curious if this competition has been drawn yet and a winner announced?


This is nice, we already created a token.

But no way are we going to share my business plan to the world.

Thats open invitation for any competitor or someone with big enough bucks to come in and implement.

Goodluck to the participants, but I dont think ned blew out the idea for steemit inc until they were well into starting things.

I dont think apple business plan is in the public.

A white paper is not necessarily a business plan, that much i can say.

Steem-engine was a savior, we had already decided to work on eos instead.



That's a great story, which token did you guys create?



I actually have a proposal I'd like to pitch. I won't pitch it in a post, to preclude the proposal being implemented by potential competitors before I can implement it. I am confident competition will arise, but also that the first mover advantage will apply.

Is there a way to first implement the business, and then enter? If not, I will eschew the competition, and simply effect the business, as the prize is not necessary for it's success. Wouldn't hurt none, though. It's a good prize, particularly for startups in this field.



Come DM me and we can talk about it a little.

You didn't include any hashtags?

Fudge...I want a prediction market made on Steem...

Can this apply to an existing business ( that is say in a MVP ) right now?

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@aggroed, I am eagerly waiting to see diverisified Business Plans and associated Tokens. Feels that from here exciting journey will start. Keep up and have a blessful time ahead.

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