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Let's take a good look at two of the hottest wallet tokens on the market today.

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Notice I said we are comparing tokens not apps or projects, this comparison is only going to look at the Token fundamentals of each. IF you want to know more about what ETHOS or BRD is.. Then do your own research, its no secret I've been a fan of BRD's app for awhile now. So as ive gone around declaring my love for BRD in the Crypto space I kept getting told about ETHOS and how it was a better investment. So I decided to take a closer look at the two tokens, I'll just let the numbers speak for themselves and you make up your own mind as to what token is the better investment.


In short ETHOS Tokens will:

Be the payment mechanism for accessing and using services on the Ethos platform
Pay for transaction fees and API calls
Enable liquidity to help with changes in user asset allocations
However, ETHOS Tokens will NOT:

Pay dividends or profits of any kind
Enable holders to vote on company matters, or
Control the company in any way
In the future, Ethos Tokens may be used to send value, similar to PayPal. This is where we hope to get to and believe that it will require navigating technical and legal solutions with care and expertise.



BRD tokens will unlock a long list of perks for users of the BRD platform. Token holders will enjoy discounts, sequential tiers of complementary or exclusive access to premium features, and full white glove service for our most elite customers.

Tokens can be earned through various promotions, such as giveaways, opt-in surveys, or even automatic airdrops for frequent users. BRD tokens exist on the Ethereum network as a standard ERC-20 token, which means access to these perks can be freely bought, sold, or transferred independent of the BRD platform.


Token stats!

All stats quoted in this post are publicly available on at these links..

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The total supply of each token is something I look at before I buy.. We all know that the lower the total supply the higher the price potential. Some more high points to talk about here are the Circulating supply.. Notice that BRD's Total supply is not only a lot lower but its also all already in circulation. That's good from a investment point of view, You don't have to worry about the market getting dumped on later as more and more tokens go into circulation. Another plus for BRD over ETHOS IMO is the Coincheckup Algorithmic score they give to projects with potential.


The scores are algorithmicically calculated multiple times a day based on manually and automatically collected publicly verifiable, objective data. Currently this is where the token stack up in the ranking.

BRD's rank is 4.3 out of 5 stars.


ETHOS's rank is 3.1 out of 5 stars.

Ethos Alg.JPG

If you want more info on how coincheck comes up with these scores please take a moment to go check each of the full reports here: BRD Or ETHOS

How much did the teams keep?

Another small detail I look at when weighing the investment potential of a token is who owns the lions share to start, Is it investors or did the company hold back more for itself. Why is this a concern you ask? Well the simple answer is the ones who own the most of something have the most influence over its price.

BRD's Token allocations
88,862,718 Bread tokens have been issued:
● 37.11% (32,978,250 BRD) were sold in a private presale.
● 29.56% (26,263,561 BRD) were sold in the public crowdsale.
● 33.3% (29,620,907 BRD) were retained by Bread.

Out of that 33% they kept for the team they just committed to giving away 1,200,000 BRD tokens in a airdrop at 30 BRD each registrant.

Source: BRD white paper!

Finding the Token allocations for ETHOS was not as simple, I looked on their site and white pages but couldn't come up with a allocation. However, you can tell by how much is still not in circulation that the ETHOS team kept the majority of the tokens for itself.

One of these guys knows what's up.

Both tokens are on exchanges now and can be purchased today! OR you can skip the exchanges and buy your BRD inside the BRD app today.. Or if you need a secure place to hold your ETHOS tokens until they get a working public wallet BRD supports their token as well!

If you can't look at these numbers and figure out what token is the better investment. Then maybe you need to just stick to fiat currencies and pay someone to invest for you. :)

If you are Interested in joining a BRD telegram chat that is geared towards Investing and Trading the BRD token. Join it here!
BRD Investors and Traders chat

The information in this blog is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.

This blog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of anyone BUT myself. It is solely my opinion.

Feel free to challenge me, disagree with me, or tell me I’m completely nuts in the comments section of each blog entry, However if you do speak up. I reserve the right to tell you just what I think of your thoughts and opinions on the subjects as well. SO, don't get butthurt if I do! -Buzzard

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hey great content..The stats gave much more clarity..thanx for sharing :-)



hey great content.. I am too a crypto enthusiast follow me :-)

The Bread wallet is no comparison to the Ethos universal Wallet!!! #EthosWins


So tell me how much are you holding in this great wallet? Oh wait it’s not even released yet so no one is holding anything in it. ;) Ethos is living on hype alone while BRD is silently providing for its already millions of customers. Once ethos has a product and not just a promise I may change my mind on the value of its token. But even then the token fundamentals and circulating supply of Ethos better? Nah

Nice content and definitely going to buy me some bread in the morning. I first couldn't find their Github Project site, but it is here For those interested! And btw I agree with some of the comments on the Algo score, but I am sure no one judges the token based on this score alone. On the other hand how to define common sense ...?


Thanks for your comment, well my common sense answer is to pick projects you believe in. Ones with working products and established company’s. Tha algo score looks beyond hype and big YouTube shills pushing their favorite token. But your right I would never base my investment on just that. However a low market cap token raked over 200 being algo ranked in the top 10 deserves some attention.

Looks good i personally like the coins most slept on. There's just something that gives it more potential. I was raised don't believe the hype . But hey to each is own great post


So true, hype only gets something so far.

"Hope and believe" about sums up the whole crypto game.


At this point, I agree. But imagine how the first holders of bitcoin felt. They had no idea it would be a popular as it is already. ;)

The only problem in this article is Algo score. How is it calculated, based on what?
If you compare for example BTG vs FSN or ZIL ...... who gave BTG score of 4.3 vs 3.5(FSN) or 3.9(ZIL). Absolutely insane!
BTG has been dead for 4 months , dropped from $220 in mid January to just a bit over $50 . On the other hand FSN and ZIl gained 300%-ish since the bottom on April 1. , two coins with the potential for this year of at least 30x.
I am not saying that BRD is a bad project or that it cannot surpass ETH but the algo score is something that I do not rely on, simply forget about it, use common sense ......


" If you want more info on how coincheck comes up with these scores please take a moment to go check each of the full reports here: BRD Or ETHOS "

Thanks for your reply, And for taking the time to look at the post in detail.. I linked to the full reports of each and it explains in detail how its calculated for each project, Each section has not only a score but a why that explains how it got scored that way.. I agree I don't just look at coincheckup score and call it a good investment either. I do my own research into things i like. I do however like how in depth into each project the scoring goes. They cant take into account the human and hype factors.. Its just scoring based on the set social and project fundamentals.


Their score system sucks my friend. I just gave you one example why, can give you more coins that are far better investments than BTG.
Do not base your investment strategy on some algos ......... that`s insane.

suppoman said that ethos has very good future. I think thats true, so i have a lot of ethos ;D


I wish you luck in your investment.. :) I didn't say ETHOS is a bad investment.. Only that BRD is a better one.


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Great article, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you! I think this is the best way to see what the token is and if it is worth an investment or not.

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Thanks for your replay. I’ll check out your link.

@ buzzard congrats you got a upvote and follow from @emmauelalayemi
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its helpfull, ill try to research thank you..