The most successful MLB bettng system I've used so far! #15

3년 전


And we are on again for another series. The Mets again are proving to be the very best of losers. I have a feeling they have made up close to half of out successful betting series this season!

In their Sunday game they got off to an excellent start only to have 5 runs put on them in a single inning. The Astros consolidated with a few extras to push them to an 8-6 win.

The Mets are down 4 in a row and it's time they got back to their winning ways.

BET: Mets m/l

The Dodgers have shocked a lot of people with the current loss of form as the season hits the crucial stages. Still the NL West leaders with an record they've uncharacteristically lost 8 from their last 9 We are looking for them to put things right as they go up against Arizona again in another series!

BET: Dodgers m/l

Good luck!

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Meep Meep

Not a bad effort today! The Mets took the win early to give us a nice profitable start to the day.

The Dodgers however were absolutely thrashed! But with a loss like that they will certainly be chasing redemption at home in tomorrow's game!