Biggest scam on the web,includes charities.

29일 전

I decided to check out a story ,I heard from a new found friend from the web. Like anything ,every story you write has a price tagg.
Remember if it sounds to good to be true,99.9 percent its not true.
I started to follow a lady, and give her advice as she started to tell me a story. She told me how as she described her Boss lady,just was delivered what was titled THE WIN. After investing in proper paperwork to the sum of 1500 dollars using untraceable money ,using Amazon and Google Play. Later was delivered a check for $300,000 usd. Which came delivered by a van called Fredx .
The check was cashed at a bank and she purchased a. Expensive car,and supernarket.
She the employee saw the check and went with to the bank with her to cash it.
The check was from a large foundation, she ask me not to put the name in print.
Now my question ? Is was this real or just phaze one to bigger play.
I myself watched this ,as she decided to what I called The Card Game.
QUESTION is this real or fake?
I decided to post this for her on Steemit,
I await your feedback as to what this The Win
Is real or FAKE.
At present time im not going to post photos, but in future post will check into this. And try to share more info with Streaming steemit followers.

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