Very Big Contest JOURNEY TO 100K CRYPTO GIVEAWAY(Contest ends in 4 days)

3년 전

1st Place Grand Prize
250,000 Apollo Coins (APL)
250 Ripple (XRP)
1000 Makeafolio Tokens (MAF)
10,000 Lamoneda (LMDA)
10,000 Aircoins (AIRx)
1 Bitfi Hardware Wallet ($125 value)

Runner Up Grand Prize (2nd & 3rd place)
150,000 Apollo (APL)
150 Ripple (XRP)
1000 Makeafolio Tokens (MAF)
10k Lamoneda (LMA)
10k Aircoins (AIRx)
1 Bitfi Hardware Wallet ($125 value)

Entry Reward (800 APL)
Get 800 Apollo (APL) when you get 500 entries/points in the contest

APL will be sent out after the contest is over

Limited to top 5000 in contest only! Be sure your rank is within top 5000 to receive this prize.

Click Below Link and join Contest!

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